Trick or Treat, America is definitely a treat.

Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re all well! I can’t believe we’ve entered November, where is 2016 going? It feels like yesterday that I was packing my bags for the trip of a lifetime. Now, I’m 11 weeks in and I got an A on my senior-level paper which has given me the confidence to go back to Warwick in September 2017 and confidently get through final year, even if it kills my psyche in the process.

Anyway, we’ve had some wonderful times to celebrate recently in the land of the brave and the home of the new President as we’ve had Halloween. Now, ever since I’ve landed, Halloween decorations have been out and about. People have been purchasing the best pumpkins possible and ensuring that they’re the scariest they can be. To get into the mood, I bought a couple of bits and even got them shipped over from England because the shipping was dirt cheap and would be quicker than a domestic order?

So, on the day of Halloween itself, I wore this witty slogan tee and I enjoyed the smiles and reactions I got during the day. While I was wearing a top to get into the spirit, Americans were fully dressed up around campus. Whether it be French maids complete with garter, onesies a-plenty or actually giving out sweets around the university, it was super cute to see Americans getting festive about a celebration that the UK tries to get involved in.

Bathroom selfie with a top from Boohoo.

In the evening, my sorority’s meeting was ‘Dress to Pin, Halloween edition’ so everyone went in their finest attire. Now, I may be at tiny bit bias but I know that my big and grand big absolutely SMASHED their outfits. I legit love these two so bloody much and I’m proud of them for everything they do and thankful and I’m beginning to understand the true meaning of sisterhood that Elle Woods sings about all the time.

I wore a spider-web bodysuit, a bodycon skirt and some new falsies because who doesn’t love glamming up on Halloween and not being scary? My big went as ‘Holy Guacamole’ (truly never met someone who loves avocados like she does) and my grandbig went as a Starbucks frappucino. Look how wonderful they are!

I love my little sorority family so much.

A fair few of my fellow Pledge Class also went to the meeting and we all dressed up as wonderful things. I can’t wait to get through our quizzes and get activated with these gals.

OphiA is a true joy to be a part of.

Throughout the week, it feels like I’ve been bombarded with work and I hadn’t exercised in a fair while. It’s fair to say that as I’m typing this, I’m seriously suffering post workout as I went to my first PiYo class. PiYo is a combo of Pilates and Yoga, but while me and my fellow sorority women did HALF A class, it felt like a crazy amount. I can’t wait to try out even more PiYo as I really enjoyed it, but I need to get my fitness back up. I had a true WEK beasting.

PiYo fun!

Then came a delightful trip to Sedona, but not without its punishment of a 5:30 wake up call! We had to set off super early from campus but it was 100% worth it. I, along with members of OphiA completed a walk to raise awareness of the Alzheimer’s society in the US and it was a lovely thing to be a part of. We were given flowers to walk with (the colours dependent on our associations with Alzheimer’s; orange being a general advocate for raising awareness of the disease) and set off on a small walk around Sedona. The walk was 3 miles long, but in the blistering heat at 9:30am (can you believe it, AZ is MAD!) it was a toughie. Nonetheless, we all completed it and it felt wonderful to be involved in projects directly helping the local and national communities around us.

It’s fair to say that there’s a certain association with being a ‘sorority girl’; buying friendships, partying every day and being self-indulgent. This could not be any further from the truth with OphiA and my friends who are in other sororities. You have to maintain a certain GPA to be an active member, complete certain requirements etc… Yes, you may see girls from your sorority more often than other friends, but that’s the bond a sorority wants you to create with your fellow members. I couldn’t imagine doing this year abroad without being involved in Greek Life.

Flowers in Sedona.

The drive back to Flagstaff was not without its beautiful views. It was my first time to Sedona, and as it felt like I was driving through a movie set akin to Jurassic Park,  I felt extremely fortunate. I kept having ‘pinch me’ moments as I sat in the car and closed my eyes because I was extremely tired from the early wake up.

So fortunate to have this on my doorstep.
Route 89-A is an insane view.

As I’ve said about a million times via online and in person to my friends, I count myself so blessed to be there. I have a crazy amount of love for all my friends and family who are allowing me to live something that a year abroad, I could have only dreamed of. I truly am one of the luckiest people alive to be experiencing and making these memories that when I’m older, I’ll be glad I took the plunge and flew so far away from home. Although this song doesn’t fit wholly with my piece, it implies that I’m not the same person I was a year ago, I’m changing for the better out here and I’m even more determined to achieve everything I want to.


Sophie x


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