Trip down Memory Lane.

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. We’ve gone back to the 1990’s, haven’t we? A female is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (I’ve got a theory that Teresa May is Cersei Lannister…), Pokemon Go is a GLOBAL sensation and I’m loving catching Pokemon and releasing my inner 4 year old to the world. DJ’s are releasing songs that were famous in the 1990’s and we’re all reverting to a time when we wish we were children.

(AS I TYPE THIS, BRITNEY HAS JUST RELEASED A NEW SONG! Britney was my first concert when I was 4 years old, and I remember belting out her songs at the concert!)

As a consequence of waiting for my little sister to get home from school so we can go on our first Pokewalk together, we’ve been listening to the TV theme tunes of yesteryear and living in all of the nostalgia. I’m sorry in advance if you shed a tear, I know I nearly have. Click on the link for the programmes and have a walk back through the ages when Mark Speight was alive and we didn’t rely on our iPhones to entertain us.

Tots TV: Now this was my bloody JAM when I was 2 years old. I would sit in front of the TV all day at my Nan’s house and binge-watch Tots TV. I just loved the puppets and I was learning French at the same time. Also, I’ve JUST found out that this was filmed about 10 minutes away from where I lived at uni, so clearly I was always destined to live like a Tot. Tots TV was awesome, and on Youtube, they have the VHS’ of it.

Yes, VHS, because that was the technology of the time in the 1990’s. No time for pausing live TV.

Tots TV
“I’m a Tot, Je suis en Tot, Tilly, Tom and Tiny”.

Rosie and Jim: I mean, they lived on a BOAT. The epitome of coolness as a very young child. Gone now are the days of puppets and discussing random objects. Rosie and Jim reflect upon the simpler times of the 1990’s, and LOOK AT THE INTER-RACIAL bonding. People in 2016 could learn a lot from puppets and the way in which the TV presented characters for kids.

Rosie and Jim
Rosie and Jim, Rosie and Jim, Rosie and Jim on the old, green boat.

Recess: Now, this was when I started to grow up. Recess was a programme all about school-kids at a fictional school in America. The Four Ashley’s were absolute BITCHES, Spinelli was secretly an Ashley, but she was super punk. I wished that I could have a boyfriend or even a friend like TJ, you felt sorry for Mikey because of his weight, Vince ooooozed coolness and Gretchen was super intelligent. The kid who was king of the jungle gym was annoying at the best of times, and you HATED Randall. But, every single episode was an episode of fun, and this, alongside Suite Life of Zack and Cody were the Disney programmes that shaped me.

Legit one of the best programmes that Disney Channel has EVER made.

Bear in the Big Blue House: It’s weird, cause I don’t really remember much about this programme. But, I do know that when I was young, I loved it a LOT. Its main characters included the bear and the moon, and I probably loved it as it was full of jazzy tunes and finger clicking and the bear was the cuddliest character you could ever imagine on television. Even hearing the opening guitar strum makes me bop in my seat as I type this blog post.

Welcome to the BLUE house.

Gladiators: Contestants READY? Gladiators READY? I can still hear the Scottish referee booming those words in my conscience as I think about this programme. I used to be (and still am) in awe of the Gladiators and contestants that were on this. My favourites were Jet (obviously, click on the word Gladiator and go to 2:42, you’ll thank me later), Wolf; even though he was super scary, you knew that whenever a contestant faced them, you were ready for watching the best challenge! They tried to remake this again a few years ago, but it just wasn’t the same. Gladiators also brought us to the world of Ulrika Johnson and wishing that we could all do the physical exercise, but the closest we realistically get to is watching 15 Second videos of the Body Coach on Instagram.

Do you feel the power of the Gladiators?

Doodlebops: I remember this more due to having a little sister whose six years younger than me. This random Canadian export into the UK was full of singing and blue-skinned people, but it was really fun, and actually watching it back makes me realise that they were half talented. HALF. STRESS THE HALF. Their album is also on Spotify, so we can binge listen alllll day if we wanted to. Their major talent included dancing on a bus, the only time I’d do that is with a bit of alcohol down me after a night at the Student Union x

We’re the Doodlebops, OHHH YEEEAH. 

Sleepover Club: My first ever introduction of Australia and watching about sleepovers and wishing that I could have sleepovers with my best friends every day*. I used to get the books out from the library and read about Fliss, and wish I was Frankie but I wasn’t bossy enough. It was also one of the best TV themes when I was younger…

Australian freshness.

*I tried to go on sleepovers when I was younger, but I was always ill. I still remember the sleepover where I ate too much at an all you can eat buffet so had to go home. Go hard or go home, am I right?


There’s obviously plenty more TV shows that I haven’t talked about, otherwise this post would continue for about a year. I’ve not mentioned Dick and Dom in da Bungalow, SMart, Art Attack, Trapped. Rugrats,  Little Einsteins, Get Your Own Back. What programmes did YOU obsess over as a child?  I hope though, in a time where the world seems to be constantly mourning, you can have a little listen of the TV shows that got you up and out ready for a good day at primary school and feel content once again. If you want a song from the current charts, have a meander towards this. It’s simply beautiful and it’s from the film “Me Before You” featuring Emilia Clarke who is a girl crush of mine.

Enjoy looking back through yesteryear,

Sophie x



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