T’was the Night Before the Election.

Hello, and welcome to Election Central! This blog will try and put as many posts about the election as possible, to bombard you with opinions, live thoughts of the election results and just going crazy. But, before I start that, let us reflect on Election Eve with a poem that I have created akin to ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas’.I hope you enjoy.

Twas the night before the Election, when all through the land.

Canvassers were promoting, they were lending a hand.

The polling stations ready, the pencils were there.

In hopes that the American nation would care.


On Election eve, people were in bed.

Visions of Obama doing a third term in their head.

But then they woke up, leaflets in lap.

Was voting for the next President a trap?


If people worried about Obama, they feared about the latter.

ISIS, immigration, the wall, emails all a matter.

They’d seen Donald, Hillary, Gary and Jill crash.

Seriously, they all seem like ‘trash’.


People wondered if the election was just a show

Did Gary Johnson really not know of Aleppo?

This election has been shaped around fear.

When Bernie dropped out, we all shed a tear.


Donald Trump piped up from the offset, kick Muslims out quick!

Make Mexico pay for it, brick by brick!

Donald will get them out to the beat of his drum.

But, maybe he should have paid his tax income.


We’d seen Melania everywhere, Donald Trump’s vixen.

Not like Thelma Catherine, wife of Richard Nixon.

But this whole debate has turned into a brawl,

Making the average person feel extremely small.


1776, a time when the American nation was high,

2016, a past in which the American nation will sigh.

Yet, off the people go, to stand in a queue.

One vote in mind, but a variety of individuals too.


They’d seen all the messages, the supposed proof.

To some of them, Hillary seemed bulletproof.

Clinton take two would turn America around,

But Bill’s ‘legacy’ would make her drown.


She was dressed in pantsuit, from head to foot.

But qualified she was, making decisions, she’d input.

Yet, the email scandal without a doubt held her back.

People even thought she enjoyed smoking crack.


Oh Donald, he wants to Make America Great Again!

Boy, how does that message wain.

That red cap, white writing, orange skin.

Combover in tow, always adding political spin.


This election has just been hearing people whine.

Argue, bicker and harass, they shout ‘THIS COUNTRY IS MINE!’.

Like previous elections, their faces are broadcast over the telly.

Oh, if only the American nation had a prince like Machiavelli.


People go to vote, thinking of themselves.

With seeing the advertisements, they felt compelled.

A simple cross later, their vote was cast.

The battle was on to see who won and who came last.


All over, we’d see Donald Trump smirk.

In that second debate, he’d do nothing behind Hillary but lurk.

But then the debates saw us judge Hillary’s clothes.

Would this election make her remain in Bill’s shadow?


Twas the night before the Election, when all through the land.

People hoped that the voting system would not get out-of-hand.

Before waking up, voters think of the motherland.

Hopefully, the nation won’t be eternally damned.


Sophie x


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