Pilot TV Show with Alex Horne

It’s not a surprise that I have Twitter and that I bloody love it and I think you should follow me hereOn my Twitter, I follow quite a few comedians which is very unsurprising, seeing as I love watching comedy programmes and going to see live comedy. One of my favourite shows on TV at the moment is Taskmaster, hosted by Greg Davies and Alex Horne, so it’s no surprise that when Alex Horne said he was looking for people to have fun, I tweeted back! I was sent information on a pilot for a TV show and whether I wanted to take part. It’s going to be super hard to not reveal any spoilers for the pilot, incase the format does air and I’ve let a major cat out of the bag in any way. However, the pilot was filmed in Hammersmith, that isn’t a spoiler. I hadn’t been to Hammersmith since I’d been to see Katherine Ryan at the Hammersmith Apollo, so it felt exciting to be back in this part of London. I walked under the Hammersmith Bridge to the filming location, realising that I was a troll who lived under the bridge.

Will I ever let go of me being called a troll? Probably not.

Blog 1
Being a troll under the bridge. 


Blog 4
A gloomy Hammersmith Bridge at the end of June. I was wearing my parka coat because I thought it was going to rain heavily!

The format was lots of fun, although at times it felt slightly confusing. The programme was called “The Percentage Quiz”, and it was hosted by Alex Horne, with Tim Key as the assistant. In a nod to Pointless, Alex and Tim had a banterous feel to their relationship, and I’m sure that this will translate great on air! The programme relied on 100 people to act as a condensed demographic of the UK, in which we all had our own square and instructions. The people who were playing the game were asked questions such as:

If the UK were condensed to 100 people, how many people have eaten a Gregg’s?”

The people playing then guessed how many people, to which we as the 100 held up cards. I’m sure it looks super cool on screen, yet being on the ground, it was hard to work out what it would look like.

The main thing that confused me about the pilot was how the scoring was done. It was done on a percentage of how right they were. Obviously, this fits into the programme, but for a show that’s scheduled to be on in the daytime (like Impossible and The Chase), I think that the majority of the audience would find it hard to understand.

Blog 2
Got a sneaky shot of the venue!
Blog 3
We all had a certain square to stand on, in order for the shots to work. 

The show was lots of fun, even if at times I was a little bit confused. I hope to see the pilot go to air and I’m excited to see Alex Horne next week, as I’ve got Taskmaster tickets! Fingers crossed I actually get in… we’ll see. At least I won’t have to wear a boiler suit like I did for this pilot filming. If you’ve never heard of Alex Horne, this is an example of him with the Horne Section.


Sophie x


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