Here’s to the next 4 years…

Hello readers! What a time we’ve entered. Donald John Trump is now officially the President of the United States of America. We’ve been through a lot with the Obama administration, yet his 8 years of tenure have ended. Donald Trump is now the leader. As expected, my social media has been a-buzz with memes of Michelle Obama, Melania Trump and the President himself. Whilst it all seems like a joke, it’s very much real. Whether you love the new President or would rather him assassinated, we as the people have to face facts.

This semester, I’m taking a class on the American Presidency at Northern Arizona University and I’m excited for it! I can’t wait to learn about what it means to be a President in a time such as this. I’ll constantly be reading and hearing all about Donald Trump, so why not learn the facts about it? Part of my assessment for the class is to do a weekly blog post about the President based on what we’ve learned during the week*, so I figured, why not start now. Every Friday for the next few months, you’ll have the chance to read about what I’ve learned of in the American Presidency. I’ll still be following my normal format of my own opinions, yet it will be a little bit more formal than what I’m used to publishing on this blog. It officially starts next Friday, but I wanted to get something off my chest. That’s what this blog is for.

*Guess my blog has been 18 months of preparation then…

Donald J Trump is our President. Personally, I couldn’t be more opposed to the President if I tried. The way in which he has talked about so many groups and individuals within America is abhorrent. Whether he wanted to ‘grab a woman by the pussy’, or publicly mock a reporter who was disabled, Donald Trump hasn’t exactly got the natural grace and charisma that is synonymous with the Obama administration. Yet, he struck a chord with the American population and that’s why he won.

It’s hard to specifically pin-point why people voted for Trump. Being from England, I’m used to a lot of the media being negative around Trump and what he stands for. Yet, in America, it’s very mixed. Some people hate him, some people love him dearly. I get it. He attracts an audience that has previously been disillusioned with politics. He speaks to those who want the change to happen around them quickly. He speaks to those who are fed up. Whilst the lexis he uses may not be actual English, the tone and resonance of his speeches are powerful enough for him to convey the message to one of the largest audiences a politician could talk to.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump is now the President of the United States.

Personally, I would vote Democrat. I’ve got liberal views (even if liberal is a big taboo word in the USA). However, the people I know who voted Trump aren’t bad people. Our views may challenge each others directly, but political allegiance doesn’t constitute a person.

I saw an article shared on my Facebook that said “I want Donald Trump to do so well that I want to vote him in again”. A part of me agrees with this. Yes, I would have not voted Donald in this time, but that doesn’t mean I wish him ultimate failure. To see Donald fail would see the cataclysmic destruction of the United States, something that no President-elect in the future could bounce back from. I want to see Donald do well, prove so many media publications wrong.

Whether you’re Republican, Democrat or another party, everyone in the USA can spread love. Just because there’s a brand new President, it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to strive to be the best person you can possibly be. Anyone can make a change, however big or small, you can make a difference. As we say farewell to the Obama’s in the White House, let’s remember the benevolence they have injected into our nation. Policies such as Obamacare and the legality of same-sex marriage demonstrate human compassion in the finest form.

On 20th January 2017, it may feel as though times have taken a turn for the worse. The amount of times I’ve seen the ‘joke’ that America needs to set their clocks back to 1950 has become old. But, I’d like to think that whoever is our President does not desecrate the positive attitudes and love for each other that I’ve witnessed since living in the States. Surround yourself with those that you want to be around each and every day. Keep the legacy of the Obamas alive.

Presidents come and go. Here’s to the next four years of Donald Trump. Keep being positive, wonderful citizens and stand up for everything you believe in.


Sophie x


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