Space Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall

2 blog posts in 2 days! Well, I am treating you! In all honesty, it’s because I’m struggling in this heat. I laid outside with the intention of being out there for a long time, yet I lasted listening to Uh Huh by Julia Michaels and then had to come inside as I was just too hot. However, no day in the UK will feel as hot and sticky as last weekend.

As we all know, last weekend was Father’s Day, and it’s fair to say that my Dad is a champion. I can’t think of enough superlatives to describe how wonderful he is, how giving he is with his time and effort to ensure that I get the best out of my life. I’m forever in his debt, but I paid back the tiniest part with his Father’s Day present. A little while ago, I booked our tickets to see the Space Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall. After keeping it a secret for what felt like an eternity, I finally announced that he was off to South Kensington! Incredibly, Dad had never been to the Royal Albert Hall even though I’ve performed there (humble brag) but off we went on one of the hottest days in a long time!

Blog 1
The Royal Albert Hall. 

The Royal Albert Hall is gorgeous, one of those buildings that covets so much grandeur and excitement whenever you get close to it. I performed there when I was 11 in my choir and went to see Strictly Come Dancing there last year, in conjunction with the BBC Proms. Yet, this was my first “normal” show there I guess? I didn’t feel the need to dress up all that fancy, instead basking in the glorious shine with Dad and him taking photos of me in my brand new shirt from Primark which was £10 that I am obsessed over. 

Blog 3
Got my Dad to take those classic Insta shots.  

The event went on sale a long time ago, so I was a bit skeptical of how good our seats would be. Yet, I was dumbfounded by our view of the stage! When I was buying the tickets, I took into account the side views versus front views and being further back. Let’s just say I think I absolutely smashed it.

Dad was so stoked when he walked into the Royal Albert Hall for the first time. He kept saying how he’d seen shows on TV here before, yet couldn’t quite imagine going to see a show there before. Well, I guess my present just cooked up some Father’s Day brownie points.

Blog 4
Of course we had to buy a programme. 
Blog 2
Our incredible seats! (Taken from the stalls of the RAH). 

The show consisted of performing excerpts of music from many sci-fi films and TV shows; Star Wars, Star Trek, Apollo 13 to name a few. Granted, I am NOT a film buff and have never claimed to be. Dad kept saying to me “you’ve never watched this have you?” and of course the answer was no, yet I recognise good music and I know music when I hear it. Personally, the ONE piece of music that I was so desperate to hear (Cantina Band from Star Wars) wasn’t played, yet I bopped in my seat when they played the Thunderbirds theme tune and the Imperial March from Star Wars.

There was also a little bit of participation from the crowd; counting down into the Thunderbirds theme tune and pretending to be a superhero were some of the highlights of the show. I also CANNOT avoid discussing the laser show. When buying the tickets, I was a bit apprehensive that the laser show was going to be mediocre. I could not have been any more mistaken if I’d tried. Lasers shot out into the audience from every direction, with most pieces of music having a totally different feel, enhanced by the light show. At some points, fireworks even went off in the building which was out of this world!

Blog 5
We were even greeted by Darth Vader, stormtroopers and Luke Skywalker. 

The show was bloody wonderful, and it just felt great to treat Dad to a show that he’d never even heard of, but I knew it’d be up his street. When he kept wondering what I’d bought him, I kept saying it’s not Book of Mormon tickets (parents, if you read this, I want to go again !!!!!!), in fact he thought I’d bought Crystal Maze tickets. Maybe that can be for Father’s Day next year, but for now, we’re rocketmen!

Blog 7
Dad and I at the end of Space Spectacular. The slight grimace is knowing that I’m going to go outside and sweat a bucket load in the next 5 minutes. 
Took a quick visit to the Albert memorial after the show. My arms are like this to show off the sleeves and get some air. 

I had a great time doing something totally different with my Dad. Knowing my love for performing and performances, I think it’s a safe bet that the majority of things I want now are experiences, rather than objects. Christ, I have a shoedrobe! Buying an experience like this was a wonderful decision from yours truly, and I’m sharing that with you now. Have a watch of the Superman theme tune taken by me!


Sophie x


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