Day 5 in Los Angeles AND getting activated!

Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re well. I’m SO sorry for the hiatus in my blogging recently, there’s two reasons for this. Firstly, I smashed my laptop screen at the beginning of the month. Normally, I do all my blogging on this as I can type faster on a laptop and I’m so used to having it in my lap for a great period of the day. It’s fair to say that I was absolutely DEVASTATED when this happened and I nearly cried. Alas, it’s getting fixed and should be ready to collect in a couple of days.

Secondly, I’m typing this from a different time zone to what my body has been accustomed to as I’m HOME! A couple of months ago, I was discussing with my parents whether to stay in the US over Christmas or come home for the season. As much as I love the US, I wanted to spend the season with my nearest and dearest and I have 100000% made the correct decision in myself. Being around my family is so wonderful and I can feel it re-energising me before my next semester! We did my arrival home as a surprise home for my sister. For WEEKS, she had been asking whether I was coming home and it was extremely hard to lie through gritted teeth. However, as I facetimed her from the car and then revealed the back camera to be displaying the front door, it’s fair to say that she was extremely shocked! I think it’s only just sunk in that I am home for her. Seeing her face made the 5,000 mile journey worthwhile.

Anyway, I totally realised I haven’t completed documenting my trip to Los Angeles, and as this year comes to a close, let me finish up my little holiday in the next state! Los Angeles was WONDERFUL, and on the last day, we decided to go to Griffith Observatory to see the Hollywood sign. We’d tried driving up to it in the dark, yet we proved hopeless. However, the Sunday was wonderful. As we climbed up to the viewing point with the Hollywood sign in the distance, I couldn’t get over just how fortunate I was to be able to stand there and fulfill a life ambition.

The Hollywood sign.
Someday, you’ll see my name in lights or covering a story in the news. Someday. 

The observatory was super cool and accessible for those who aren’t THAT good at science (you’re looking at that girl here!) and the views you receive in return for climbing up a small hill are magnificent. Looking out to a giant city in which hearts are shattered but dreams are made was awesome. From this trip, I’ve learnt that there’s absolutely no way I could live in Los Angeles. I love city life, but it’s way too congested for me. The poverty level is unfathomable, so many homeless people traipse the streets for a buck, which made me feel helpless. However, for these few days, LA was most definitely ‘my home’.

Two pretty views in this picture, am I right? 😉 

Once we’d been to the observatory, we decided to check out 90210 also known as Beverly Hills. So far in our trip, we’d barely seen any palm trees so we decided to check the streets which are metaphorically paved with gold. As soon as we drove down these streets, we immediately questioned whether our rental car was ‘rich enough’. We saw houses that looked like the Whitehouse and the giant houses which cost a million simoleons on Sims 2. Fair to say, I was stunned.

The streets of Beverly Hills. 

In Beverly Hills, I immediately knew that I couldn’t purchase anything as I had barely any money in my account (thanks Kate Spade…) but that didn’t dampen my short visit! I took a walk down Rodeo Drive and saw iconic parts of Beverly Hills that you ‘see on TV’. As it was entering the Christmas season, baubles adorned the sidewalks but it did feel odd to be hearing Christmas music in 18 degree heat!

Water features in Beverly Hills.
Seeing the wealth down Rodeo Drive was incredible. I can’t believe that I was able to check out iconic places such as these!

Beverly Hills is a place in which you want to be close around all the time for those cute Instagram pictures, but you need MEGA bucks to be able to live comfortably in this area. Once we’d been to Beverly Hills, we grabbed ‘linner’ near the Staples Center before we had to leave Los Angeles and head back to 86001 (Flagstaff, AZ) for our last few weeks of the semester. The ice rink and gigantic Christmas trees were synonymous with the lavish nature of Los Angeles, yet we know they’re temporary. I think this acts as a metaphor for LA as a whole. You see the pretty sights, but you know they’re not there forever, or there’s a great story to the success of the area. To be in LA well, you have to have made it. However, LA has my heart, I’m sure I’ll be back in California one day. In fact, I’m planning a little trip with my sorority big over Spring Break to check out her house and her area of California which should be super exciting.

Goodbye California, you will always have my heart.

Onto the second section of this blog and it’s all sorority themed! On December 3, I became an official sister of Omega Phi Alpha. In short, I got thoroughly spoiled by my big (Olivia) and my grand-big (Lyn). I finally get to use my Greek letters! Next semester, I’m on the formal committee and the relay committee, helping to organise two of the major events that the sorority holds. I’m hoping to use this experience to potentially organise my History Ball in final year and a giant sporting activity for all the theatre societies at Warwick (so watch this space!!).

For now, here’s some photos of the event. I don’t want to go into major details as I don’t want to reveal OPA secrets that need to be kept just that. Rest assured though, it was a delightful few hours which made me truly appreciate all of my sisters even more.

Candid Christmassy shot for the fans. 
Me and my big, Olivia. 
I mean, come on. This is ADORABLE. 
Hugging my new sisters Rosa, Christina and Mackenzie. 

At activation, every pledge gives their big a paddle. As my big LOVES avocados and hot air balloons, I figured that I HAD to combine the two. When I gave the paddle to Olivia, she fell on the floor with excitement, hence the excited/shocked face in this photo.

If you look closely, you can see Olivia trying to get up.
Big Little goals. Also, Lyn made us these crown headbands and I mean, how adorable? 

Another thing that happened at activation was senior ceremony, in which the seniors who are graduating become official alumni of the chapter and the sorority. My grandbig asked me to do a speech of which I think I did okay???? Everyone seemed to like it, so there’s that I guess. Honestly, Lyn is so bloody wonderful and great and all the superlatives and I love her dearly.

Gonna miss you Lyn!
How beautiful are my pledge class? 10/10 WORLDIES.

Overall, the end of my first semester at NAU was bliss. I’m getting final results from my final papers and even with my laptop stress, I still pulled A’s and B’s which is exciting! Now, for a relaxing Christmas before I fly out mid January to complete what I’ve started with even more gusto. I’m so glad I’ve done this. But, as I played this song with my Dad on the drive home from Heathrow, I felt home again.


Sophie x


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