Taskmaster Season 5!

Hello lovely people! As I type this, my Summer has managed to sort itself out and things have been organised and details have been confirmed. I’m sure that I’ll explain it all in future blog posts, but for now, let’s just say that I’m going to be very busy and that I’m going to be in London even more. This begs the question of where I should really live, and you can bet I want to move to London once I’ve graduated!

Anyway, I had some fun recently as I went to a recording of Taskmaster Season 5. You may remember in my blog post from when I took part in a pilot that I referenced going to see Taskmaster. It’s no surprise that I got tickets for Season 5, as Alex Horne, Greg Davies and Taskmaster is one of my favourite shows on TV. It’s one of the few shows where my family sit down in front of the television and actually watch a programme together. My family aren’t as obsessed with Gilmore Girls as I am…

If you’ve not seen Taskmaster before, then where are you at? Taskmaster is a comedy show hosted by Greg Davies, even though the format was created by Alex Horne, who acts as the sidekick in the show. They issue simple tasks that range from the normal to the downright bonkers, in which they are judged by the Taskmaster for their efforts. For me, this show is made from its simplicity. Previous comedians on the show such as Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe have all been incredible in getting stuck in to the challenges and taking the competition very seriously. Yet, there’s a total breath of fresh air to Taskmaster that is unlike any other programme I watch. It’s mad and fun, which explains why I got tickets for the season as soon as I saw they were available.

We (my Dad and I) decided to get a ticket for my little sister as well. Even though she’s been to Got to Dance with me, she’d never been to a filming of a TV show like this. So, what better way than to take her on a school night… definitely responsible. Whoops.

The filming  takes place at Pinewood Studios, so to make sure that we got there early enough for a good queuing session, we got to the studio around 5:15pm. Normally, we don’t give this much time for waiting, but M25 at rushhour could have been treacherous and we did not want to risk anything. Anyway, we were told to come back at 6, so that we did. We then joined the queue, showed the ushers our tickets and then we were given stickers which were immediately crossed green. I have NO idea why they were crossed green, but it definitely worked in our favours!

Blog 1
My little sister and I were excited to have our Taskmaster tickets!

Time was ticking on, and the show was getting delayed. To cut a long story short, we didn’t even get in the studio until 9 as Alex Horne had had a nosebleed in the first recording of the day, which pushed everything back. If we were at the back of the queue, we’d have all gone home. However, we’d managed to be near the front of the queue, even though we were 93-95? Knowing this, we stuck with the queuing and then were shown our seats. Somehow, we’d got onto the second row! We had floor seats for a family-favourite show!

I don’t want to spoil anything for the show, which I assume will air in Autumn 2017. Yet, to previous skepticism that the show would rely on VT’s too much, the filming was hilarious. The lineup for Season 5 bring a different element to Taskmaster than previous seasons, yet they all excel in the show, so I can’t wait to see who wins! I so badly want Aisling Bea to win as I love her a crazy amount. But, she faces stiff competition from Bob Mortimer, Nish Kumar, Sally Phillips and Mark Watson.

Here’s a few sneaky bullet points without giving the game away but still enlightening you all on the fun:

  • Aisling Bea can have her hat and eat it.
  • Mark Watson has too much disposable income for headwear.
  • They should all be shy and wary when it comes to coconuts.
  • Grill racks cannot cut bread.
  • Marmite is a thick paint.
  • If there’s a light switch, turn it on.
  • Bob Mortimer makes for a pretty little ice cream.
  • Nish Kumar has an excellent new catchphrase.
  • Sally Phillips doesn’t remember a thing.

Okay, I think that summarises the recording without letting anything slip. Due to the delayed recording, we didn’t get out until gone midnight, which meant that I’d spent the best part of 7 hours at the studio. Oh well, it was a fun Monday.

Blog 2

I’m sure that the rest of my Summer will be just as fun, now that things have managed to sort themselves out. This is a clue AND it’s Fuse ODG!


Sophie x


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