Bedford River Festival

Hello lovely readers! I can’t even begin to stress how exciting it is for me to announce this, but I’m actually typing this outside! The UK seems to be in the middle of a little heatwave, and long may it continue! My skin is in some VITAL need of some Vitamin D and a bit of sun, so fingers crossed I actually catch a few sun rays. I’m also listening to music on Spotify through my headphones… all I need is a pitcher of Pimm’s and I’m READY for Summer! In a few days time, I’m off to the Royal Albert Hall as part of the BBC Proms to see Prom 8, otherwise known as the Strictly Come Dancing Prom. I cannot wait to be a few rows away from Aljaz where Mum and I can drool over him forever (love you Aljaz!)

Also, some professional photos have come out from the 21st party I talked about a while ago, and they’re even more beautiful than I could have imagined!

So much love for these wonderful girls!
Georgie’s 21st was lit x 
Another wonderful picture of some of my gorgeous best friends! 

Anyway, enough photos declaring my own self-love, and on to another cool event that I went to with my little sister. Originally, the plan was to go as a family, but Phoebe and I were adamant to go by ourselves and have a cute sister day out, so that’s exactly what we did! For the last few summers, Phoebe and I have had a sister day out in London to see a show on the West End and go for a meal (we’re going to see Kinky Boots this year and eat at Bubba Gump’s restaurant in Leicester Square this year!!) so we couldn’t wait to explore a festival for the day. We adorned ourselves with a bit of glitter on our face and hit the short train to Bedford to get to the festival!

My little sister and I with our new best friend, Pokemon Go.  

Whilst on the overcrowded train, there was a mum there with her two young daughters, both younger than Phoebe and I but cute nonetheless. The mum then said to her two daughters “look, soon you’ll be old enough for you two to go on days out like those two lovely girls there” or something of that description. Anyways, I bloody loved that indirect compliment, however I KNEW already that Phoebe and I were #sistergoals and that just confirmed it for me. The River Festival was a day of selfie talking, learning about history and just having an absolute ball with my sister from the same mister*.

*I hope so, otherwise my parents have been hiding a MAJOR life plot twist from me since I was 6 years old.

Getting those candids in on the train x  

So, we finally hit Bedford and knew that we had to have lunch immediately… the Chicken Nugget sharebox from McDonalds was perfect. Once we’d gorged ourselves from chicken and chips (who knew the curry sauce was so delightful?), we were FINALLY READY to walk along the Embankment. I must stress that the whole day felt as though I was either by the beachfront or in London. I don’t know if it was to do with the glorious weather or the fact that there were a million and one food stands everywhere, as well as the classic ‘tat’ stands, but it didn’t feel like I was in my home county.

At one end of the river sat the Re-enactment area, which was unanimously our favourite area. Full of learning about the past and imagining as if we were in Westeros, we got to watch a Medieval court, learn about the past and I even found a lookalike Samwell Tarly!!

Knights and peasants in training. Now, where was the chiarivari? (Martin Guerre, you will forever be in my historical consciousness!)
Holding the shield! Sorry Stark family, I will forever align myself to the Starks, but for the day, I was a cool, kick-ass Lannister just like Cersei. 

Once Phoebe and I had been around the historical area, we got closer to the river, walking past thousands of people and sweating out the calories we’d previously consumed in McDonalds. After finally finding the churro stand, we sat down by the side of the river and watched the jet-packs make their way up the river, munching away on one of our favourite snacks. Immediately, Phoebe and I wished that we either owned one or got the chance to ride on a jet-pack* for ourselves. Gone are the days when Heelys were fashionally acceptable, we’re no longer in 2008. Instead, we had to settle for the mundane action called walking.

*Parents/family members, if you’re reading, you know what to buy Phoebe and I now x

A short while after this came the race up the river, in which teams had created rafts out of material and competed up the river to paddle in the fastest time. There were plenty of teams, but one of my favourites has to be the Super Mario team. Dressed up as Mario and Luigi, the team were even throwing BANANAS to their rivals, absolutely classic and wonderful. At this point, Phoebe and I were resembling sweat-buckets so finding the shade was of utmost importance. Thankfully, we did, and I think we prevented ourselves from getting sunstroke (HOORAY!!).

The competitiveness between teams was extremely high!

Although the River Festival was big, there still wasn’t as much as I’d have originally expected from a festival. We were the only two gals with glitter on, and that was only because we owned it ourselves. I wanted a henna stand and a braid stand to really channel my inner 9 year old. One of the happiest moments of the day was glugging freezing cold water we bought and finishing a drink with the smile of “I’ve not felt this content in a long time”. Phoebe and I then made our way back to the train station, safe in the knowledge that we’d had a fabulous day out. August 17th and our next sister day out is going to be wonderful!

I would have let Phoebe choose the song to close out this blog post, but we heard one song repetitively throughout our walk during the festival. 

Keep sunbathing and stay safe in the sun PLEASE! Melanoma is not worth it (what a Fifth Harmony pun).


Sophie x




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