Work Experience at This Morning

Hello my lovelies! I’m so sorry that I haven’t been blogging recently! I’ve had such a busy fortnight, as I’ve been on another work experience placement at ITV, courtesy of the Insight Pool. You may remember at the beginning of June that I had a placement with Love Island: Aftersun. It was so surreal watching future episodes in the season knowing that I’ve been in the studio, met Caroline and worked with the team that’s been posted all over social media. To get a call a few weeks later saying that I had a work experience placement on This Morning was SO exciting! It’s a show that most people in the UK will have heard of or watched, a staple in daytime TV across the land. To have gained experience in such a hectic show will only be good for my dream future career in television or journalism.

I THINK (FINALLY) the dream is to combine television and journalism and work on feature pieces? A couple of years ago, Who Do You Think You Are? was my speculative dream programme to work on. Now, with the TV experience I’ve gained so far, it’s definitely a dream programme!

The first day of my work experience at TM, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, excited for the prospect of meeting and working with some wonderful people!

TM 1
The outside of the studio from the Southbank.

I got to watch the first episode LIVE from the studio which was awesome. With guests such as Professor Green and Boy George, I was a little bit starstruck to just be surrounded by people that I’ve listened to for years. In fact, in my second week, Professor Green was back in the studio promoting his BBC3 documentaries, to which we just casually said hello. This led someone else on work experience to ask if I knew Professor Green but really I’m just able to keep my calm and treat celebrities as though they are normal people, because they are ‘normal’ people really, just known by more people than most… 

I was given many tasks on my work experience placement! From researching prices of hospital parking up and down the UK which meant calling up MANY hospitals, to researching cars and people for segments as well as assisting 2 shoots, I got to experience many parts of creating a magazine show such as This Morning. One of my favourite days was being part of the shoot which was discussing Grenfell Tower. It was fascinating to hear from different parties how they feel about Grenfell, and what could have been done to prevent such an atrocity.

TM 4
Me in the ‘on set’ waiting room!

As a studio runner, I was expected to greet guests, bring them to the studio and basically be there for them should they need anything. This meant that I was rubbing shoulders with many people that I’d seen on TV. From Candice Brown to Nicky Campbell, Chloe Crowhurst to A REAL LIFE SPICE GIRL GERI HORNER, it was weird to be on my trains home and consider it part of a day’s work. One of my fave celeb spots over the fortnight was coming into the studios and then ending up in the same lift as Freddie Flintoff in a suit.

That, my lovelies, is how to start a workday!

TM 5
Sadly, the sofa was not as comfortable as I wanted it to be.

Being an office runner, I was expected to complete any task that came up, whether it be running down to Goods In or running out to get props for future episodes. Just being on work experience, it felt good to be trusted with running out to different parts of London. At the end of the fortnight, I was praised by one of the senior producers on Features which is obviously MEGA exciting that I can make an impression in 2 weeks! 

One of my FAVOURITE moments of the 2 weeks is getting to meet Jojo from Dance Moms. As a little Dance Moms geek, it was CRAZY to actually meet a Dance Mom in a place that wasn’t a masterclass or a DM show recording. In fact, meeting Jojo meant that I have now seen 10 Dance Moms girls in the flesh…

TM 3
Weirdly, Jojo got on her tiptoes for this photo. I’m not even sure why?

At the end of the day, gaining work experience via This Morning has been exciting for my future career prospects! It’s something that I can say I’ve done to the best of my ability. Here’s to future Summer placements to be announced and getting that elusive career in the media!

I’m also ADDICTED to this song, even though it’s not her best song, it’s a proper Summer bop that will always remind me of the delayed trains that I suffered through after a long day…


Sophie x

TM 6



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