Friday 5th August at the Edinburgh Fringe

Hello delightful readers! I hope you’re doing great; clearly, you can see that my time at the Edinburgh Fringe was wonderful! Thursday had already shaped itself up to be a great day, so I couldn’t wait to see what Friday had in store. I already had high hopes for the day, as I was off to see Katherine Ryan’s work in progress, yet expectations surpassed themselves. I have never giggled so much at political incorrectness as I did during these shows.

I’ve come to realise that I love silly comedy. Don’t get me wrong, I love a clever joke, but throw in a crass sexual innuendo and a great bit of observational comedy and you’ve totally won me over. That’s why I enjoyed Friday’s shows so much, they discussed sex and Eurovision a plenty and I was putty in the show’s hands.

Anyway, Friday started off unlike any other day at the Fringe, for the Improv Musical had a press launch with our venue ‘C Venues’. A few shows across the ten’s of shows that all the C Venues were putting on were selected to showcase themselves. A small song about the Lion King and Frozen later and we’d won over a brand new audience, in particular the Twist Theatre Company of Hackney, London. After this, we were all able to gawp at the variety of talent that was on show! In particular, I was amazed by the show ‘Tipping Point’, an acrobatic display of talent based on using two poles in order to climb into the air and wow everyone from afar.

Once the press launch was done, we were able to mingle with the press in an attempt to sell the show even more. It’s fair to say, a bit of Dutch courage provided by the free prosecco and a Jagermeister cocktail (yes, I know, but it tasted like Pimms and it was delish!) helped us greatly. Nonetheless, we talked to members of Broadway Baby, Three Weeks and other publications about the Improv Musical, all of which were astounded at the cast’s level of talent!

After the press launch, we were already mid-afternoon, so I made my way along to the Stand on York Place to get ready for my first show of the day. I was fortunate enough to buy a ticket to see Katherine Ryan’s work in progress. Her half-Fringe run sold out weeks before the Fringe started, and it’s not hard to wonder why, when this gal is on pretty much every TV programme under the sun.

Friday 1
I had my ticket ready to go for Katherine’s show and I was a very excited bean!

Katherine’s show did not disappoint. Once again, I don’t want to discuss all the jokes as she’ll easily be able to use them for sets on TV and a future tour (I’m hoping she comes to AZ during my year abroad!) but I really enjoyed the discussion of her boyfriends and her escapades at the Fringe. She made the reference of ‘if you know who I’ve dated’ *nods* then you’ll get these jokes even more, and I definitely did. Katherine also ended her set with ‘I may be crying in the Loft Bar’ and I cackled at this. Could I relate to these? Well, that’s for me to know x

I also really enjoyed her observational points on Vogue magazine and whether she was wearing ‘ballet slipper’ or ‘red’, as well as the conflicting messages that Vogue gives you. How can I forget the fact that there was a 14 year old who came to the show BY THEMSELVES and sat on the front row? What an absolute baller. To warm him in, Katherine then discussed her vagina (obviously) and he was absolutely bloody loving it. Once this was done, she then went on to the topics of Old Maid, Violet and the dentist, ending her set with the modern discussion of the Uber driver.

Once the set was done, Katherine asked the audience if she had any questions to which someone shouted they wanted to see her set from three years ago. This was done, but I couldn’t help but feel that this was not what was expected or desired when Katherine asked the question to the audience. Anyway, the old set was performed with ease and it reminded me that Katherine is a sass queen and nobody can top her! I’d obviously recommend her show, but who knows when she’ll tour again?

So now, I’d been to see Katherine, I saw yet another Improv Musical (I went every day, didn’t want the fear of missing out to loom over me like it does now), and then went to see Eurobeat. I literally cannot express how wonderful Eurobeat was. It was an absolute pisstake of the Eurovision Song Contest and featured Lee from Steps! You may remember that I saw him at the press launch on my first day, and he did not disappoint!

According to the website, Eurobeat describes itself as:

“Ten countries competing for the coveted title and you hold the power by voting live to determine the winner at each exhilarating, high-energy performance. The evening is hosted by the glamorous  Katya Kokov, and the three-time winner of Moldova’s Got Talent, Nikolae Nikovsky. Both desperate to make this a fabulous night to remember – no matter what it takes. The party just got bigger!”

Friday 2
My friends and I were ready to go and watch the Eurobeat fun!

Prior to the show, each member of the audience were given a flag to wave around throughout the show and keep forever. I am now an honorary Dutch citizen!

Friday 3

Oh, the show was marv. The opening song ‘I’ll Do What I Have to Do to Win’ was excellent at capturing the typical behaviour of Eurovision and what you can expect from such a zany show! We were then introduced to the ‘hosts’, Niko and Katya played by Lee and Rula Lenska. They were just perfect. Niko, the bubbly host who wants to be everyone’s friend against Katya, a former KGB agent who wished that the Soviet Union were together. This relationship played itself to some excellent jokes throughout the musical. My favourite joke included the words ‘clickety clack’ and the discussion of Poles just getting drunk* off vodka.

*I can confirm this is true after I got tipsy in a Polish seminar. Probably, the best memory I have of that module.

Throughout the show, we then had songs such as ‘Semaphore of Love’ from Sweden, a pastiche take on Loreen’s Euphoria; ‘Bang Me’ by Ukraine, a sing-song about sex and timpanis; ‘Temptation’ by the Vatican City sung by nuns and a FABULOUS reference to Buck’s Fizz that left the whole audience in stitches.

The winner of my show was the entry provided by Morocco, yet the winner can change every night based on a live text that you send to a number, of which the money gets donated to charity! I personally voted for the UK and the Vatican City, yet I was happy that Morocco won! My country, the Netherlands came second to last… I fail at fake Eurovision too, boo.

Friday 4
Play my Gypsy Violin… with no senses left to the imagination when it came to Lee’s ‘little Lee’.

I would recommend Eurobeat to ANYONE who loves Eurovision, or who wants to see a spectacular, professional show. Granted, the tickets for this show are pitched on the higher range, but when you look at the costumes, lighting and realise their album is on Spotify forevermore, you can easily justify the price. Make sure you book your tickets here!

So, clearly my Friday was full of fun and banter, and we walked back to where we were staying by singing all the songs from Eurobeat. Word of warning, singing ‘My love is hot like Vindaloo…’ will get you bizarre looks as you parade down Princes Street, but the songs are so darn catchy I CANNOT GET THEM OUT OF MY HEAD. Of course, I have to link you to all of the songs from Eurobeat. They helped me get through a long day meeting the media, but you can read about that soon.


Sophie x


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