Recent Adventures in America.

Hello lovely people, I hope you’re all well and loving life in the middle of November. It’s 3 months now since I moved which is mad, it’s gone so fast. As I type this, I’m burning a mulled cider candle listening to Moana (because Lin Manuel Miranda is a God on this Earth whom we are all undeserving of). It’s wonderful to be able to have time to chill as next week is Thanksgiving Week! I’ve been looking forward to Thanksgiving since I knew I was coming to study abroad in America, so being close to it is making me feel giddy like a kid at Christmas, I’M JUST SO EXCITED.

I haven’t blogged in a little while, so I’ve got plenty to share. It’s all getting very odd on campus though. As finals slowly but surely creep among campus, it’s clear that students all around are getting stressed. Attendance rates are falling and the amount of Starbucks cups on campus are increasing (my new vice is Peppermint Hot Chocolate, unsurprising). However, the weather is odd in Arizona. Somedays, like today, it’s 16 degrees and I’m warm in a top and jeans. Yet, the next day has highs of 5 degrees and I’m walking around in my matching hat/gloves and wearing my cute parka. It’s due to snow in a couple of days which is super exciting, fingers crossed for that! I can’t wait to freeze but look hella cute at the same time.

I’ve done a few cute things recently, the first being a group roast dinner with my English pals. It was so LOVELY to have a meal with my pals and feel like we’re back at home. Going so long without stuffing, gravy and a bit of home comfort was a delight. I’ve said this a million and one times but I’m so happy I’ve got a solid unit of English pals out here. A little home from home, you guys are the cutest.

Cuties having a roast. 

I also went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on its opening day, which was SO WONDERFUL. I absolutely love Harry Potter; having been to the majority of the filming locations, I never thought I’d see the day where I could go to the cinema and watch Harry Potter again. Yet, I was able to and it was magical. The first time I heard the music, I felt as though as I was 12 again and I nearly cried. The film was hilarious and, to not spoil the film, one of the beasts is from Arizona*. The whole audience cheered with excitement, we had a favourite. Eddie Redmayne is also super cute and great and oh my god, I want the sequels now.

*If anyone wants to get me a doll of this beast, then please holler at me. It’s my spirit animal.

I also went to the final American Football game of the academic year! I’ve still got over half a year to go, yet things are beginning to end. I took it upon myself to get a paper complete and check out some of the game against Southern Utah. I don’t think I’ll ever understand American Football, but it’s good fun.

Lumberjack loving, throwing up the NAU hands. (They’re not guns, I promise).

Sarah and I also entered a competition to win iPhone 7’s. Alas, we did not win #bitchyjackie, but we gave it a good go and looked adorable in the process.


The game ended in a 48-21 win for Southern Utah, which wasn’t the dream result for the university and the senior’s final game. But, it still got a great atmosphere and I’ll miss sitting in the Skydome watching some sport on campus. Next semester, we’ve got the joy of track and field, basketball and more. (Highkey wishing I can find my Troy Bolton, the quest is still on…)

Halftime show!
Cheerleaders and the marching band!
Okay NAU, now let’s get in formation.

While it may not look like I’ve had that much ‘fun’ on my year abroad recently, that’s because all of the major stuff is just around the corner. As I’ve mentioned, Thanksgiving is really soon and I’m going to LOS ANGELES. I’ve always wanted to go to this city and I can’t believe that I’m getting the opportunity to go with my wonderful friends. I can’t wait to explore and take thousands of photos and hopefully bump into Ellen Degeneres who gives me $10,000 from Shutterfly because I’m English. It’s going to be incredible, we’ve got a few things lined up that we want to do but I can’t wait to be spontaneous and fun. I plan on vlogging my time in LA and uploading it to my Youtube channel, but we’ll see. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve also got my National Test for my sorority very soon, if I pass this then I can become an official member of my sorority! I’ve had SUCH an incredible time with my sorority family and all the girls, so fingers crossed I can make it official. I get to have ‘Friendsgiving’ soon where I have a cute, proper Thanksgiving meal which will be delish. I’m honestly so fortunate and happy to be here right now. Everything seems to be going my way, and from looking at my Timehop, I needed that. I’ve also been binge-listening to this all day, but I know that soon I’ll be singing it ALL the time.


Sophie x


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