Bit of exploring and trolling about.

Hello my lovely readers and happy March! Can you believe it, we’re already in the third month of the year? I FINALLY turn 21 this month and I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be able to drink legally again. The best way to describe it is as though I’m 17 years old, except I’ve done all the things that you can do and it’s just a chance to celebrate with those who I love in the US.

March was always going to be an incredible month, what with my birthday AND Spring Break, I knew I’d be doing a bit of travelling. However, I’ve just been to Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and UTAH and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. The whole day was lots and lots of fun! Fun fact: my big was at Horseshoe Bend about an hour before me and I didn’t know until I saw a picture on Instagram. Weird, we follow each other around the country now?

Anyway, back to the day and it was an early start (for a Saturday). We set off around 9am and after a quick pit-stop for a MacDonalds breakfast, we headed up to Antelope Canyon. It’s in the city limits of Page, Arizona which is right at the north of the state. The drive from Flagstaff to Page is extra-terrestrial. At some point, it really felt as though we were on another planet, not seeing human life apart from a few Native American families for a 2 and a half hour drive.

We finally arrived at Antelope Canyon and I totally recommend that if you visit, you should do the LOWER canyon! We booked through Ken’s Tours which is cheaper than other companies too. Here is the link if you want to have a nosy.

Lower Antelope Canyon! 

I struggle to think of the right words to use when describing what the Canyon is like. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or been in. Granted, I’m not ‘that’ into nature or reading lots about the environment, but I URGE you to go if you ever find yourself in this area of the United States. Being in the desert, you climb down sets of ladders and rungs. After what feels like the longest ladder in the world and where my legs felt like jelly, we were inside the Canyon. Nature had shaped the Canyon to be just like it was, and today, tomorrow and every day after that it will be a tiny bit different. The wind and the footfall means that every single step impacts the Canyon.

It’s unreal, it’s out of this world and I feel so privileged to have visited such an awesome sight. Also, the photo opportunities down in the Canyon are exquisite. Considering I took my photos on my phone (iPhone 6), you’d be surprised at the high quality shots I was able to get by standing in the right place and adding a couple of filters. I’ll let the photos talk for themselves.

What an awfully big adventure.


Feeling like Alice in Wonderland. 


I went with my delightful pals, and our tour guide (love you Darrell), would constantly take lots of photos of us to cherish in years to come. Don’t think I’ll ever get a photo with a backdrop like this in my lifetime.

Look at my lovely pals. 

Now, a delightful little nickname for yours truly that has come about recently is ‘Troll’. When I wash my hair and dry it with my towel, my hair goes HUGE. I’m not too sure why, but as my hair is so fine, it goes like a lion mane. This is absolutely hilarious (apparently) and now I’m called troll. In this photo, my lovely friends captured the troll coming out of her natural habitat. I think it looks like me being born from Earth’s natural vagina. What do you think?

Troll or vagina?

The whole of Antelope Canyon was unreal, yet that wasn’t all of the adventure done! As we were so close to the border, we decided to cross it to tick off another state. After a Sonic slushie (10/10 recommend), we were going to go to Wahweap but got confused after driving across the Glen Canyon bridge so headed to Lone Rock. We did only just make it into Utah, about 3 minutes across the bridge. BUT. Utah is Utah. Four states done.

Made it to UT! 

Once we’d driven into Utah and seen the Lone Rock (which took Olivia about 10 minutes to see, ridiculous), we drove back into AZ to go to Horseshoe Bend. This is around 10 minutes from Antelope Canyon, and as it’s free to go, we HAD to make a stop there. I’d seen plenty of pictures of this natural wonder, but to see it in front of my eyes was insane. The water flowing from the Colorado River and the natural horseshoe shape made me feel very lucky indeed. I feel blessed that I’m able to see things on my year abroad that I’d have no chance of otherwise.




Dare I say it, these past weeks I’ve been on a journey within myself. I’m so happy with where I am in every aspect of my life and I can’t wait to see it all and do even more. Thank you world for aligning yourself in the best way possible. I guess the stars in the Flagstaff sky are extremely powerful.

Matilda or adventurer?  
LTFC representing at Horseshoe Bend, AZ. What a day of adventuring. 

Driving back to Flagstaff was a toughie, I’d been up for such a long time and done so much that my body was exhausted! A quick pick-me-up at Mamaburger and all the sugar from the fizzy drinks I’d had during the day finally got into my blood system and I went a bit mad in Target. Slutdropping in Target was not how I envisioned starting the day, but it’s testament to what happen when I eat awfully and am so tired, I behave irrationally.

I also found my new Troll brother and sister. I’ve decided that my boobs can be my lil trolls, but what to name them?

Edgy trolls. Also look how much Easter candy they have in the aisles.  

The whole day was wonderful. It’s days like this that made me want to do a year abroad. See the sights, take it all in, feel all those collagens warming your skin (Legally Blonde reference there). Now I’ve got to do my last few bits of revision and work before SPRING BREAK is upon me. But for now, I’m going to reminisce about stepping foot in Utah by listening to this song.


Sophie x



  1. […] Arizona is just incredible. Whilst I may not have travelled much of the country, I saw plenty of what the state had to offer. I went up north to Antelope Canyon and crossed into Utah, to Bearizona in Williams, and plenty in Phoenix. I really cannot stress how much my year abroad has helped me develop as a person, in every sense of what it means to live and love and be loved. […]


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