Day 1 in Los Angeles

Hello lovely people, and I hope you’re all well! I know I am, as I only have a couple of weeks left until semester is over. I just want finals to happen and then I am on Winter break! As I type this, it’s Tuesday week 14 of term which is an incredibly long time to be studying for. Thankfully, the majority of last week was spent on ‘tour’ as I went to Los Angeles with my English pals at NAU for Thanksgiving. Yes, I did drop a considerable amount of money but I couldn’t have imagined my time in the City of Angels to be any better than it turned out to be. I am extremely thankful for NAU for accepting me to study at the university, Warwick for giving me the chance to apply for universities in North America, my family for supporting me every step of the way and my friends for making me smile every day.

As SO much happened in Los Angeles that I want to share with you all, I thought I’d break it down into little day by day sections with the best pictures I have of my trip describing everything that I was doing. One thing that I was surprised by the city was the overall ‘griminess. Granted, I wasn’t expecting the glitz and glamour of the movies down every street I stood on. Nor was I expecting the grandeur of London (my favourite city in the world). The disparity between the poor and the rich is shocking; there’s no way that you could live a comfortable life in LA without thousands of dollars to your family name.

Before we arrived in Los Angeles, we had a 7 hour drive to complete. The roadtrip playlist was ready (all 36 hours of it), we had our rental cars and off we set from Flagstaff. We split the journey into 3 sections, in which the first section took us to Kingman, Arizona. We stopped here purely for the culinary delight of In-N-Out. I finally tried ‘animal fries’ (Fries with onion, bacon and thousand island) and it was SO tasty! I just want all the food outlets to come to the other side of the pond ASAP. This lunch set us up nicely for the rest of the journey.

In-N-Out food is so delish. 

Our next part of the journey took us from Kingman, across the state border and to Barstow, California. I was SO excited to finally be in California, as I had always wanted to go to this state since I could remember. The times of watching ANTM, 90210 and other American trash television seasons could finally be a reality for me! Although, the change in state was very underwhelming, look how dull this sign is…

We were welcomed into California! 

Following a disgusting tepid “iced” latte from Dunkin Donuts and navigating the giant California freeways, we finally arrived in Los Angeles! We hit up the airbnb, dumped our stuff and got ready for a cute few hours at the Grove! I had ALWAYS wanted to go the Grove, and it 10000% lived up to expectations. I’d seen that Dancing with the Stars were performing there the night before, so I knew it would feel special. It truly felt as though I had entered a winter wonderland.

The lights everywhere were gorgeous!
I saw Santa!

Walking around the Grove was one of those pinch-me moments. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Flagstaff and I couldn’t imagine being at any other university apart from NAU. However, walking down the LA streets that I had seen in so many pictures and where celebrities go was insane. My brain still cannot comprehend how fortunate I am to say that I’ve been to all of these fabulous, iconic places.

The Grove will forever have my heart. Maybe a hairgrip of mine too.

As we kept walking down the Grove, we walked past the cutest Santa’s Grotto that I have ever seen. Even though everywhere was gearing up for Thanksgiving fun, you couldn’t forget the commercial importance of December 25th.

HOW pretty is Santa’s grotto in the Grove?

After a look in a few shops and dreaming in front of the Michael Kors store, we finally went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. For a few moments, I felt as though I was Penny from the Big Bang Theory. I got a salad for dinner (lol, what am I like, I just reallllly wanted falafel back in my life) and then had some cheesecake for dessert obviously. It was so delicious and lived up to the hype that popular culture makes it out to be. I was also astonished by the choice of cheesecake! What type of cheesecake would you have had? I had the Salted Caramel one.

Look at the different types of cheesecake.

As we got to LA early evening and we’d been up very early that day, we called it an evening at the Grove. But, not without a cute picture in the Grove trees. I knew that the next day, I’d be going to a place that I’d ALWAYS wanted to go to, so I made sure that I got as much sleep as possible before an exhilarating Thanksgiving day!

Dressed up all cute for the Grove. ❤ 

Make sure you stay tuned for future blog posts about my time in Los Angeles. I have so much to share with you and reminisce over on my blog. For now, listen to this song and it’ll give you a taster of the music we had on the roadtrip.


Sophie x


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