Fun in the sun!

Hello lovely readers! Just like that, we’re in June! Where has this year gone? May, in particular was a weird month for me. At the start of it, I was doing my final papers and prepping for my final exams. It saw me go out out and drink a bit too much tequila, become an alumni member of my sorority, FLY HOME back to England, see a TV show live, relax with my family and mourn the end of my year abroad for the Summer.

Blog 13
The weirdness of May 2017 is accurately summed up in this photo, where I captured this drunk selfie. Also, the guy behind me (that I don’t know) is such a frat boy Chad, it’s unreal. 

With it being the end of May, it also signified the start of half term. Just 2 weeks since my year abroad ended, I met up in London with Katrina and Olivia (of Brits on Tour fame) and we had a glorious day in London. Over 20,000 steps later, my feet were aching on the train home, yet I love these two chicas so much. The day revolved around food and clothes and laughing at each other (more often than not, at me) but it was wonderful. Olivia nearly got sucked in to the wave of Hare Krishnas on Oxford Circus’ main intersection, to mine and Katrina’s giggles.

One of the funniest/weirdest parts of the day was when we went in Topshop and a shop assistant asked us if we wanted our photo taken to receive a free tote bag. At first, I was sceptical, assuming that there was a catch but nope. We then walked around Central London with our free Topshop bags and now I finally own a bag from Topshop.


Blog 1
This photo is so awkwardly cute (I mean, look at my legs!) but I bloody love these two x  

Later on in the day, we went to Wagamama’s for dinner and then got a delicious ice cream from Amorino in a ROSE. I picked mango ice cream for the inner section, pistachio for the middle and vanilla for the outside. It was so lovely and maybe a bit expensive, but it’s a treat and I felt like a princess. Also, I realised that my ice cream did two things. It matched my outfit AND it was a yellow rose, my sorority’s flower!

Blog 2
The cutest ice cream you’ve ever seen! (sophtommo on Snapchat!)
Blog 3
Yellow rose, may you bloom and grow.

Later on in the week, I saw Wonder Woman with my Dad and sister on release day. I bloody loved this film, GO GIRL POWER! I really enjoyed the setting and feel for the film. I also think I may have found my Halloween outfit for this year. As well as this, I also went to Brighton with my sister on a day out! We’d been planning this since I was in the States, so it was great to actually do it with my sister. A 2 hour train ride later, and Phoebe and I were at the beach. Granted, it’s not as pretty as Santa Monica but the weather wasn’t foggy unlike 2 of the Californian beaches that I went to on my year abroad.

Blog 4
Happy to be at the beach once again. 
Blog 5
Chillaxing to the maxing a la Zoella. 

It’s no surprise that Phoebe and I both watch Youtubers; one of our favourites being Zoella. Now, Zoella is from Brighton, so Phoebe and I decided that we needed to take a visit to some of her favourite places to eat and drink in Brighton. In fact, we only spent money on food and drink during the day and the arcade games. Firstly, we went to Bluebird Tea Company and got a delightful iced almond matcha. Even though the barista made comment that this drink will boost our Insta aesthetics, I think it boosts my blogger aesthetics too.

I got to this point in the blog and Phoebe saw that I was blogging. She said that all credits for photos must go to her, and they do. phoebexthomas, I love you.

Blog 7
Drinking our iced matchas outside the shop, sitting on deckchairs in the sun!
Blog 8
Raising my pinky, regardless of where I am or what drink I’m having. My highlighter is also this one.
Blog 9
There is literally no way that I am 21 when I see recent photos of me looking like this. 

After our matcha, we took a walk into the Lanes and found ourselves in Choccywoccydoodah. An infamous shop in Brighton, it sells fancy chocolate such as these massive lips. We settled for some drinking chocolate which is Alice in Wonderland themed. Easily one of the coolest shops in the South, Choccywoccydoodah shows that there is no limit to what chocolate can do!

Blog 6
Giving you big kisses. 

Once we’d walked through the Lanes, Phoebe decided that it was the time to hit the arcade on Brighton Pier to play Piano Tiles. It’s a simple game, where you hit the tiles that come up, in a Tap Tap Revenge style. Phoebe knew that she was good, yet in 30 seconds, she hit 117 tiles and came SECOND. What an absolute boss. With her tickets that she’d acquired from her few goes, she won a bubble wand and then claimed she was “bringing happiness” and making people feel good. Ridiculous claims, but she makes me feel good every day.

Blog 10
Phoebe was jubilated that she came second! 

Another cool pit stop later saw us at Boho Gelato, in which we bought massive ice creams. This week really HAS been a treat week, as documented from my lavish ice creams. I had toffee popcorn ice cream and mango and CHILLI ice cream. Glad I got a taster beforehand, as it was extremely spicy! Totally weird to be eating ice cream and complaining that it’s way too hot to eat, but it tasted awesome and was HUGE for the price!

Blog 12
My ice cream once again matched my outfit. 

Riding the train home made me wish that I could experience more cool things, but that’s to come later on this month. For now, I’ll be listening to this song over and over again wishing for American adventure, but knowing that I’m making my own in good old Blighty.


Sophie x


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