Post-Election Views, Take One.

I’m a British person living in America. Granted, that doesn’t give me a great pedestal to stand on. I can’t speak for the majority of people in the nation. The views in which I have may not necessarily transcend with the population out here. I’ve seen the election from two very different perspectives. I’ve seen it from the UK perspective, in which we mock and joke every crass comment that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. I’ve seen the way in which we judge Hillary’s email scandals to a greater extent than that of the Chilcot Report and the day that David Cameron performed sexual acts on a pig. Recently, I’ve been able to see the election from the US perspectives. Adverts were everywhere. Political signs bombard the crossroads and fences of normally quiet neighbourhoods telling the public to vote for every party and proposition under the sun. A quiet walk to Panda Express turns into seeing Trump flags fly on pick up trucks and hearing catchy John McCain jingles.

A word cloud I created, based on my friends opinions of Clinton and Trump prior to Election day.

Since landing in the USA, the election has been the hottest topic. I got to my hotel in Phoenix and was immediately subjected to adverts for John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The venom that comes out of both sides is unbelievable, both using the incapabilities of each other to promote themselves, rather than the good work they can do.  Even in class, we’re constantly asked how we feel in regards to the political candidates. The savagery between the candidates has been on a colossal scale. Now we know that Donald is President-elect, I can’t help but feel that this will only escalate, and 2017 will be the year of Hillary being on trial for those god-damn emails that have penetrated his whole election campaign.

Obviously I cannot vote. One day, I may become a US citizen. I have dreams of living out here in America. I probably won’t live in Arizona; the glistening lights of New York call my name and I’m determined to achieve my dream. But, if I could, I’d vote Democrat. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m a Hillary supporter, but there is no way that I could vote Republican or Donald Trump. The lewd comments that he has made in regards to women, people of colour and every other type of person apart from the WASP hegemony is the way in which I see America to regress. Under the Obama tenure, he’s done incredible work to make the President job seem ‘cool’. Could we see any of the Trump Klan (not a typo) in a carpool karaoke with James Corden?

On Top Gear, they joked about Hillary for President. Could they imagine what would have been happening now? 

Without wanting to use puns, Trump has built a wall between people. When the election results came tumbling in, my social media blew up like never before. Friends on both sides of the pond were chipping in with their viewpoints, using conjectural articles and statements that candidates had said in order to prove their point creating tension between people who had previously been good friends. I went to an apartment where some of my friends in my sorority live. It was really good fun, and I’m glad I went. It was full of Democrat and Republican people, in which people were extremely emotional on every end of the spectrum. Whilst my eyes became open to understanding politicians in different ways, it in no way converted mine. I will have my heart blue in the American nation.

One thing that the American presidential race has encapsulated is the fear for the nation. People voted for Trump in order to make their nation more secure. People are fearful of the growing number of immigrants coming into this country, myself being one of them. OBVIOUSLY I AM A LEGAL IMMIGRANT ON A STUDY VISA. But, with issues like this troubling the UK too, I am aware of this being a major topical issue. People also hope that he truly will Make America Great Again by sorting out the economic crises that plague the nation. Yet, these plague every developed nation. No president will ever take a nation out of its debt wholly.

Will Trump ‘make America great again’?

It’s an interesting place to be right now, America. Land of the brave and the home of the free? With the minority vote actually going to Trump and the majority of the nation not voting, its only fair to acknowledge that many people will not be happy with the result. Voting turnout was lower for this election than Obama/McCain and Obama/Romney. Clearly, people are becoming disillusioned with politics. The nation needs to work out how to encourage people to the voting booths and choose a candidate.

This is where it gets risky. People can vote, yet people can write in candidates making a further mockery of the American political system. How are we meant to wholly trust a nation when over 10,000 people voted for Harambe. People woke up in the morning, went down to the polling station with the direct intent to spoil their ballot and vote for a fucking dead gorilla. I can’t fathom this. I appreciate the tribulations at the end of this gorilla’s life, but it’s votes such as these which make other nations laugh at the USA. People voted for Taylor Swift with Selena Gomez as a running mate? She’d probably take us back to 1989.

The nation is bubbling, and not in a good melting-pot cooking style. Riots are already happening across the country, in which crowds are burning the American flag and chanting ‘Not Our President!’. I feel for these people. Whereas I’m only in America for a finite amount of time, the repercussions of a Trump presidency will be felt in communities forevermore. In fact, we had a whole class dedicated to discussing the election. My teacher was very nearly sobbing, fellow students were enraged by the political decision in which the nation has made. It was hard to watch people so betrothed by a nation.

When you try to have fun on an election day in which a businessman becomes President.

Deep down, I knew that Donald Trump would win. I knew the Republicans would win. I didn’t want it to be the case, yet the anxiety of the silent majority has spoken. But, we need to remember that love will always trump hate, even though Mike Pence wants to begin conversion therapy for those who are gay. Love is love is love is love. To try and change a person’s heart is not the role of the President/Vice President.

As a current member of the American population, it’s within my best interest to keep politically active, but we shouldn’t judge people JUST on their views. This is a small part of what makes up a person. We should never argue with idiots, we need to keep our morals. To truly make America great again is to upkeep the strong progress in a time of potential regression.

We need to remain strong. 

We’ll just have to wait until 20th January and Inauguration Day, where we see out Obama and welcome a man whose most famous saying is ‘You’re Fired’. I wonder how many foreign people he’ll say that to.  For now, listen to this song, the song of Roosevelt’s campaign (but sung by Streisand and Garland remixed with Get Happy, because it’s perfect) and reflect on the future of the nation.


Sophie x


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