Thursday 4th August at the Edinburgh Fringe

Yet again, the time has come to discuss another day at the Edinburgh Fringe! Over the past two days, it’s clear that I’d had an absolute ball (if you want to read up on my first full day in Edinburgh, then slide yourself into this blog post) but my Thursday in the city was one of the best days I’d had in 2016! I went to see three incredible comedy shows, 2 of which I’d booked weeks in advance and the other being a spontaneous purchase 2 hours before the show. I must stress that if you’re at the Edinburgh Fringe right now, or ever consider going in the future, then I’d highly recommend every single act that I went to see; I nearly let out a little bit of wee at most of these gigs!

Anyway, Day 3 started just like any normal day in the Scottish capital, working out how I can look cute whilst dressing appropriately for the likelihood that it would rain. Thankfully, my cute little tee from Zara does the job. Teaming this with a bit of MAC, Urban Decay and a side plait because I couldn’t be bothered to dry my hair created a ‘look at me, I’m a student’ vibe that was to die for. Also, for the eagle eyed amongst you, you may have noticed that I actually got my fringe cut back in. There’s a hairdressers next door to where I was staying, I couldn’t say no. The #fringeatthefringe was back with a vengeance.

Thursday 1
Feeling hella cute in my Zara clothes, my official Fringe pass and a cute new do.
After a small bit of flyering and working out what I could go and see for the next week, the time had quickly arrived for me to see my first comedy show at the Fringe! I have absolutely no shame in loving so many comedians, the majority of my Twitter feed is comedians exchanging remarks at each other. The first comedian I went to see was a comedian that I’d wanted to see for so long, yet she doesn’t normally tour! As soon as I knew I was off to the Fringe, I purchased my ticket and couldn’t wait to see her! Ellie Taylor was one of the few comedians that was on my train up to the city, so I already felt spiritually connected to her Fringe adventures.

Ellie Taylor is a comedian from Essex, most recognisable from her guest appearances on Mock the Week and hosting the most recent series of Snog, Marry, Avoid. She’s absolutely beautiful, and from a set on the John Bishop show, announced that she was a model. When you see her in the flesh, it’s clear that you’re in a presence of a gorgeous gal inside and out. Moreover, when I got into the venue, the tables were adorned with flyers and lollipop sticks, each with a different message written on them. From the offset, this made me feel special (it doesn’t really take much) and I couldn’t WAIT to see Ellie do her THING!

Thursday 2
My little set up for the hour! “#1 fan for my #1 fan”. 
To put simply, Ellie Taylor was incredible. Her small appearances on Mock the Week do not give her anywhere near enough credit for her natural hilarity and her wonderful ability to light up a crowd within a minute. I feel extremely fortunate to have seen this show, and I can easily see it winning awards! Now, I find it hard to write about shows that I’ve been to see, in particular comedians, without ruining it or spoiling it for people who may be going to see a show. However, highlights of the show include the way that Ellie introduces herself to the audience as well as her blase attitude towards sexual conquests and her fear that she hasn’t slept with enough men.

Another section of the show which I loved was the discussion of the ‘Ethical Slut’, a book that you can actually buy on Amazon. Ellie tries to help the audience ‘catch’ a guy or start a relationship based on the tips in the book, yet let’s just say they’re slightly outdated… for reasons which I shall not mention, you’ll have to go to the show to find out!

Thursday 3
But in all seriousness, how beaut is Ellie? I want her legs x 
There was also a hilarious discussion of Weetabix involved in the show, for which she then ended the show by giving a member of the audience a box of Weetabix! Sadly, this was the end of the gig; we’d all laughed a plenty at the lighting changes and the issues with going to a club and getting pulled in for a threesome. It was now time to leave the gig, but not without me politely asking Ellie to sign my flyer and have a selfie! (We took a few candids too, which made me realise that I’ll forever look 12 and never be a model).

I’d recommend Ellie’s show if you love an hour of silly comedy and all around fun. Book your ticket for her show here and do it NOW because she’s selling out really fast.

Thursday 4
From Ellie’s gig came a little bit more flyering for the Improv Musical, and then I was off to see Russell Howard and Steve Williams. I’ve always loved Russell Howard for as long as I can remember since getting into comedy. Most Friday mornings waking up for school included watching the recording of Good News from the night before. It also got me into finding viral vids such as this classic.

Russell Howard’s show was a work in progress, meaning that the gig intends to practice jokes and work out what the audiences like and don’t like, in order to tighten up for a tour in the near future. I really enjoyed both of their sets, and it was lovely to see a comedian that I’d never seen before (Steve Williams) perform! From the offset, it was obvious why they’re performing together; they love swearing twice a minute. Plenty of Steve’s set stemmed from his Welsh heritage, yet he also tackled the current topics such as Pokemon Go which received many laughs from the audience. He also addressed the oddness of the venue, something which must be stressed. WE WERE IN A LECTURE THEATRE?

Thursday 5
My ticket for Russell and Steve!
Once Steve had performed, Russell then came on and did a silly set. I’d already heard some of the jokes as a consequence of watching his recent series on Comedy Central. Yet, I loved the jokes on Waitrose, being gluten free, peanuts and the banter between him and his family. To be honest, I could probably listen to Russell Howard talking about any mundane topic and I’d find it funny. But, there was one joke to do with dogs which went for a bit too long, and nobody laughed. I couldn’t believe I witnessed Russell Howard bomb his set. Yet, he shrugged this off and just exclaimed that it wouldn’t make the cut anymore. There was also one joke that I clearly got faster than anyone else in the audience, as I was the only one to laugh. Russell and I then bonded over this.

I bloody loved the gig, and to see Russell Howard for £5 will probably never happen again so I’m glad I took the opportunity. The show has now sold out, but if you’re like me, you’ll probably see him walking around the city. Tell him he’s great. I did. I didn’t even have any alcohol.

Once the gig was done, I then walked back to where I was staying, taking in the gorgeous views and mentally preparing myself for the next gig!

Thursday 6
Edinburgh is stunning.
My entertainment for this evening came through the show ‘Set List’. I’d seen plenty of videos of Set List on Youtube, so I couldn’t wait to check it out! Comedians are flashed a never-before-seen “set list” of topics and must instantly create a spontaneous and original new stand-up set right then and there. No existing material allowed: it’s all improvised! Set List is run by the absolute ray of sunshine that is Kai Humphries and he’s doing such a fab job at getting the best comedians at the Fringe!

My show included the fabulous Susie Youssef, Liam Withnail, Hardeep Singh Kohli, Felicity Ward and Marcus Brigstocke. It was an absolute joy to see these five comedians all together. Some of my favourite improvised sets came through Susie having a mental breakdown on stage by saying the word ‘strap-on’ out loud, Felicity Ward flashing the audience her underwear and singing a song on the spot when she didn’t know what to do and Marcus Brigstocke actually performing a competent set?

My happy face post Set-List! Definitely going to go again!
I also got picked on by Hardeep Singh Kohli as I didn’t know one of his pop culture references. As a result, this then made the Set List twitter account, I got retweeted lots and Hardeep Singh Kohli followed me on Twitter, sliding into my DM’s to make sure I was okay. (I’m all good by the way, thanks for asking x) If you want to check out Set List, then book your tickets now! I’d recommend the show if you have any interest in comedy and want to witness a one-of-a-kind show.

Once I’d seen Set List, it was then time for bed. But, this wasn’t without being excited for my shows the next day. Make sure you keep reading on for my blog posts on Katherine Ryan (obviously) and the campest show I’ve ever seen. For now, have a listen to this tune. It perfectly describes me.


Sophie x


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