Day 3 in Los Angeles

Hello readers! Welcome to the middle installment of my trip in Los Angeles. LA was definitely a fun trip, and if you’ve read so far, you’ll be able to catch up on my trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. USH has very recently been awarded the best attraction in the WORLD, so being able to spend my Thanksgiivng there is an incredible feat indeed. However, Friday did not let itself down either. Once again, I had a wonderful day. In French, I would type “il y a beaucoup de chose a faire” (there are lots of things to see and do… one of the few things I remember) and then carry on. But read along my friends and see what I got up to when I was strutting down Hollywood Boulevard.

If you’ve been living under a commercial rock for the last few years, then let me explain the importance of the Friday after Thanksgiving. Known as Black Friday, it’s a shopping holiday in which everyone tries their hardest to purchase expensive products at knock down prices. In order to celebrate, my family gave me money specifically for Black Friday of which I am extremely fortunate for. In true style, I spent this but I am bloody happy with my purchases. We went to a mall in Downtown LA which was super cool, but the majority of shops were designer. In retrospect, this was beneficial for my bank balance. I purchased some Sephora eyeshadow, Bath and Body Works ‘Buy 3 get 3 free’ deal, and a couple of bits in Forever 21. I did also purchase a Kate Spade matching bag and wallet as part of the online Surprise Sale. They’re BEAUTIFUL and I’m glad Mum convinced me to buy these items…

Once we’d been shopping, we reconvened at where we were staying in order to work out the best route to Hollywood Boulevard from Melrose Avenue. It isn’t too far away, but some routes would have got us stuck in MAJOR traffic. In the end, we parked in the Dolby Theatre car park and walked out to THIS view. The fact that I’d seen this view in TV shows and the movies to now have Little Old Me standing there was nothing short of a ‘pinch me’ moment. I am extremely blessed.

Look at this view! Your gal made it to Hollywood! 

Now, obviously the main attraction in Hollywood is the infamous Walk of Fame. Seeing stars all down the pavement made me dream of having my own star one day. I was walking past so many of my movie icons that I felt in the presence of movie royalty. How can I go back to walking down mundane old paths back at home when I know that I’ve stepped on Michael Jackson?

A short way up from the Walk of Fame sits the Chinese Theatre, a Hollywood landmark. It is here that you can see a variety of celebrity’s footprints, handprints and touch the celebrities that you’ve always looked up to. It was SUPER cool to see Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson on the Walk of Fame as it reminded me of the time I went to the Harry Potter Studios in England.

Just my childhood icons.

There were many people here; Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, Elvis… you name it, they’re probably there. However, I was astounded by the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hands!

I mean, I know I have tiny hands, but look at the difference here! 

Okay, so now for a few stars and people whom I look up to or whom I wanted to make a statement towards. There were so many stars that I could have chosen from, but these past the initial auditions and got through to the final cut*. There’s still MANY an actor and actress that deserves a star (in my opinion), but I did not see their name.

*Tried to use some Hollywood satire here, has it worked? I don’t think so.

You know who doesn’t like being called a rapist? Rapists. FU Bill.

The odd thing about the Walk of Fame is that it is just a path. You’re stepping out of American Apparel and then you see icons.

If you like ANY Disney song, chances are this man influenced it. Alan Menken, you absolute BOSS.

On the walk, we also saw a public advertisement to celebrate the release of the Weeknd’s new album. Personally, I really enjoy his music so it was cool to see his car. They were also filming around here, so chances are I could make a music video? Your gal is getting famous.

Hooray for the Weeknd!

One of the main stars that the group of us wanted to see was the President-Elect. When you were walking down the Walk of Fame, there was a constant hubbub of energy around this star, so it felt cool to finally be by it.

Any guesses for how I feel towards Donald Trump?

I took inspiration from Joe Lycett’s ‘Always A Pleasure’ set of photos, and I thought I’d include my own when I got my photo with the star.

Always a pleasure to be by the President-Elect. 

I got super excited to be by Britney’s star! Britney was my first concert when I was 4 years old, and because of this I’ve always felt an attachment to Britney Jean Spears. I bought her perfume in Duty Free on my first holiday (who didn’t have Curious in their wardrobe?) and I always played her dance game on the PC when I was little. Lucky is one of my favourite songs of all time and I want to see her perform SO badly in Vegas.

Guess it’s clear I love Britney.

I also took a few pictures of stars to send home to my little sister. We ALWAYS watch the Big Bang Theory together, so this star was needed.

Love you Penny!

Once we’d explored Hollywood and tried poutine for the first time (which is DELICIOUS, I can see why Canadians have it as a national meal…), we tried to go to Hooters for dinner. However, after getting stuck behind a GIANT protest (4,000 bikes on the roads of LA is not fun to be behind) and nearly thinking we were going to die as we thought we’d gone the wrong way up a road, we gave it a miss. But, this didn’t mean that we were spoiled for the views. I felt as though I was in Fast and Furious, it was awesome.

This beats the roads of my hometown any day.

As you can see, Hollywood and the Walk of Fame is super cool, and if you’re ever in LA then you’d be silly to not check it out. But, obviously keeping vigilant is a must. Don’t talk to strangers, if you do though, give them an alias name such as Michelle. For a song, I think it HAS to be this one.  I’ve already mentioned it and it is a corker of a song, so yeah have a little trip down Memory Lane.


Sophie x



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