Wake me up when September ends…

Hello lovely lads and lasses, I hope we’re all well! Who can believe it eh? We’re very near the end of September and my year abroad is flying by! At the moment, I wouldn’t call it homesick but I keep having pangs of the UK. I don’t know if it’s whether I’m seeing my pals at their Freshers or whether I’m drowning in a sea of constant assignments which is unlike any UK university experience, but it’s been odd. In fact, I’m typing this knowing that I have a 400 page text to start making headway with and I have a mid-term tomorrow. I’m aware that my family will read what I’ve just typed and stress out majorly that I’m not enjoying myself etc etc… the exact opposite. America is absolutely wonderful; even if the politics in this nation are slightly f***ed up YAY POLITICS.

Also, another weird thing in the US is the premise of ‘take home exams’ that we can do with notes? I’m used to stressing out MAJORLY over learning all of my notes but I just don’t have to with this? I’m getting marks back from assignments and I’m getting mid 80% to 100% in things so that is lovely. You may remember this post in which I discussed failure, but not right now! Life could not be grander.

I’m trying to busy myself with as many things as possible. As well as the beautiful sorority, I went to see Bridget Jones’ Baby with my fab English pals which was absolutely hilarious! I hadn’t seen the others (omg shock horror am I even a girl?!) but I needn’t have worried because it was great. Going to see the film was just what I needed to clear my head of any stressy thoughts that are so classic of me.

I’ve also booked some roadtrips YAY! Next weekend, I’m off to Albuquerque with my fab friend Sarah (so make sure you check out the blog post for that!) and then I’m off to LA for Thanksgiving! I quite honestly cannot believe that my dreams are coming true and I’ll get to go to a city which I’ve always wanted to see.

Back in Flagstaff, I’ve been to some cool events. The past weekend saw the arrival of the Flagstaff Comedy Festival which for Northern Arizona was decent! I’m used to the glitz of London, Warwick Arts Centre and Edinburgh so sitting in the function room of a hotel was interesting. However, I got to FINALLY go on the balcony of the cool hotel.

On the balcony of the Weatherford, I promise Flagstaff does look cooler than this.

At the event, I met/saw some super cool people! I got talking to a lass who does comedy stuff in NYC (jaw dropped, yes) and she was asking me about what I think of stand-up, the UK comedy scene and whether I would give stand up a go. There’s a tiny inkling in me that really wants to, but we’ll have to see about it! She also told me about a cool comedy hostel in NYC, so that may be a viable Spring Break option even if it is unorthodox*. I also got to shake hands with the producer of the Late Late Show as he was one of the hosts, and you know when you have that moment of oh my goodness, I do not deserve to be in this moment right now but okay, here goes nothing? Yeah I definitely had that.

*Just not that bothered about Cancun.

A filling room in the Weatherford Hotel!

On the whole, I honestly don’t know what I think about the US comedy scene. Granted, I knew it would be totally different to the likes of Joe Lycett, David Mitchell and co. But, I like witty/dry humour, full of observational antics and general silliness. Yet, this was classic dick joke after dick joke which I couldn’t swallow* for hours on end. The line up consisted of Nicole Aimee Schreiber, Matt Donaher (who had the most wonderful joke about kosher hotdogs), Michael Longfellow, Pat Regan, Raj Belani (they make the joke about a diverse lineup here too…) and Sean Green! On the whole, it was super cool to check out the American scene but who knows, maybe in LA I’ll be able to see the comedy scene there?

*yes, this was a sexual joke. All of my classes relate to sex at the moment, I just have sexual antics on the brain.

Ticket stub as a momento!

I also went to a little fair over the weekend, with little being the operative word. I went with the intention of finding a pumpkin patch as was advertised, but THERE WAS NOT A PUMPKIN PATCH. Absolutely livid, I wanted a cover photo of me surrounded by pumpkins. Instead, we’ll have to imagine that I sat in a field of pumpkins and pretended I was Charlie Brown.

There was also a hay ‘maze’ advertised, but when the hay maze is 1 foot high, you simply have to pose on top of the hay and giggle. I spent 1 hour at the fair and by the end of this, my feet had turned blue. Just because you go somewhere in the sun in Flagstaff does not mean the weather will reflect this clothing decision in an hour.

Fun on the haystacks. 

Classes in general (let’s remember the purpose of my visa) are fun! I’m learning a lot about topics that I wouldn’t necessarily get to study prior to my time at NAU. I’m meeting people from a variety of backgrounds, states and fully assimilating into the melting pot of Americans (thanks Stocker for teaching me about that in Year 13). However, we’re coming to Week 5 of term and I could REALLY do with a reading week/travelling week soon a la Warwick and the UK. Alas, I have 12 more weeks of term and then it’s CHRISTMAS! Let’s get into the festive mood (I mean the Americans have already) by playing this song because I’m going to see Ariana Grande and Little Mix in the New Year in Phoenix. BUZZING.


Sophie x




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