Saturday 6th August at the Edinburgh Fringe

Hello fabulous readers, and welcome to another blog encapsulating the excellent time at the Edinburgh Fringe! By this point, I was about halfway through my stay and had already seen great shows by Ellie Taylor, Katherine Ryan and Felicity Ward. Yet, I knew that the second half of my fringe would have some cool shows still to come, and boy was I right?!

My Saturday at the Fringe was slightly more chilled in regards to how many shows I saw, yet that doesn’t mean to say I had a peaceful day in the city. IMAGINE THAT. A peaceful day at the Fringe? I, along with the producer of the Improv Musical Abbie, went to the event called ‘Meet the Media’. Similarly to how we schmoozed with members of the press, the event allows for you to pitch your show to plenty of magazine reviewers, in order to get people to review your show and in turn WIN ETERNAL GLORY.

I joke, you probably don’t win eternal glory. But, you probably would sell more tickets if you were able to sell your show well at this event. It was clear to see that hundreds of shows had taken up this opportunity to meet people from publications such as edfest mag, Three Weeks, Broadway Baby and LIST magazine.

The premise of the event is quite simple, as long as you’re prepared. Thankfully, Abbie is super-duper at all things organisation and is on the ball with everything. We had our press releases and flyers stapled together, and I must say they do look extremely professional! We then entered long queues in order to talk to each member of the press, discussing with them the structure of the show, the audiences we’ve had and why we’re (buzzword) *different*.

Saturday 1
Our press releases looked extremely professional!

We, at the Improv Musical, like to think that we’re different because we’re family-friendly. We pride ourselves on being a show that is encompassing for all ages! We don’t use any swearing, use PG topics and at the end of the day, just have an absolute ball on stage performing next to our best friends!

All in all, I’d like to think the Meet the Media event was a huge success! It’s hard to tangibly assess whether or not we did well, yet we manage to pull in huge crowds. Who knows whether this is the rep of our troupe, our amazing flyering efforts or the fact that word of our show is being shared by those who matter? Regardless, we’re a bloody wonderful troupe. Considering the average audience of a Fringe show is 3 (YES, THREE, lots of shows have nobody go to see them!), by our 2nd official show we were already filling up the audience. This is possibly my favourite photo from the Fringe, as it just shows how happy everyone is at the Improv Musical on a Saturday night!

Saturday 2
The Improv Musical on a Saturday night! Major well done to our fab selves x

Once I’d been to see the Improv Musical for the day, it was then time to see some fresh comedy in the name of Lou Sanders. I saw Lou Sanders at Katherine Ryan’s filming of her DVD and remembered how awesome and cool she was, so I thought to check her out. I was not disappointed in any way at all! Weirdly, Henning Wehn was at this gig, meaning I saw everyone from my train journey up once again (celeb spotter extraordinare over here!)

Lou Sanders is making a name for herself in the comedy world and fast! Having performed at the Melbourne Festival and been on Alan Davies’ ‘As Yet Untitled’ series, Lou is climbing up to the top of the ladder and sitting on a high rung. Lou’s comedy was also different to comedians that I normally would watch. Whereas comedians such as Josh Widdicombe and Aisling Bea are pure observational comedy #Pret #IrishClubs, Lou observes her own life and breaks a fourth wall between herself.

To not spoil the show, I’ll give a few examples. This was the first ever comedy show I’d been to see where there were props all over the stage. I walked in, assessed the sitch and saw seagulls, three papier mache heads at the back of the stage as well as slippers. Who knew that a comedy show could so easily tie all these in?

Saturday 3
If only that person’s head wasn’t in the way…

Lou also lit paper at the start of the show to burn away any of the bad spirits. Already, I knew I was in for a treat; a true class act. Some of my favourite parts of the shows included the Poopy Dragon, complete with song and outfit, Lou brushing a man’s hair and her ubiquitous TIPS FOR LIFE. “Tips for life, I’m talking about tips for life” has been circling around my head since I saw her song. This and Eurobeat is a dangerous combination, yet very individual to me.

The photo of her that appears part way through the show is one of the cutest photos I’ve ever seen of a young girl, and then the grand reveal of her finale outfit was oddly wonderful. By the end of the show, I felt as though I knew so much about Lou, yet I have so much to discover about her. Let’s just say that this gig has earned Lou another fan and I can’t wait to see her new shows! If you want to book tickets for Lou Sanders, then click here, I’d definitely recommend her! That’s my tip for life x

Once I’d been to see Lou Sanders, I very quickly got changed for yet another show of the Blues Brothers! It was absolutely BRILLIANT and I want all their vocals.

Saturday 4
Me and my cute pals! They gave me some lovin… 

Towards the end of the show, it only seems customary to get up and dance with the cast. As a musical theatre gal, my friends and I did that in full force. I took a couple of sneaky pictures to capture just how great the show is! It’s honestly a one-of-a-kind feel good show that will have you singing in your sleep as you ponder some of the musical greatness of the 20th century.

Saturday 5
Blues Brothers fun!

By the end of the show, we were all over the stage, and the whole audience were having the absolute time of their lives.

Saturday 6

Saturday night was just like the classic song by Whigfeld. We danced, we liked the way we moved. It was party time, there wasn’t a minute we could lose…

At this point, I only had two more full days in the city and I couldn’t wait to explore! You’ll be able to read up on what I got up to in due course, but for now, dance to this and imagine it’s Saturday night even though as I publish this, it’s a Monday evening.


Sophie x


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