Wednesday 3rd August at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Hello lovelies, and welcome to my second day of the Fringe! As you’ll be able to tell from Day 1, I was already settling into my Edinburgh life for the next week in style. I’d already started my comedian spotting, I’d had a macaroni pie from Piemaker (an absolute MUST if you go to the Scottish capital!) and was already sick at the sight of Irnbru.

Day 2 looked to be a busy day as it was the Improv Musical’s official opening at the Fringe! Two days of ‘previews’ and then the big one on Friday night; we were all ready to sell as many tickets as possible. This mainly happens through flyering. Imagine hundreds of young adults on a small stretch of road, all trying to attract as many potential ticket buyers to your show and you’ve got about 2 seconds to do all of this. It’s a tough feat, and it’s understandable why so many adults call drama students/enthusiasts the C bomb. Sorry for being annoying, we’re just trying to sell as many tickets as poss x

Fortunately for the Improv Musical, we have it slightly easier than a majority of student written shows, for this is our 3rd year returning to this venue. As a result, we’ve already built up a (very small) fanbase who had already bought tickets, thus making our show easier to sell. Moreover, we’ve got connections with the INCREDIBLE ‘Showstoppers’ and other improvised troupes from across the country and the world, all recommending our show as a vital hour to watch at the Fringe.

Wednesday 1
Flyering at the Fringe! 
Once I’d done my first stint of flyering, had some lunch and then handed out a few more flyers, I along with my troupe all went to support our fellow MTW clan performing in Holmes for Rent.

Holmes for Rent is an original musical, featuring characters from the Sherlock Holmes novel. With all the classic characters, you will be reintroduced to Irene Adler, Inspector Lestrade, Mrs Hudson and of course, the dastardly Moriarty. Throughout the show, there’s excellent interpretations of a variety of characters, leading to the humorous review of the show as ‘amusingish’ on Twitter. There’s also puns a-plenty, but I’ll leave you to find the elephant in the room about that.

Personally, I really enjoyed watching the musical! Not only does the cast include some of my incredibly talented friends, but there were performances put on by the cast that would rival professional actors! For example, one of my pals Rob who plays Sherlock Holmes has to sing a patter song. For those who are unsure of what a patter song is, it’s a song where each syllable has a note, normally progressing in speed throughout the song. Already, this sounds like a tough enough feat… but the keyboard short-circuited during the song, leaving Rob to sing the song acapella. The whole cast kept in perfect time, the music came back and everyone was in awe. Super proud of Rob x

I also really enjoyed the dancing! It added to the Victorian feel, and with the tight harmonies of Jackie, Mackie and Beckie throughout the show, the show felt slick. Slicker than top quality sleuthing. I’m always a sucker for a good kick/chorus line, and Holmes for Rent featured plenty of this. Moreover, the movement allowed each character to uphold their characterisation; credit for this must go to Kelly Slade as Mrs Hudson for always being an OAP!

If you’re at all interested in going to see the show, then book your tickets here! There’s a different Moriarty for each show’s ending, so make sure you go to see the show and share who your Moriarty was!

Okay, so I’d been to see the show and felt like I was now properly at the Fringe! A little bit more flyering to go and then I could finally see the first Improv Musical of August 2016!

Wednesday 2
Forever taking selfies on the Fringe! 
If you’ve never been to the Fringe, you may wonder how thousands of shows are able to sell themselves against each other. Cue the big, red bollards on the Royal Mile! These bollards become a cacaphony of colour as the days progress. It’s also really fun to see what other types of shows are at the Fringe; this is my favourite poster.

Wednesday 3
Just a perfect example of Edinburgh’s bizarreness in August. Do you keep your woman chained to a radiator?
I then went to C Venues and watched the first Improv Musical. This show, set in the stomach of a whale and featuring an Amish man and a piece of paper was potentially one of the more bizarre Improv’s that I saw, yet it was performed with such ease! I personally could not do what the cast do, they’re so witty and clever, whilst I just try…

The Improv Musical basically puts the entire show in your hands! The host asks the audience for characters, styles of song and settings that they would like the show to be in. Then, just like that, a brand new musical is created in front of the audience’s very own eyes! It’s always intriguing to hear what’s suggested and how the cast can manipulate this, yet every show, they somehow knock it out of the park and take their bow proudly, safe in the knowledge that an hour ago, they had no clue what they were going to do!

As I’m marketing the Improv Musical, it’s always been a joy to read the rave reviews of the show! I’m so bloody proud. Make sure you book your tickets here!

At the Fringe, I also went out every evening! There’s so many shows I wanted to see, and I wanted to explore the city by day and night! On my second evening, I went to see the Blues Brothers! It was so good that I actually went twice!

On my walk to the venue, I walked past Russell Howard and actually went weak at the knees… what can I say? It released my inner 14 year old fangirl, he’s just as beautiful in real life as the TV makes him out to be.

Back to the show in hand. The first time I went, I was quite tentative of what to expect. I only knew a couple of songs by the Blues Brothers and we sat right at the front. As soon as the dreaded phrase ‘audience participation’ was announced, I shivered. According to one of the Blues Brothers, I had a resting bitch face, but really it was a face of ‘please do not pull me up, for the love of God’.

However, by the end of the show, I was up on my feet and boogieing with my best pals. I even took a couple of sneaky photos to add to that Edinburgh collage that will never be made, but only stay in the internet ether.

Wednesday 4
I need you, you, you. I need YOU YOU YOU.
All of their vocals are absolutely to die for. If you want to listen to good quality singing for an hour, I’d definitely go to see this show. Yet, the show is the perfect example of an excellent, all around musical extravaganza, full of triple threat stars! Make sure you book your tickets here!

Wednesday 5
Sitting at the front on the left, look at us giving the cast a major clap. I can feel my reluctance to get involved just from this shot alone. 
As you can see, Day 2 at the Fringe was absolutely fabulous; I was fully embracing the Edinburgh spirit and I couldn’t wait to see where the week would take me. Little did I know that the next night would see me being picked on in a show myself, and be the only one to laugh at a Russell Howard joke! Make sure you read on for Day 3 at the Fringe, but for now, enjoy some wonderful music by the Blues Brothers.


Sophie x



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