Hello my lovely readers! I’ve had one of the busiest weeks that I think I’ve ever had. When I got home from the States, I had very few solid plans. I applied for things on the off chance that I would actually be fortunate enough to get the opportunity to. A couple of weeks went by and nothing was happening. I was stuck in a rut watching Netflix… then I receive a call. Here I am, 1 week into my 2 week placement and loving LIFE. I’m currently on a work experience placement at ITV learning lots about television production on Love Island: Aftersun! The show is brand new to ITV and aired for the first time last night to an incredible reception. It’s weird to think that I’d be sitting in the studio during the day watching a show that I had been experiencing how it was working. (Enough about that for now, that’s for a future blog…)

On the one day off I had last week, I was in London (as per usual for the week, 14 trains down and I can pretty much tell you my exact ETA’s now for the week coming) for the Blogger’s Ball! The event was hosted by the lovely Scarlett, who has hosted previous events for bloggers. She’s such a boss in the blogging game and at only a couple of years older than me, she’s a blogging inspo! I’d booked my ticket for the event a few weeks ago, contemplating what outfit to wear. I decided to wear my black winged jumpsuit, immediately regretting it in the London heat and I was in a tight sun-absorbing outfit. Even though I should have worn something floral, I basked in the sun, eating my Chipotle at Trafalgar Square absolutely loving my surroundings.

Blog 1
Eating a Chipotle, pretending that I’m in America once again. 

So, the event itself was held at the Trading House, a grand location in the Bank/St Paul’s area of London. I thoroughly enjoyed being going to a new venue and meeting delightful bloggers who also blog just for fun. Granted, there were some bloggers there who put Little Old Me to SHAME. However, for my first ever blogging event, I think I did okay. I talked to all the brands that were there, learning about what they do and receiving some great freebies. When I got home, my parents were astounded at how much I had come home with.

Blog 4
Just me chatting in the foreground to new blogger friends. (Credit: vixlovesweddings (Instagram)).  

It’s hard to really go into great detail about what the event was. The event was a casual, relaxed affair in which free wine was on tap and schmoozing was the behaviour of the day. I even recommended a blogger on behalf of them to a brand that were there because I’m clearly just that kind. In particular, I loved Style Sportif, Sandisk giving out iXpand’s for FREE and getting my lips done. There were also Twitter competitions in which you had to take creative photos, with the winner receiving the products! Unfortunately, I didn’t win, which only means I need to step up my creative game.

Here are some of my photos from the event, in which I clearly tried to be creative, but an iPhone 6 isn’t the best tool to work with.

Note to world: I would like an Olympus Pen. 

Blog 2
Some of the brands such as Style Sportif had many of their products on display so bloggers could get a true feel for the brand!
Blog 7
I got my lips all glittered up, thanks to Lipivir. Lipivir’s gel works to prevent cold sores, as well as act as a gel for glitter. If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I bloody love glitter. 
Blog 3
Trying to be classy drinking the free wine and observing the event.  

If there’s one thing that I learned from the event, it’s that I just love blogging. Whether you’re a blog with 5 followers or 5,000, blogging is an art form that allows you to express yourself; a creative outlet, if you will. Just putting your ideas out into the world on a place which is prone to negative reception is daunting. I found my experience at the Bloggers Ball to be welcoming and exciting. It taught me that blogging has been such a fun venture so far, and I hope to work with brands in the future to expand my blogging self. Little Old Me has been so much so far, I can’t wait to look back and see where I’ve come.

Blog 5
OBSESSED with these shoes from Eureka! I’m hoping that I get picked to be an ambassador for Eureka. You can bet I’ll wear these shoes all the time.
Blog 6
The goody bags at the event were insane. Lots of products that I can’t wait to try out. I’m looking forward to using the teeth whitening products as I want this done for graduation, so if I can find a cheaper alternative then my parents will be happy!
Blog 8
Just being a happy bunny.  

If you’ve read this blog and think I want to go to a Scarlett London event then I 100% recommend. Have a look at her events here, you won’t regret it! I was listening to this song a LOT on the way down and it got me excited for the event.


Sophie x



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