Mama Daughter Day Out in London!

Hello lovely readers! Now, if you’ve read the last few blog posts of mine (and if you haven’t, why not), then you’ll quickly realise how much I’ve been in London. Whether it be for work experience, having fun or passing through, I’ve spend a great amount of time in the capital. One of the best things about living near to the capital is that there’s so much to do within an hour of you. Earlier in the week, Mum decided that we needed to go to London, so I immediately said we should do the Icebar! Going to the Icebar in London is something that I’d wanted to experience since I turned 18. On the actual day itself, I decided to try and get some tickets for An American in Paris. Using the excellent service from Today Tix (of which I have also applied to be a Social Ambassador for them), I was able to score some rush tickets for that evening’s performance. I couldn’t recommend both things enough, and I had a bloody wonderful day with my Mama polar bear.

Our Icebar session was at 4:15, but this doesn’t mean that we couldn’t do a little bit of exploring first. Mum decided to take me to Camden Markets as I’d never been before*. Walking through the different stands, I quickly got inspiration for what I want to do with my uni room in final years. I was DESPERATE to try the halloumi fries that I’d seen on Insider Facebook videos, but the queue was crazy, so maybe another time?

*fully aware that this is a shocker from me.

Once we’d been to Camden, we had a quick walk up and down Oxford Street to kill some time before our session. A Primark browse later and a stretch of our legs and then it’s coming up to 4pm, so we’re ready to head to the Ice Bar. Situated on Heddon Street, just off Regent Street, the Icebar couldn’t be any more central. Yet, it feels like it’s tucked in a little corner of its own that you’d never find unless you were purposefully going to the venue.

Blog 2
Inside the Ice Bar!

When our time came, we had our capes put on us and were whisked into the magical world of the Ice Bar. The neon blue LED lighting and wonderful animal sculptures made me feel as though I’d been transported to another world. Mum and I used our ticket for our drink, which were both delicious. It was cool to see where our lips had been on the glass and how the glass was melting. Maybe I have got a warm touch…

Blog 3
Having a cute lil bev.
Blog 4
Mum says I suit the cape. Personally, I look ridiculous but it’s all part of the experience.

While the drinks were tasty and the whole experience was super cool and I’m not apologising for the pun there, the room was smaller than Mum and I had originally perceived it to be. From photos, it’s made out to be a palace, yet it was more of a giant kitchen. However, that didn’t stop us from having fun inside the Ice Bar and taking in all of the sculptures. The current theme in there has lots of animals carved out of ice. At some points, it’s strange to think that you really are surrounded by ice in the middle of Central London. Let’s just say, it made the rest of the day feel very warm!

Blog 5
Mama and me.
Blog 7
Laughing to stop feeling the cold. (Thank you kind lady for taking this photo, whoever you are).

Once we’d been to the Ice Bar, it made the rest of London feel like a weird place. I felt as though I’d stepped into a vortex to another world. After a little bit more clothes browsing, Mum and I grabbed a bite to eat at Leon before going to pick up our tickets for An American in Paris! Having only been on the West End since March, it’s a relatively new show to the West End. Yet, it righteously deserves its place on the West End. The dancing was unlike any show I’d ever seen, with the Gershwin blues and love stories whisking me off to the glitz and glamour of the era.

So, how did I get my tickets so cheaply and so near to the show? The website TodayTix keeps some tickets for ‘Rush’, which is where they are sold at a cheap price on the day to encourage more people to go the theatre. With other shows such as The Tempest and Our Ladies on the Rush deal, it’s an excellent way to see shows that you may not normally consider going. Our seats were in Row W in the stalls. Whilst they may not have been right at the front, I still felt like a part of the action and DREAMED that I could dance like them.

Blog 8
These photos are from the show’s website.

I don’t know where to start with this show, but everything about it was spectacular! It’s a love story in the cutest way, with every backdrop danced out. American soldier, Jerry Mulligan stays in Paris at the end of WW2. WIth help from Adam and Henri, they imagine a bright life together. Jerry then connects with the lead girl, Lise Dassin, who we see dancing by the River Seine. But, Lise has to choose between her engagement to Henri and her love for Jerry…

The musical is full of glorious music from George and Ira Gershwin. Featuring catchy tunes such as I Got Rhythm, S’Wonderful and They Can’t Take That Away From Me, the musical taps literally back to a previous decade with longer skirts and higher kicks. I was taken aback by it all, in particular the name-saken ballet. 12 minutes of ballet was unreal to see. I would 100% recommend the show just for the dancing alone. Witnessing the leading lady Leanne Cope at a dancing peak such as hers is simply unreal. It was only when I looked up her credits in the programme that I realised she had also originated the role on Broadway! Her voice is simply breathtaking and her dancing felt pure and naive, truly embodying a young ballerina in France.



Blog 9 Blog 10

The leading man (Jerry Mulligan) was played by Ashley Day, who has also played roles such as Curly and Elder Price. Clearly, he’s an absolute dreamboat and I fell in love with him and the way he moved. There’s something about a man that can dance…

If Aljaz from Strictly Come Dancing puts on every form of social media that a show is excellent, then this review should be trusted. I’m just hoping Aljaz is inspired by this show for Strictly this year. An American in Paris gives ballet attitude in just about every position you can think of. I’m already thinking of going again and taking my sister to get us in the mood for 42nd Street later in the year.

Blog 11

You can bet that I’m listening to the soundtrack on repeat. On the whole, 1st July kicked off a month in style and I’m hoping it’s the start of a fun month for Little Old Me!


Sophie x



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