Your Face or Mine

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you are well! I’m definitely feeling the best I’ve felt this week! Last weekend, I flew back from Phoenix to London as my year abroad has now finished. This time last year, I hadn’t even been to the US embassy to get my visa approved and have a whale of a time where I saw Tom Odell on Argyll Street. Now, I’ve got a million and one memories stored in my head of my year abroad and wishing that I could have packed all my American loves back home with me.

Alas, ‘summer’ has now started (even if it is raining most days) and I went to see my first TV show in a long time! Considering I’ve only been in the UK for around 3 weeks this year, I’ve already been to London to see two TV shows which is ridiculous. The first one was Alan Davies as Yet Untitled and yesterday (17 May 2017), I went to see Your Face or Mine! A cult classic from years ago, Comedy Central has brought back the concept into a new series.

The programme is fairly shallow, in which a couple ultimately chooses who is the most attractive. Whether it be celebrities, from a lineup or out of the couple, the whole programme revolves around the idea that you have to be good looking in order to win over a crowd. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily go in line with ‘2017’ and ‘being yourself is the best person you can be’, it was hilarious to watch and you have to take the whole idea with a pinch of salt.

Comedy Central 1
The poster for the show! 

I went to see Your Face or Mine at the London Studios with my lovely, new friend Georgia. YES we may have initially met via social media and my parents were (rightly) concerned that I was going to meet a murderer, but I had no reason to be nervous. Georgia is absolutely wonderful and a delight. We both have similar likes and loves, so spending the day in London with an IBF did not feel weird at all. We had a delicious lunch and then slowly headed our way down to the London Studios.

The weather in London was APPALLING. We waited outside the studio in the rain, hoping that our General tickets were enough. Thankfully, they were, even though we were initially concerned. The audience managers had let in a group of people and then we were left outside to be in the second group. Yet, there was no need to be worried, as we got inside and were then put in the second row? Not too sure how we managed to swag our way so close to the front. Maybe they saw our desperate faces and our damp hair and felt pity…

Comedy Central 2
Katherine Ryan and Jimmy Carr interrogating the couples that go on the show.

What was super exciting about being in the audience was that the audience got to vote. We had a device where we could choose who we thought was more attractive. It was fun for our votes to effectively be a part of the show and be interactive. We got to vote over four rounds. The first round sees the contestants choosing who they think is the most attractive of two celebrities when their pictures appeared. If their choice was right, they could earn £100 per correct guess. Personally, I found it SO hard to choose between the Hemsworth’s, but Emilia Clarke is SUCH a girl crush of mine…

Round 2 saw a line up, in which (in my episode) the guy had to assess whether he thought he was better looking than the line up… I told you the programme was shallow! Then, the couple judged each other to decide who was the hottest. While you may assume that the people who go on the show are self-conceited and believe they’re the best thing since sliced bread, it genuinely seemed a challenge for the couple to decide who was the most attractive as they both felt unattractive in themselves.


YOUR FACE OR MINE - Series 1 - RX 2
Who’s more attractive? 

The final round then brings on the couple’s ex’s and then they have to decide who they think is hotter. Whether their decision is guided by love or money, it’s interesting to see a person’s ‘type’ or if they regret previous flings. Personally, there’s no way I could go on this show. I couldn’t imagine having any relationship of mine openly available to be critiqued to the public. I understand the whole premise that the show is shallow and I enjoyed going to see it lots and lots, yet that doesn’t mean I could EVER/want to EVER appear on it as a contestant.

Comedy Central 4
The last round of Your Face or Mine! 

Once the show was finished, I made my way back home from London with a dying phone and feeling glad that I was able to see the penultimate filming of this show. I can definitely see this show getting picked up for more seasons as I think it totally fits into the “here and now” franchises that we see on television at the moment. Jimmy and Katherine are also wonderful hosts, with their catty comments perfectly sitting with the slightly acerbic tone of the show. I couldn’t imagine better hosts or sitting in a better seat for the filming. I’m happy that I’ve also been reunited with London, my favourite city in the world.

If you want any tips for dating, then have a watch of this video which will also give you an insight into the tone of the programme.


Sophie x


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