A crazy OPA day!

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you’re all well! In 2 weeks time, my semester will be finished and my year abroad will be coming to an end. I’m BEYOND ready for a Gregg’s sausage roll and English home comforts, but it doesn’t mean I can’t have lots of fun doing some crazy things before I fly back.

29th April 2017 will forever be remembered as a mad sorority day. I had my first (and last) activation as an active sister, and completed my final service project: Relay for Life! I’d been looking forward to these events for such a long time, that to think they’re over is bittersweet. Being an active of a sorority is an incredible thing to be a part of, especially when you’re part of a team that raised $1,300 for the American Cancer Society.

Activation was, as it was last semester, a beautiful event. Seeing the potential new members become actives and finally wear their letters reminded me of how much love I felt from my sorority family. It’s no surprise that I feel so honored to have been welcomed in with SUCH open arms. Some of the gifts that the littles made their bigs were some of the biggest creative projects I’ve ever seen. It made me feel nostalgic for my activation.

Fall 2016 activation when I posed as though I was going to be in a catalogue.
Still proud of my creative idea to combine an avocado with a hot air balloon for Olivia’s paddle. She is on the floor here crying. 

This semester, I actually won a sorority award in which I am the sorority best dressed/fashionista so I guess you could say that I am actually Elle Woods in the making. Can’t wait to power through finals and the final year of my degree with the Elle Woods attack that my degree desperately needs.

Blog 1
Your gal is wearing a Boohoo dress that is actually her sister’s.

Activation is ultimately the time for photos, so why not partake in impromptu photoshoots with your big. PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME SPLIT FROM YOU IN 2 WEEKS.

Blog 2
Olivia said I look like a Kennedy, she also won Sorority Sweetheart which is 100% correct.
Blog 3
I couldn’t imagine anybody else to be the Big to my Little. 

She’s the animal fries to my In-N-Out burger, the guac to my sour cream, the Starbucks to my Dunkin, everything and more. She’s taught me what it means to be the best sorority sister possible and I can’t wait to cheer her on SO loudly from the other side of the pond when I see her be incredible in her junior and senior year. I’m so t(HANKINS)ful for you.

I also love my pledge class so much. It’s crazy to think that we got through our first active semester together! I remember rushing with these chicas like it was last week, so posing for some cute shots in the Thornager’s forest was beautiful.

Blog 4
“LEFT foot over RIGHT!”
Blog 5
Just having a giggle.
Blog 6
Kickin about in the sunshine x 
Blog 7
“You’ll never know dear, how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away”. 

Olivia and I also have certain things that we’re always caught doing. Olivia has the foot, I have the booty. Gotta keep up the Kardashian assets x

Blog 8
Baby got back.
Blog 9
I just love my sisters so much! 

Later on in the day, I went for a delicious Indian meal with my pals to celebrate Adam’s 21st which was delicious. Earlier on in the week, we went for a night out downtown which is full of hilarious memories/sayings that may not necessarily be blog appropriate, so I’ll leave you to imagine it for yourself…

After a short nap, I finally got prepared for Relay for Life! A 12 hour event raising money for ACS, it’s a test of stamina that I wasn’t ready for at the semester. I’m pleased to say that I completed the whole time and my body was so grateful when I got into bed. I had an absolute BLAST bonding even more with my sisters and even Facetiming home at 4am to show them how disgusting I looked.

MAJOR shoutout to my family for sponsoring me for the event. See you in 2 weeks fam.

Blog 10
Becca and I don’t hate each other really.

Our main way of sponsorship at the event was through our Pie Face booth. For $2, anyone there could pie a member of the sorority, so when my fellow Brits came to donate money, of course they pied me. Ridiculous antics which led to my hair being caked in Cool Whip and me snorting Cool Whip, but it’s okay, all in the name of charity I guess.

Blog 11
Grateful for the goggles. 
Blog 12
Post pie-face! I gave English Olivia lots of lovely pie kisses afterwards. 
Blog 13
Biggie proceeded to lick my face… bonding right?

The team dwindled in numbers as we approached the early hours of the morning, but I’m proud of myself that I conquered this relay feat. You can still donate money to our team by following the link HERE.

During the event, a Luminaria ceremony was held to celebrate survivors, commemorate those we had lost to cancer and keep fighting the good fight. As I was sitting down, I had the most horrible, vivid flashback which is why I have to end this blog post with this song. This song has SO many memories attached to it, happy and sad but ultimately, I know that those I think of when I think of this song are all wonderful people and I truly couldn’t be happier.

Senior ceremony is next Saturday, where I officially become an Alumni member of the sorority. I just don’t want to say goodbye to anyone. Maybe the Cool Whip remnants will act as a sorority tattoo?


Sophie x



  1. Well Sophie another good read will miss your blogs from america
    You must be looking forward too coming home hope all goes well
    When you come home. Xxx


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