2016 Year in Review (January-June)

Hello to my lovely readers. I hope you’re all well and had the most delightful Christmas season with your family. I know I did. Being home and snuggling in bed with my little sister before we went downstairs and opened our presents was one of the main reasons why I wanted to come home. I’m a stickler for trying out new things and expanding my horizons, yet there’s a part of me that craves the tradition and doing things the way you’ve always done them.

The New Year is the perfect time to try out new things. Granted, you can always try out new things but being able to write 1/1 as the date is satisfying. I’ve got some plans and goals that I want to achieve in 2017 but I am eternally thankful for the wonderful memories that 2016 has provided. I’ve grown up in myself, whether it be because of my study abroad semester or that turning 20 has meant I’ve felt I’ve had to be more adult… I’m a different person than the girl I was who entered the year.

As well as using my blog as a platform to share my thoughts and tell the world what I’ve been doing with my life, I thought I’d use this entry as a diary to show myself in years to come that yes, Sophie, you did it. You had a bloody great year and things will only get better as you believe in yourself and your abilities even more.

So, as you can see, I entered 2016 without a fringe and my eyebrows weren’t done. I still loved a sassy pout and being glam.

img_2347 I got myself a fringe on the first week back of term. I needed a change within myself, so getting a hair cut was the perfect way to do this! It made me look 12 once again and received a barrage of compliments!

img_2783 I went to Manchester on tour with my lovely dance society! I had great fun watching the Rocky Horror show and going to a couple of bars in Manchester. We did an acro/aerial workshop the next day that killed my legs off for the week after, but it was super fun to try out a new activity!

img_2893 I went to see Peter Pan at the RSC in Stratford Upon Avon with my good friend, Kelly! It was cool to finally visit a town which I’d never been to before and the show was incredible. The staging was wonderful and it was interesting to see Peter Pan done in a feminist stance. #girlpower am I right?

img_3121 I got my hair all tidied up because I went HOME for a relative’s birthday party! I decided to go home as I knew my whole family were going to be there, so it was great to catch up with everyone and refire the blonde bombshell that I always dream of being.

img_3446 I also did an amazing show with some of my favourite humans as I did Anything Goes with MTW! To raise money, we had a fundraiser and all got glam and it was just a hilarious night in which we finally went to Moo Bar! (Never forget when we got led there and it was shut…)

img_3620 It’s a SET of photos for Anything Goes. I bloody love doing shows at Warwick as the casts are always super-talented and I’m in awe. I’m SO thankful for being given the opportunity to do the show. Initially, I wasn’t cast but being able to perform and see two of my friends smash their lead roles was a true joy. I’m so sad I can’t see Follies in 2017, but I just know these two pals are going to be incredible. LOVE for my Pres and Vice-Pres x


Being a sailor with Dom, Izzy, Joe, Rob and Josh was marvellous. Wouldn’t you want us to save you and help you on the ship. Oh my gosh, those white trousers were SO see-through. I’m so excited to be in the Broadway revue at NAU next semester, sadly there aren’t any numbers from this musical but I get to do some tap again!


NEVER FORGET. So in 2016, I did an article about Luton on the Tab which went viral. As I was backstage, it was getting shared hundreds and hundreds of times. The MP for Luton South got in touch with me. To this day, I still don’t know if it’s sarcastic or not, but I shall take this tweet with me forever.


Ball time! I went to a fab dance ball and History ball, which meant I could get my spray tan done, whack out the rollers and heels and just feel 10/10 for a whole weekend. My Elle Woods dress and black Michelle Keegan dress take pride and joy in my wardrobe and I wish I could wear outfits like these on the daily.


It wouldn’t be a normal year for me if it didn’t include being too stagey for my own good. I got to perform in a student-written musical with wonderful cast members. It was all stylised as if we were in the 1930’s and even if I was stupidly busy, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.


I was also a part of Comm Comm and led ensemble sessions, teaching routines and having a ball in the process. This experience was VITAL to encouraging more members of MTW to join and just having fun. So thankful I got to do it under Georgie’s wing and hopefully in fourth year, I can get just as involved!


I also went to Drama Ball which was insanely good fun! The theme was Enchanted Forest. I love the first photo as it’s a Harlington x Sociology reunion. I think it’s pretty clear that I just love going to balls.


Lisbon was just a dream. I went on tour to the Portuguese capital with the musical theatre society. (Read about it here). I particularly enjoyed the warm weather, the company and the sangria on tap! One of my favourite days of 2016 was going to the beach and catching a tan and giggling non-stop. I’m not looking forward to the FOMO of Budapest 2017.


For my 20th birthday, I went to London with my Dad and my sister and had a walk around my favourite city. We then went to the London Dungeons and everyone sang to me. My Dad also got picked on which was GREAT fun to see! A couple of weeks later, I went to see Funny Girl with my Mum which was incredible. I finally got to see Sheridan Smith perform once again (before the off-stage drama with her playing Fanny Brice!).


I’m pretty proud of the next three photos. There aren’t many photos for May and June as I was busy revising, stressing out my LIFE with revision for my exams but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have SOME fun in the process! On 21st May, I went down to London and saw Katherine Ryan’s show being filmed at the Apollo (read here!) but not without meeting another one of my comedy favourites in the process. As I was drinking the free alcohol and being in the presence of some people that I’ve looked up to for a long time, I felt unworthy but inspired to make leaps in the journalism/TV industry so this could become a regular activity. I also met Sara Pascoe at her show and she knew who I was, so I guess that’s either a testament to my excellent blogging skills or tweeting ability.


June finally ended with a trip to London to sort out my visa for my US embassy and seeing Kate Middleton (very standard). We also had our end-of-year celebrations for MTW which was delightful. I love the Gilberts, because you can glam up and reminisce over the fab academic year that you’ve just got through. Fingers crossed I can visit Leamington for the Gilbert’s this year.


Clearly, the first half of 2016 was super-duper. The second half of 2016 was just as great, so make sure you check that out soon! I’ll have to link this song to 2016 as Spotify told me I listened to this song a LOT this year. (Sorry it’s pitched, I can’t help that). Whoops.


Sophie x



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