Edinburgh Fringe 2016: A Summary

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week! I can only apologise for the recent hiatus on this blog. I did intend to blog during my time in Edinburgh, but I barely had any time to relax as I was constantly out and about, flyering the Mile and watching an abundance of wonderful shows. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is one of my favourite events in the whole world, as I get to spend plenty of time with my best friends and celeb spot like no tomorrow! It was the perfect way to spend some time away from home before I then spend 9 months away from home.

Blog Post 1
Celeb spotting at the train station, when I see Ellie Taylor, Felicity Ward and Henning Wehn on my platform.

As last year’s worked so well, I intend to blog about the Fringe in a similar way. This post is the ‘base’ of my time at the Fringe in 2016, leading off into discussing each day. Each day’s blog post will be full of reviews of the shows that I saw, events I was fortunate enough to attend and just discussing the joviality of the Edinburgh Fringe.


Tuesday 2nd August

Wednesday 3rd August

Thursday 4th August

Friday 5th August

Saturday 6th August

Sunday 7th August

Monday 8th August

On the whole, Edinburgh was a dream. It’s one of my favourite cities in the world, it seems to be a place where anything is possible and the things in which you can imagine become a reality. For example, only in Edinburgh would I be able to see Nish Kumar walk down the road with his shopping and see Seann Walsh having a bev down my road?

All the shows I went to see were fabulous, and I would heartily recommend every show that I went to! Especially the Improv Musical.

Blog Post 2

Snapping my way through the Fringe. #FringeattheFringe was a major success.


Now, a song to encapsulate my entire Fringe experience for this year is a toughie. However, I kept listening to this song on my many train journeys*, plus it pumps me up for the day. Also, Tori Kelly’s vocals are to die for!

*many train journeys that were DELAYED. The UK’s national rail is a JOKE.


Sophie x


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