Alan Davies as Yet Untitled, Series 5

Hello lovely readers, I hope you are all well! My time in England is very nearly at an end. I’ve had the most wonderful month at home with my family, seeing my friends and relaxing before a busy semester is thrust upon me! I’ve got some exciting plans lined up that will make this semester incredible, dare I say it, I’m excited to go to Flagstaff even with Donald Trump as President-Elect? I just can’t wait to eat Chick-Fil-A once again and be reunited with my sorority sisters and make even memories. In fact, in 17 weeks time, I will be leaving the US of A and flying back to England and my year abroad will be complete (I am not wishing time away…)

Just because I’m flying back so soon doesn’t mean that I can’t go and explore London! Even though it was Friday the 13th, I had a great day! I had received tickets to go down to London and see the filming of ‘Alan Davies as Yet Untitled’. I went in Season 1 with my Dad with Katherine Ryan, Marcus Brigstocke, John Robins and Bob Mortimer and it was awesome. Getting the tickets for Season 5, I knew that I HAD to go and hear even more comedians talk. It’s one of those shows which is totally dependent on the guests you get to see, and I was not disappointed… but enough about that for now, I went to the Sherlock cafe!

A throwback of when I went to see the filming. I’d just turned 18 here and it was my first time seeing Katherine Ryan in the flesh… 

I’ve only recently jumped onto the Sherlock bandwagon. I needed something to watch on Netflix whilst I’m purged of 30 Rock back in the UK and figured Sherlock would be the perfect fit. I’m absolutely LOVING it. When Dad and I were watching an episode, I looked up where the cafe was in relation to the TV studios and as they were less than a mile away from each other, I proposed the idea of visiting there for lunch and Dad was adamant that we must. Once we’d arrived in London and walked from Euston, we found ourselves at the cafe and had brunch!

Standard builder’s brew whilst waiting for my food!

It was SO cool to be in an iconic part of the show, plus the food was a lot cheaper than Dad and I were expecting. The cafe itself is tiny, only seating around 20 people. Thankfully, Dad and I got there just before lunchtime so there were plenty of seats but the cafe quickly filled up. My mushroom omelette and chips filled me up for my day in London and I loved my time in the cafe! I shall definitely be making a return again in the near future. What was also cool was the black door next to the cafe, technically Sherlock’s house in the show! (but it’s on Gower Street, not Baker Street). I had a quick knock, but unfortunately Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t show himself to me.

Quick knock for Sherlock Holmes whilst I’m wrapped up in the cold. 

Once Dad and I had been to the cafe, we walked to the venue rather than getting the tube, taking in what London had to offer us on this crisp, January day. We had to wait just over an hour outside, but what’s fun about waiting for this show is that you see the comedians who are going to take part in the show filming very small idents. As I had no idea who was going to be on this episode, I had my eyes peeled for anyone who I recognised. About 10 minutes in, I saw a fur coat and knew it was Joe Lycett! I absolutely LOVE Joe and reacted in this manner, getting Dad to take an ‘always a pleasure’ photo of me with Joe Lycett in the background. Check out my review of his show here and you’ll see why I love him so much!

Always a pleasure to meet you Joe! Also, my feet look huge, but it’s because I’m in my Uggs on this cold day. 

The cold was seeping in, we were guessing comedians here and there but then we finally got to go into the studio! Dad and I lucked out by getting front row seats (once again, may I add) and we were sitting in the studios waiting to find out who was coming in. I literally could not believe my luck, when I saw my absolute favourite comedian Katherine Ryan was outside the studio with Joe! Katherine and Joe are two of my favourite comedians in the world, so to see those two together in such close proximity made it certain that I was in for a wonderful afternoon.

Whilst the comedians were getting their mic’s checked, Katherine asked me when I fly back to the States, because she thought I was still out there?* She told the other comedians how I live in the States and I remarked how people I know voted for Trump, which shocked Joe Lycett so much! I gathered that people in the audience were a bit confused as to how I knew Katherine. Don’t be jel x

*I’m not lying when I say I’m closer to a celebrity than most people who I went to school with.

The view my Dad and I had, so you will definitely see us on the telly. 

The 5 comedians included Alan Davies, Katherine Ryan, Joe Lycett, Patrick Kielty and Annie Siddons. It was great fun to see the five chatting and making jokes left, right and centre. To not want to spoil the jokes, but to enlighten you on the show, here are some bullet points.

  • The episode I went to see was named ‘Free Pussy’ as a reference to Annie’s unfortunate wearing of a t-shirt.
  • Patrick Kielty met Muhammed Ali after a drunken night out and used to have a donkey.
  • Alan Davies knew a bit too much about shooting a cow with a bazooka in Cambodia.
  • Alan Davies has also punched his friend so hard, to everyone’s shock!
  • Annie Siddons once had a super-awkward flight from Croatia.
  • Joe Lycett’s pal Tommy broke a crab in quarters and got demoted to looking after the octopuses at Birmingham Sealife.
  • The homeless around Joe Lycett love a Strawberry Yop.
  • Katherine Ryan won’t wear sandals anymore, after an awkward Uber ride.
  • Katherine Ryan isn’t a stalker, just because she found Anna Kendrick twice in a week. (I found this story hilarious, mostly because I felt the irony of seeing Katherine in the flesh and not stalking her at all, but feeling bloody glad I was seeing her in the flesh once again!)

I’m so happy that I was able to see such a wonderful show and be in the presence of the loves of my life in the comedy industry. I’m hoping that this is an excellent omen for the 17 weeks that I’ll call second semester at NAU.

Next time I’ll blog, I’ll be back in the States, so see you then! I’ll be listening to this a lot in the flight, I’m certain that this song was made for me. It’s by a band called ARIZONA and it’s called Oceans Away which I always am from my family.


Sophie x


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