She was a day tripper…

Hello my lovelies! I hope you’re all okay. As I type this, I can’t help but feel the slightest trepidation… I just got my modules through for final year. Now, it means I can start thinking about the dreaded Dissertation! If anyone can give me some helpful dissertation tips, then that would be wonderful. For now, I’ll just be thinking of potential dissertation topics and doing some Summer prelim reading to get me in the mood. The realisation that my Summer is oh-so-slowly ending to make way for the toughest and last academic year I’ll ever face is enough to send shivers down my spine.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some Summer days out. A few days ago, Mum spontaneously asked me if I wanted to Great Yarmouth with her, to which I said yes. I mean, what else was I going to do on a sunny-ish Friday? Whilst it meant waking up at a gross hour for the Summer holidays, it did mean that I had yet another Mama/Daughter day out and getting out of my hometown.

7:20am came along, and we were at the other side of town, sitting on a coach that was going to take us to Great Yarmouth. As soon as the coach set off, I felt as if I should be playing Cliff Richard’s “Summer Holiday” but I didn’t have that on my Spotify, so that shall remain a thought.

Great Yarmouth 1
All smiles as we set off and share 1 set of headphones like we’re in school. 

Mum knew about the day trip through one of her work friends, so we spent the day with them! Even though the weather wasn’t optimum beach weather (jeans and closed-toe shoes formed the bottom half of the outfit), it didn’t mean that we couldn’t walk on the pier and relax. As soon as we got to the beach, we took a stroll down the promenade and ended up in a tea shop*. Sitting on the promenade with an English Breakfast and good company made for a good reason to wake up so early and endure a long coach journey across many counties.

*You’ll quickly realise that food was a major part of the day.

Once we’d had our tea, we completed the walk down the promenade. I eyed up the rides, but let’s be real, I’m not bloody paying £8 for a ride. I just ordered a dress from New Look for £6 and that makes me feel happier than getting on a ride designed for 12 year olds. After this, we decided to hit up the local Spoons for lunch, which made me a lot more excited than it should do for most people. Prior to coming to GY for the day, I looked up things to do. Sadly, the Hippodrome Circus was not showing that afternoon, which we would have gone to if it was on! This requires another trip to GY in the future… 

To put this simply, my nickname is “Troll”. The local Spoons was called the Troll Cart. I declared my great excitement for this and made Mum take my pictures outside. Has anyone been THIS excited to pose in front of a Wetherspoons? I think not.

Great Yarmouth 2
Look at the name!
Great Yarmouth 3
Acting just like my namesake… 

Sadly, the Wetherspoons was rammed. We then had lunch in a similar style restaurant called The Alexandria. If you’re ever heading to GY, I’d totally recommend heading there for lunch. Their food was delicious and their service was warm, hospitable and charming. Once we’d been for lunch, we FINALLY hit the beach. Even though Mum and I had packed our towels and blankets to sit on, the weather still did not prove itself to be optimum beach day out! To think I was going to pack a bikini and catch some rays…

GY, even if not the nicest town does have a delightful beach. Its warm sand is perfect for a beach bum like me. We spent just over an hour on the beach, which meant it was a good time to lie down, catch some shut eye while listening to the water lap on the sand and listen to music. ALSO, I’ve started a new podcast called My Dad Wrote A Porno which is HILARIOUS.

Great Yarmouth 4
Great Yarmouth 5
Mum got a good angle of me, thanks Mum.

After the beach, we hit an ice cream shop, where I got a tasty salted caramel ice cream with a honeycomb cone. I TOOK NO PICTURES OF IT which breaks my lil social media heart, but rest assured, it looked gorgeous and tasted just as good! Once we’d had our ice cream, it was time to walk back to the coach and make the long journey back home. Whilst we were only in GY for 6 and a bit hours, we packed lots into our day trip. I wished I lived closer to the beach, as wherever you go with a beach, it always feels like you’re on holiday. It’s the listening to songs like this on the sand which make you feel you’re at Usuhaia even though you’re nowhere near.

Here’s to a few more Summer adventures before I’m crying in my room at the inevitable Dissertation fears.


Sophie x


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