Oh my god, oh my god you GUYS!

Hello and welcome to another (hopefully wonderful) instalment of my time in the States! If you go to Warwick University, then you should get used to this blog as I’ve been asked by the editor of the University’s newspaper to write an American column! Hopefully this can get me one step closer to the dream of either working as a journalist or as a TV researcher.

What am I doing at this exact moment in time? Well, I’m currently doing exactly what I would do at Warwick… letting a lunch that was slightly too big go down, listening to Hamilton and blogging as a form of procrastination to avoid going over class reading before my pop quiz in a few hours time. I had my first one last week and I got 90% (suck on that Warwick!) so if I keep that up, I’ve got a guaranteed A for the class. WHAT?

Anyway, this past week has been full of fun and giggles, as per my last few weeks in my new home country. I’m really beginning to settle into the US way of life like a true American citizen. Everybody loves the British accent and I’ve been asked some great questions.

“Do you like tea?” “Do you have Starbucks?” “Do you know Kate and William?” “Can you do our accent?*”

It honestly never gets old being asked about my home culture. One of the main reasons I’ve come over to the US is to experience their way of life in as many ways as possible. I’ve worked so hard for this that there is no way I’ll be a recluse. I want to meet as many American people as possible.

* Yes, I can do an American accent. I’ve watched way too much American TV, all that binge watching of ANTM has assisted me in being a ‘model’ UK student in the US. Sorry for the pun.

Anyway, one of the reasons in which I love America is the FOOD. There is almost too much choice, but during the last week I was finally reunited with the golden arches to welcome me home for a delightful nug lunch. Fun fact, the smallest box they do is boxes of 10, their ‘medium’ fries is larger than large, and the McDonalds cups really are supersized. It seems like you pay more (the McFlurries are $4, don’t mug me off like that US) but you do get so much more food.


Delicious McDonalds, finally in my home. (Add me on Snapchat: sophtommo)

As well as classes, I’ve been settling into NAU life by watching the sports! I went to two soccer games over the weekend; tickets are free for NAU students and it’s super fun watching my uni play! It’s a major event over here, they have T Shirt cannons as though I’m at a Glee concert and half-time entertainment! We even got to have our photo taken in a photo-frame which I don’t think needs an Instagram filter because we’re all 10/10.

Louie the Lumberjack, my uni’s mascot also featured and I finally don’t feel scared by a slightly creepy-looking, huge mascot. Comforting to know.

#NAUSTRONG #welovesports

One of the major things that I did this week was go through sorority recruitment. Since I was young, I’ve always known about ‘sorority girls’ in the Valley, but I now hold an official bid to be in a sorority!

Recruitment was super fun! I don’t know how much I’m allowed to discuss but it included an information night, a service night where we learned about the different services and different philanthropy events of the chapter. We also did a scavenger hunt around campus which was HILARIOUS (I proposed to an American boy who was super confused). As well as this, we cleaned up the Avenue in which the sorority has to do some good in the local community and then an hour of interviews! Whilst it may sound really intense, all of it was so much fun and left me hoping that I’d done enough…

Last night, I was just about to go to sleep and then there was a huge knock on the door. It was from a few of the sorority girls to give me my yellow rose and officially declare that I was successful and had a bid from the sorority! I’ll definitely keep everything posted with sororities, but I’m actually living an American dream and now I can attach some Greek letters to my name.

Omega Phi Alpha, I already know that you’re one of the best decisions I could have ever made in the States and I’m looking forward to all the opportunities that I’ll have!

My rose and bid. Best way to go to sleep.

As you can see, this last week has picked up on the work schedule but it doesn’t mean that I can’t have lots of fun! I’m still ensuring that I can watch episodes of Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix and listen to fab songs such as this! I can’t wait to fill you in on even more of my American adventure…


Sophie x



  1. Sophie, congratulations on being accepted into the soroity. All your new sisters are now your friends for a lifetime. The fabulous parties and dances, well you are headed for the time of your life.Pledge day will be so emotional. No worries now aboutbyour firstbThanksgiving and Christmas in the USA, I expectnyounwill have many invites to go home with a sister! Younwill love it. Do not let the Golden Arches attach to your hips. Lol xxxx Keep on rnjoying xxxxxxx


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