Happy New Year!

If you find yourself reading this blog post, then Happy New Year to you! As I’ve said on this blog, being able to say it’s January 1st satisfies me greatly. I’m a sucker for starting things a-fresh and giving something another good old go. In my opinion, one of the best opportunities to do this is in the New Year. Entering a new year makes you appreciate the good things that have happened during the year and what you wish to repeat, as well as knowing what you do not want to do.

New Year’s Eve is also one of the best days of the year to have a celebration with your friends/family/colleagues and have an absolute ball. I was so glad that I got to spend this New Year’s Eve with some of my friends from Warwick Uni. It was months since I got to see them, so being able to spend a night in their company and making even more memories to add to our collection was the perfect way to end the year. It doesn’t feel like 6 months since I finished second year and experiencing UK student life. With Vassia with us, it was the perfect chance to take some ‘plandids’ (I already feel this could be a strong entry for word of the year) and be cute.

Just a bit annoyed I look like a thumb, but who minds? The photo is adorable. 
How cute are we?

Being with 3 of my best friends and having the gang all back was delightful. Rob, Kelly and Lucy are all treasures and I cannot WAIT to see them all graduate and be super proud of them as they enter their next life adventures while I’m in my final year! I have an inordinate amount of love for them, it’s an unbreakable bond.

Legit love these three so bloody much.

We celebrated the end of 2016 with a classic house party and entered 2017 with gusto! With it being a New Year, I’ve set myself some goals/resolutions/things I want to do in the New Year and my thinking is if I blog it, then it’s in public domain and I’ll feel more compelled to complete them.

Keep Blogging

This might sound ridiculous, given that I blog constantly, but it’s something that I really want to continue. I genuinely enjoy it so much as it gives me a creative platform that education cannot provide me with; a place for me to express my thoughts and opinions where I only have to please myself with my content. I’m so fortunate that 2016 saw me attend a Youth Marketing event with my blog acting as strong reason to invite me to the event as a guest. If I keep blogging during the year, I’m sure that 2017 will allow me to secure some work experience in the marketing/PR/journalism/TV world (still undecided, is that a bad thing, I don’t think so? I don’t think 2017 will be the year I decide either…)

I’m also thinking of writing a bit more variety in my content. I follow quite a few fashion bloggers who are all gorgeous and wonderful and I see no reason why I can’t do a fashion post with a few ‘plandids’* here and there?

*Didn’t I tell you that was a great word!

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

“BUT YOU LIVE IN AMERICA?!” I hear you cry. Yes, that is the case with my year abroad. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t drink more water and walk to more places instead of taking the bus. Recently, I’ve been feeling a little bit like the Christmas weight was there for quite a while before Christmas and I know I want to do something about it. Graduation in 2018 is a major motivation for me hitting the gym, getting the hourglass and feeling healthier in myself. Before I know it, I’ll be in final year stressing about my dissertation so I want to set the good habits in at the start of the year so it will eventually feel like second nature.

Get the jumpsuit here. Dad also just said that he really likes this photo of me.


Get that One Mark!

Okay, so this one needs a little explanation; it doesn’t mean I want a boy called Mark. So, normally, when I hand in my assignments and get my results back, I’m more often than not either one mark away or one mark into a grade and I cannot tell you how much it stresses my life out. My grades are never as good as I want them to be. 2017 is the year where I push myself even more. I’ve got 18 months more of education and then somebody can buy me a top saying ‘Uni, completed it’. After my results last year disappointing me, I am fixated with the idea of working my butt off to get a 4.0 GPA or as close to it as possible in my second semester and a solid 2:1 in the start of my final year. I’m certain that with this extra push in my mindset, anything is possible. I need to pick up those marks here and there.

Start a Youtube Channel. 

Right, this one is still up in arms but I’ve been toying with the idea of doing my own Youtube Channel for years. I don’t know what content I’d create and whether I’d be any good, but I thought that about this blog the day I posted my first blog. To repeat a point just stated, anything is possible. (If anyone reading this can help me out with ideas, that’d be wonderful!)

Possibly the most flattering Snapchat I’ve taken in a long time.

As I was dreaming a few nights ago, I had this saying pop into my head. To write something down is to commit yourself to something, to do, to succeed, to conquer. By writing down my ambitions for the year to a healthier, happier me, I’m sure that I can make 2017 just as wonderful a year and even more so. Let’s start off the positive vibes with this song, it makes me feel good every time I listen to it.

Happy New Year once again, I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.


Sophie x



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