This is the next CHAPTER of my life.

Hello wonderful readers and once again, welcome to another weekly insight into my life in the States! So far, everything’s going all grand, I’m doing all my reading, I’m exploring local Flagstaff life and I’m becoming even more of an American citizen. Although, one of my pals was shocked that I’d never been to Dutch Bros before (there are so many brands that I wish we had in the UK). I also received my first pieces of mail in the post during the last week which was so lovely to read! It’s been such a long time since I received some handwritten love, and it came just at a point when I could have very easily been craving home. I mean, it’s been over a month since I’ve had a cup of tea!

Even with this in mind, my time in the USA is unbelievable. I’m going to class, I’m working out (ME, THIS IS HUGE, if you know me at all, you know that I’m not normally a gym goer but I intend to catch Mo Farah training one day…) and I’m making some wonderful friends on this side of the pond!

As you’ll remember in my last post, I received an official bid to join the Fall 2016 Pledge Class of Omega Phi Alpha, and over the course of the weekend, I had my bid night and initiation. Both events were super fun and hilarious. Honestly, every single girl is an absolute delight to be around and I’m so fortunate to have met so many diamonds.

Bid night was so lovely. We got to find out who had also had the infamous greeting of the yellow rose. We giggled SO BLOODY MUCH. Friday night was also awesome as I went to my first ever silent disco. For 3 hours, I was dancing in the quad with headphones and having a boogie. Thankfully, I didn’t dance like a Mum at this event. Highlights include starting off a conga with hundreds of people in the line and every single person immediately grinding as soon as they heard the first chord of ‘Pony’.

Absolute cuties at Bid Night!
Some of the Pledge Class!

Saturday will go down as one of my favourite (notice the use of the U Americans!) days of my year abroad, I’m already sure of it! It saw my initiation day of Omega Phi Alpha, where myself and the others in the pledge class were officially welcomed. I won’t discuss the intricacies, but rest assured that it was the perfect photo opportunity!

Okay, so this first photo is of myself and a gal who I’d spoken to for months before coming here! She told me all about the sorority and I feel beyond blessed that we just keep speaking. Honestly, knowing that I already kind of knew someone before coming here REALLY helped the transition; any questions I had would go straight to her. Love you Dana xxx

One of my top American gals x

Part of the initiation process is gift-giving from your ‘big’. Your big is effectively your mentor throughout the process of Pledge Class and your time in the sorority, yet I don’t know who my big is yet! I find out in a few weeks, so I’ll keep you posted of this! I have absolutely NO idea who it could be, and normally I hate suspense. However, this is a perfect way to cure my fear of the unknown and allow time to take its course in a natural manner.

As you can see in my box, I got thoroughly spoiled of which I felt extremely unworthy. I received even more American chocolate (types I’d never had before!), pens, pencils, notebooks, colouring books, sorority mementos and a cute little bag!

Look how happy I am with my new gifts!
Amanda, Karolyn, Katie (L-R) are all absolute beauts x
Me and my new BETSEY JOHNSON bag. Thank you mystery big, love you x

Saturday was also super cool as I finally went to my first American Football game. It saw NAU take on a small university in New Mexico of which NAU won 73-3. It was honestly one of the most American experiences that I could possibly have. The marching band, the cheerleaders, the fireworks, the national anthem and the huge cheers when the quarterbacks came out. One thing that I’m not a fan of is the constant pausing between play, but it is pretty cool to see your star player run the field and score a touchdown.

I already see why the Superbowl is a massive industry in itself. Companies pay hundreds of millions to promote to a mass audience. This even streams down to college football; this game was played on FOX. I even saw the commentators (aka, get me that internship at FOX Phoenix am I right, how can I get that?)

Brits on Tour x
The marching band! There’s around 160 in the band which is HUGE.
The players all running out.

I can’t quite believe that, at the time of writing I’ve been in the US for a month today. On 20th August, I flew out as a plucky Study Abroad kid with a dream in her heart and not necessarily the means to do so. Now, I’m totally accustomed to American life and my dream of living in the States forever has become even more of a reality. Next aim, be even more like Elle Woods.

I appreciate there is no link, but in the week, I went to Aqua Zumba and my friends and I found the routine to this song absolutely hilarious. I hope it brings joy to you


Sophie x


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