Work Experience at Love Island: Aftersun

Hello lovely readers! What wonderful weather we’re currently having at the moment. With highs of 30 degrees being common in many places in the UK, it feels like I’m back in the US and developing my American tan even more. As I speak, my back is still super brown from Spring Break when I was at the beach and I got burned even though it was foggy. I guess the weather is better in California!

Anyway, the last 2 weeks have been even more wonderful than the weather, as I have been at ITV on a work experience placement with Love Island: Aftersun. Love Island: Aftersun (LIA) is a spin off show of Love Island, a programme which hopes to couple up young singletons on the sunny villa in Majorca. It is a brand new, weekly show which is broadcast live every Sunday night and hosted by Caroline Flack. Every episode is packed with the latest gossip, exclusive interviews and celebrity panels to keep the Love Island juices flowing.


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The sister show of Love Island! 

So, you may be wondering how I got the work experience in the first place. At the start of the year, I successfully joined the ITV Insight Pool from my first ever application. I have heard stories of people applying many times and not getting in, but perseverance and determination is the way to go in the television industry. If you’re AT ALL interested in the television industry, then follow this link hereLook at me being kind and helping out the competition! I joined the Linkedin group around March (I think, I can’t remember…) and started applying for opportunities around mid-April for positions that were open once I was back home from my year abroad. My original application was for a placement on LIA in mid May, which I obviously did not receive*. Then, a couple of weeks later, I received a call from ITV asking if I was free at the beginning of June to work on the show. I was so stoked! Not only did I receive a placement, but it meant that I had been thought about beforehand.

*In hindsight, I am glad about this. I had arrived in the UK the day before the placement was due to start and my body was all over the place with jet lag. I wouldn’t have got the full experience out of it.

It’s super hard to write about what I did without leaking any confidential information. To sum it up though, I was there for anyone who needed extra assistance. I shadowed the Production Runner to learn what goes into the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of making a programme. I learned how much organisation goes into creating and producing a 1 hour show. I got to submit ideas for potential VT’s that may appear in the series and helped select content for VT’s which could feature later in the season. I’m not allowed to say what this was in particular, but rest assured that I’ll be tuning into every episode to see if my ideas made it!

Whilst running around the studio, I saw a fair few celebs! I walked past Colleen Nolan while I was dragging a trolley to the props bay. I waited for a lift whilst next to Emma Willis. I heard Elbow singing in practice for the Last Leg. I even saw the king and queen of daytime TV, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on motorbikes! I even walked past Idina Menzel, but she had sunglasses on so I didn’t realise it was her until a few hours later. GUTTED.

My favourite days (unsurprisingly) were the studio days. I got to see the TV show come to life and understand every part of a TV show. From the floor managers to the cameramen and everyone in between, it was fascinating to see the separate parts come together to learn how a TV show is formed. In particular, I bloody loved when Caroline was on set. The girl crush has increased just a little bit. I even made it onto her Instagram, to which my family have laughed because I was of course on my phone.

Blog 3
My “Mama, I made it” moment. 

As I left my work experience placement on my last day, I recreated a photo that I took in the London Studios in 2015 to see how far I’d come. The first time I was in the building, I had been invited backstage after watching Safeword, thanks to Katherine Ryan and I was in awe. (Read that 2015 blog post here!) I couldn’t believe that I was backstage and being around people that I’d want to work with in the future. Now I’ve completed my first work experience placement in TV. I’ve had such a ball on the programme, learning the in’s and out’s of television production and being part of a brand new, successful and exciting show for the channel. It’s crazy to think that I won’t be getting any more Love Island gossip fresh off the villa, but I’m so grateful for the opportunities and lessons that I’ve learned over the last 2 weeks. The pose is ridiculous, but I’m just as serious in myself in both of them.

24 trains in 2 weeks (thanks to the Bloggers Ball and my Dad’s Father’s Day present) and my first experience working at ITV is over. I’ve been listening to a crazy amount of music recently, but this song will forever remind me of LIA. Here’s to the future, and maybe a recreation of this photo in 2019!


Sophie x


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  1. Hi, I just read your blog. I would like to get into this field as I study Film and Television at university. How did you get this work experience? is there a contect number for the studio?

    Thank you


    • Hi Phoebe, there isn’t a contact number for the studio to get work experience. You’d have to become a member of the Insight Pool which I discuss at the beginning of this post!


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