Well, my last few days have been an adventure.

Hello lovely readers! I hope you’re all well and wonderful. October weather in Arizona is still pretty warm, it’s nice to go out and not have to worry about a jacket! I have finally ordered a winter coat so soon I can rock the scarf, parka and Timberland combo, but for now I’m enjoying my aviators. (£2 in Primark, doing their job very well).

You may recall in this short post that I was just feeling extremely happy. I truly am. My year abroad is allowing me to live and do things that I could have only imagined had I not made the decision to come and live on the other side of the pond. If you knew me when I was a little girl, you would know that I wouldn’t really go anywhere alone. I wasn’t the sleepover type of girl, I was the person who wanted to be snuggling with their Mum (I still do, but that’s beside the point…). Now, I truly believe that I can do anything I set my mind to.

The last few days have been nothing short of a dream that a few months ago got me through a hellish revision season. I got to live the Homecoming dream, do lots of sorority things and go to a political rally. That’s many things ticked off the bucket list!

Okay, so firstly Homecoming. Homecoming is a celebration to welcome back the alum, for which NAU is now their alma mater. It’s an extremely American thing, there’s ‘homecoming dances’, the big American football game and jovial behaviour throughout the entirety of campus. I loved throwing myself into allllll things American. With my NYX and Covergirl on my face, I truly felt ‘easy, breezy, beautiful’ and couldn’t wait to live life to the full. Thursday saw me at the NAU homecoming carnival which was super cool.

Taking selfies on the rides, thank god that I didn’t drop my iPhone.
The rides looked even cooler in the dark. 
How bloody cute are we!

I went on lots of wonderful rides and as I lied in bed trying to get to sleep, I could still feel the motions of the rides wanting to send me into a million and one backflips, which wasn’t that delightful. The next day saw a few of my pals and I go to a ‘Splash Bash’ in the swimming pool which was super fun, but the main event was on Saturday.

Homecoming Day is taken SERIOUSLY at NAU. There’s a tradition called Tequila Sunrise, where people drink from 5:30am and then throughout the entire day. I didn’t partake in this at all, I couldn’t think of anything worse than waking up early on a SATURDAY and downing bevs like I’m a keen little fresh. It’s a no from me. But, what was a big YES was going to the Homecoming Parade. It was honestly so much fun, I loved it and felt an abundance of school pride.

The Marching Band is one of my favourite parts about NAU!

There were plenty of floats to see, including my gorgeous sorority gals YAY! I was with these gals later in the day, as it was tailgating time before the football game. For my English pals, tailgating is the closest thing to ‘pre-ing’. You gather with your pals and share a few bevs in a parking lot and dance to music. I wasn’t drinking at all (good girl over here!!) but it was still so much fun. Americans do like to party, especially when 98% are inebriated. It was as though as I was in Salou in the middle of Flagstaff. Crazy stuff.

Having a party in the middle of the parking lot.
My pals and I are all solid 10/10’s. 

The football game was really cool, as normal! I don’t stay for the whole things because they’re 3 1/2 hours long, but NAU beat ISU 52-7 which is wonderful news!!!! I finally went to Panda Express and had another cotton candy Baskin Robbins because they are so god damn delicious. However, I couldn’t stay up late as I had to be up bright and early for my trip to a pumpkin patch with my sorority.

Going to Dewey was so cool as I finally got to do something which is stereotypically in the American ‘Fall’ season. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but there was a great corn maze, lots of pumpkins and plenty of cute animals. I also got burned because Dewey was 25 degrees and I obviously had no sun screen on because it was October?!

How cute is this farm? I absolutely loved my time there!
When you pose with the best looking pumpkin on the patch in your farmer-chic attire that you consciously thought about.
There quickly became an impromptu photoshoot.
It was at this point that I sang Oklahoma and ‘the corn is as high as an elephant’s eyeeeeee’.

It was really fun going to the farm, especially because we met girls from the other chapter at Arizona State University. They were also really lovely girls, but after a few hours, we split our separate ways. After this, a few of us decided to go to In-N-Out as they wanted to take this specific restaurant virginity. Honestly, it was so bloody delicious and I 100% understand the hype. I’m now keeping my cups from restaurants that I go to in order to see how many new places I’ve been.

SO DELICIOUS. Next time, I’ll get Animal Fries.

I then FINALLY got to find out who my big was!!!!! Basically, what a big is is a member within the sorority who acts as a mentor during the pledge semester. I’m honestly so so so so happy that Olivia is my big and Lyn is my grand big! They’re both the LOVELIEST girls ever and I can’t wait to see what we do in the sorority together. Olivia is also absolutely hilarious and cute and when I found out who my big was, we had the biggest hug. She’d even made us big/little tops just for us which is adorable. Get ready throughout the rest of the time on my year abroad for a million and one facts about her. LOVE YOU BIG. ❤

Fun fact, Olivia and Lyn have already invited me to California because that’s where they live and we can do alllll the fun things together. Totally cool that these incredible gals live somewhere I’ve always imagined of going.

Big/Little reveal was so much fun!

You’d think that that was enough excitement for a while, but NOPE. Bernie Sanders came to my campus and I went to the political rally. It was honestly one of the coolest things I’ve been to in quite a while. With it being the election in just a few weeks, there are still rallies encouraging people to vote and make up their mind. As soon as I knew Bernie was coming to campus, I knew I’d skip class and go. (Sorry Mum and Dad, this was too important for me).


I couldn’t quite believe how much of a political rally it was. We all got given banners that we could keep, we listened to other people talk and then the main man came out himself.

The stage was set.
No biggie, just seeing Senator Bernie Sanders x 

Bernie discussed a variety of topics from immigration, education and healthcare to how much good work Barack Obama has done to making sure that people vote for Clinton. It’s a shame that Sanders dropped out of the race, leading the way for Clinton to win the primaries as Sanders is just such a powerful force within American politics; I can’t think of a character quite like it in the UK. I did #feelthebern, even though a Trump supporter stormed in and ruined a moment. Classic.

Thankful that I got the chance to see Bernie in the flesh. #belikebernie

I’m WAY too fortunate for all of these experiences I have recently had, and even more is set to come. We’ll see what happens there, but for now, be safe in the knowledge that I’m having a whale of time and binge-listening to this new song.


Sophie x



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