Weekend Trip

Hello my lovelies! I hope you’re doing well. I cannot believe that we’re in August now? WHERE is this year going? How has it nearly been three months since I boarded my flight from Phoenix to London and said goodbye to the USA?

Now, obviously there is little in the UK that will cause as much adventure as it does in the US. There’s something about doing the same tasks at home and abroad that instill a sense of adventure if you’re somewhere else in the world. However, I recently had a super fun weekend out and about in London and Essex with two of my NAU pals, Sarah and Olivia. I stayed at Olivia’s university campus in Colchester over the weekend. Teaming this with a day trip to London equates to MANY steps but lots and lots of laughter.

Olivia and I met up with Sarah in London at 9am, with the early start made a LOT better by the Spoons breakfast! Whilst in Spoons, we decided where we wanted to head that day; London was our oyster and we definitely took every opportunity. We walked through many postcodes and clocked up 27,000 steps in 9 hours! Crazy!

To start off, we walked from Liverpool Street down to the river. Every time I hit the River, I’m in awe of how wonderful London is. There’s something about London which makes it different to any other big city that I’ve been to. The old and the new right next to each other makes for many impressive landscapes.

Colchester 1
The Shard surrounded by the Thames and older hospital buildings. 
Colchester 2
The River Thames with the Tower Bridge in the distance! 

Once we’d finished taking photos by Monument, we crossed the river and headed to Borough Market. Considering I used to rehearse very near here when I was in West End Kids, I couldn’t believe that this was my first time to the market! Full of treasure troves around every corner, Borough Market satisfies every appetite. In particular, I enjoyed the many cheese samples that were available. Who knew I could fall in love with a camembert/goat’s cheese combo?

Colchester 4
Thoroughly enjoyed my time at Borough Market! 

One of the funniest parts of the day was coming across a group of Morris dancers. Typically, morris dancing is looked on as an embarassing hobby, with its bells and old-time outfits. But, the morris dancers were here as part of a national competition, with different groups from around the country performing in a busk-style across London for its many audiences. This group here from Portsmouth, I think were very funny, joking that they’d chop off an audience member’s hands with their sword. At the end, they threw in a fake hand, much to the audience’s delight.

Colchester 5
The wonderful Morris dancers kept us amused on our journey.

After exploring Borough Market and the Southbank, we took a walk up to Downing Street. At this point, my pals wanted a photo with a policeman to which they were both too embarassed. Cue me with little filter to ask a policeman for a photo and this is the result you get…

Colchester 6
Operation find this policeman is a GO. 

Once we’d seen the policeman, we headed up to Old Street via tube, but not before the downpour hit us. Thankfully, we managed to get to Old Street in around half an hour! We went to Old Street with one intention: to eat cookie dough! Copied from their website, naked dough looks to

“bring unadulterated EDIBLE cookie dough to the masses. Yup, ’tis true. Our safe-to-eat, indulgent treats can be devoured straight from a tub, munched on a cone or taken home to dig into later”

 Oh my GOD, was it delicious? I went for Naked Sheeran (salted caramel and honeycomb) and Unicorn Food (plain with marshmallows and sprinkles) and it was incredible. It was one of the most aesthetically pleasing foods I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to take my sister there asap!

Colchester 7
The yummiest cookie dough.
Colchester 8
Posing with a flamingo in the store, of course. 

Later we went to Camden, where the highlight was Cyberdog. In Cyberdog, we looked at the sex toys (and giggled because we are British and don’t know how to deal with those situations), imagined we were ravers and boogied on the shop floor because why not. A trip to Byron later, where I thought I was gonna vom on my salad and we then took Sarah back to London Victoria for her return coach. It was SUCH a fun day out in London and I love spending time with my NAU pals.

On the Sunday, Olivia took me around Colchester Town, which feels like a cross of Leamington Spa and Hemel Hempstead. We went to Nando’s on a late lunch, but then we went to Kaspa’s. Kaspas is a desert chain, which I’d heard of before my trip but had never been before. I went for a banoffee waffle with whipped cream which was insane. But, just like American portions, it was way too big and I didn’t finish it.

Colchester 9
My food was more gorgeous than me. 

After this, we went to see Girls Trip at Odeon Colchester which was HILARIOUS! Full of innuendos, sexual jokes and a feel-good mantra throughout, the pair of us were giggling. In fact, my Mum’s been to see it and I made sure that she hadn’t done anything with a grapefruit (hehe). Once we’d been to the pictures, I grabbed a couple of tacos from TACO BELL to fully imagine I was in America once again.

Colchester 10
WHY are there no Taco Bells near me? 

I had such a delightful weekend away, and I can’t wait to see where else I’ll be going to this Summer. I want to be more spontaneous with where I go! Where should I go? You can bet that I’ll be listening to this song regardless.


Sophie x


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