Tuesday 2nd August at the Edinburgh Fringe

So, here we go. The blogging of the Fringe has commenced. I’ve been looking forward to writing these blog posts for such a long time, as it would mean that I had plenty of content to discuss and boy, am I right? Over my week in the Scottish capital, I witnessed such a variety of entertainment!

I was even excited for my journey up to the capital! Last year, I travelled via a National Express coach as a result of booking my journey so late. This year, I was on my game and went via train which was a LOT more comfortable, to say the least. Yet, the incompetency of National Rail did not go un-noticed, and had I have been late to my home station, I wouldn’t have made my connecting train to Scotland and would have had to spend hundreds on changing my train… thank god for the 9:18 train!

Even with the state of the trains, I managed to board a train down to London and kicked back, listening to Izzy Bizu!  

I’ll be quite honest, most of my Tuesday was in fact spent on public transport, but I tried to make sure I was in as much style as I possibly could be on standard class. As a consequence of arriving in London super early, I had enough time to nab an M&S lunch and a Pret hot chocolate (PSA: Pret Hot Chocolate’s are super rich AND actually quite cheap in comparison to Costa/Starbs). Once this was done, I then made my way to the platform, checked my luggage in and found my reserved seat on the train.

Due to booking my train tickets so early, I had a guaranteed front-facing, plug seat with a table. The absolute DREAM on a 4 hour train. I then settled in to my seat for the next few hours, listening to music, connecting to the free wifi and working out what shows I wanted to see!

How middle class could I get?

Ok, so the journey from London KX to Edinburgh is potentially one of the most gorgeous train journeys in the whole country! Once you hit Northumberland, the tracks go so close to the water’s edge that you basically feel as if you’re riding in the North Sea. This, teamed with listening to Ludovico Einaudi, whilst reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child made for a delightful journey! Once I’d hit Scotland, the excitement was overflowing and I just wanted to get to Edinburgh straight away!

This photo does not provide adequate justice for how beautiful the train route is!

Whilst I was on the train journey, I was obviously checking all my social media. They don’t call me #socialmediasoph at uni for no reason*. On the train, I noticed that comedian Ellie Taylor was on my train, which got me super excited! I was wondering whether I’d be on a train with someone famous, and I bloody was! I did actually go to see her show, which was incredible and hilarious…

I was also talking to a couple of my comedy pals, Becca and Eloise, only one of which I’ve actually met but both are beautiful and lovely! They were both telling me to go and see Felicity Ward’s show, of which Felicity was tagged in the discussion. She then chirped in saying YES DO. At the end of my journey, I look up from my seat and notice SHE’S ON THE SAME CARRIAGE AS ME! Unfortunately, I realised this so late that I couldn’t go up to her and talk/ask for a photo/fan girl, but I was inside.

*I like this hashtag. It’s nicer than #sopherthegopher, that could exist, thank god it doesn’t.

Blog Post 1
Not only was I super happy to be in the city, this photo sums up the exact facial expression I pulled after seeing Ellie Taylor’s gorgeous self in the flesh. 

I’D MADE IT TO EDINBURGH HOORAY! Cue the confetti cannons and play the song ‘Celebration’ by Kool and the Gang in your head, cause that’s exactly how I was feeling. Not only was it lovely to stretch my legs and prevent any DVT, but also to breathe the Scottish air and be safe in the knowledge that I was only 5 feet away from a bagpipe player. By this point, I’d now got my luggage and was queuing to get in a lift (which I then bailed on as the queue was ridiculous), but not before I’d somehow joined the queue behind the comedians. I learned some fun facts, such as Felicity Ward had packed garlic in her suitcase, and they (quote) ‘couldn’t be f**ked’ for the lift.

From this one comedy spotting alone, I knew I was going to have a fun week. It was more than fun; to quote Ron Weasley, it was bloody brilliant.

This features a Snapchat filter, and a white lie, as I’m not a major fan of Henning Wehn.

As I got to Edinburgh on the Tuesday, I managed to see the Improv Musical’s tech/dress run. Every show is totally different, and this one featured a meat-selling vendor and creating a restaurant. Absolutely normal antics for the Improv Musical, just you WAIT to read about what other shows I managed to see!

One of the most exciting things of my whole week, let alone the day was that the Improv Musical were invited to the press launch of edfest Magazine. We saw some previews of show, ranging from the INCREDIBLE (Eurobeat with LEE from Steps!) to the bizarre. Chopping cucumbers as willies and stepping on gravel is all in the spirit of the Fringe. To explain the spirit of the Fringe, let me say this. Anything is possible, anything is allowed. One star reviews can be a good thing if you market it correctly.

Seeing Lee from Steps ticked off a box that has been in my mind since I was 4. Love had a hold on my heart. 

Tuesday was also one of my best friend’s birthdays! I was very tired and didn’t go out for long, but that didn’t stop me having a vodka-chocolate mudshake to celebrate! Being in a bar and drinking this made me feel as if I was a 14 year old about to go to her first nappy night at Oceana, but it was absolutely delish! If you ever go to a Vodka Revolution, make sure you buy this drink (especially if you like Bailey’s!)

Mudshake and Nachos perfectly ended off the first wonderful evening!

By this point, I’d only been in the city for 8 hours and I could not wait for even more! If you follow my week, you’ll read about me seeing Nish Kumar carrying his shopping, Daniel Sloss smoking a cigarette and being the pale vampire I’ve always described him as, and that I was the 23rd reader of the Chilcot Report. But for a song of the day, I listened to this so many times on the journey up, it gets me feeling chilled but also very, very excited!!


Sophie x



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