Celebrating my 21st birthday!

Hello, my lovely wonderful readers! I hope you’re all well! The warmer weather has finally made its way up state, and we’re in the mid 60’s and I haven’t had to wear a jacket in days. It’s delightful to be leaving classes for the day and it’s still warm enough to go and grab a drink with friends. NOW, I can finally get a legal alcoholic beverage as I’ve finally turned 21! After celebrating over 2 weekends, I can finally say that I’ve had my birthday in Flagstaff style. I’ll be celebrating once I get back to the UK, but for now, I can reminisce on an amazing birthday.

I woke up on my birthday (31st March) with a few cards to open from family. It was going to be a lazy day, as my pals have Friday morning classes. Then, I was lovingly greeted by Kate, Olivia and Sarah who gave me their gifts. Sarah went CUTE, giving me a new Flagstaff mug and chocolates and a lovely card. Kate and Olivia went ridiculous. I received a woggle, 2 American flags, back pain aid, sweets, Peeps, troll themed cards. Granted, they did get me a LOVELY lipstick which I’ll link here and wear nearly every day now! Plus, it’s called Bend and Snap which is SO Legally Blonde. How thoughtful and lovely!

One of the best gifts to come from the day was at the beginning. I tweeted Val from the Bake Off to wish me a Happy Birthday because I wanted to make Olivia jealous. She came back with this nugget and now she follows us both. What a treat.


Val is a national treasure.

OH YEAH. IT SNOWED ON MY BIRTHDAY. All week, we’d had sunny weather and the forecast was saying it’d snow on Friday, and snow it did! We had a few inches of snow which is unprecedented for my birthday celebrations, but I guess I had a proper Flagstaff birthday. To celebrate, we went to Baskin Robbins and got ice cream because it was cheap. I had ‘birthday cake’ ice cream and it was delicious.

An oxymoronic picture if you’ve ever seen one before.

After getting our alcohol for my gathering later and putting stuff back at our apartments, some of my friends headed to Oregano’s for my birthday dinner (1 of 2…) which was SO yummy. Oregano’s does delicious Italian food and a free pizza cookie for desert if it’s your birthday! During the meal, a young boy came up to me and told me that it was his birthday too and he had turned 5! We high fived and his mom told me that I was a birthday princess.

I also had my first legal drink at a restaurant: a Dirty Monkey which was STRONGER than I thought. This foreshadows the night well.

Lovingly staring into the alcoholic beverage. 

I had such a good time celebrating my birthday with many of the people out here that I love dearly. I’ve got such a good support network that help me if I have any problems, need cheering up or just don’t want to do work so we’ll procrastinate by dancing to Eurovision or watching Louis Theroux. I would NEVER have thought that I’d be celebrating my birthday in this way but I couldn’t be more grateful. Thankfully, nothing was broken or damaged (except my dignity…).

One of a few nice photos to come out of my birthday celebrations.
$8 Charlotte Russe dresses and a fair bit of vodka/lemonade does this to a chica. 

The next day, Kate, Liv, Sarah and myself went on a girly day out to Phoenix and went shopping, In n Out and Trader Joe’s because it’s America and why not.  We hired a car from the airport which led to this photo and an excellent April Fool’s day post that even got my Dad!

Do you REALLY think I flew from the airport? 

Trader Joe’s was one of the funniest places I’d been to in a long time. Whether it was me pushing around a child’s trolley (SO WHAT, WE ONLY HAD A FEW ITEMS BETWEEN US, IT WAS PERFECTLY SUFFICIENT) or Olivia breaking the card system at Trader Joe’s and having a palaver, it was hilarious. Also this acts as a public service announcement that cookie butter is one of the most delicious foods to be on this Earth.

The child’s trolley worked perfectly. 

Weekend 2 came along and we started on Thursday night! I finally had my first Downtown Flagstaff experience and whilst it was super fun and my trademark splits came out on the dancefloor, it wasn’t an inch on a UK night out. Get me back to the £1 jagerbombs and £1.50 cider blacks any day of the week. Although, I did have great fun sitting on a bike and pretending I was Ariana Grande while I was heavily intoxicated x

I actually had Pepsi by this point because I had a cocktail called an Absolute Mofo and it was the strongest thing of my life.

Let’s just say, the photos from my first Downtown experience aren’t exactly super attractive or Tinder worthy.

Classy bird is back. 
We both need you for our causes.

On Friday, I FINALLY had a meal at Red Lobster after wanting to go for so long. Yes, I hadn’t heard of it until Formation, but okay ladies, it was divine. I had the coconut shrimp with the mashed potato and it was so good. Next, I need to try Bubba Gump and I want to try Hooters SO bad but for now, Red Lobster was the best. Cute date night too, thanks for paying Joey x

On Saturday, I went to Bearizona with my big! I needed to go for my PR class, as our final is making a media kit for Bearizona using all the techniques that we’ve learned. But, it was so much fun to see the animals (who are not in cages and are treated very well!!!!) and see something totally new. I met up with my PR teacher who is an absolute lass and an half too. Here are some delightful photos from the day:

Cute big/lil photos.
American bison on the drive through part of the park!
Black bears at Bearizona. Look for the bare necessities…
Two GOAT’s having a giggle x 

The weekend ended with me winning cute canvasses at my sorority’s Bingo event and a classic Chili’s, which needs to come over to the UK immediately.

Technically, this wasn’t from the birthday weekends, but with Flagstaff having lovely warmer weather, here is a cute photo of yours truly basking in the AZ sunshine. The guy behind me isn’t homeless by the way, he’s just sitting down.

I’m not 20% off.

So, as you can see, both of my birthday weekends were an absolute treat! I’ve only got a month left of my year abroad, which feels unreal considering the majority of my second year was me being excited for my year abroad. Going to listen to this song all the time and deny the fact that I have to fly home without all of my American friends and Brits on Tour.


Sophie x


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