Second Year in Short.

Hey guys and gals, hope we’re all okay. I’m in a state of shock right now, as second year is complete. All the exams, the meals, the nights out, the absolute banter and shade and the lack of sleep has been worth it. Did second year top first year? I just don’t know. First year was a year of breaking away, a year of independence and coming to terms with uni life. Second year has been getting even more comfortable in my own skin and just laughing every day.

As I have (VERY RIGHTFULLY) been crowned the queen of social media by my peers, it’s extremely fitting to have a blog full of photos documenting the major fun I had this year and a little look forward to the future. So, enjoy the selection of photos coming your way. I could have put up some drunk Snapchats, but who wants that. Not me.

In the yesteryear of September 2015, I received my SU booklets and could not wait for second year to start and to see everyone again!
A selfie for my first day of second year. I talked about what it means to be human and a bit of basic chat on Putin. The fresh-faced girl didn’t really last for long, but she gave it her best shot.
First weekend show of second year with the lovely brand new fresh! Who knew then that these gals would fully be in the society and be our exec?
FORGOT ABOUT THIS GRANDMA SOCIAL. Slightly inebriated is an understatement, but it was a fab evening and, if I remember rightly, kicked off reading week in style?
Essays in Term 1 happened, and they were standard. Birmingham Christmas market also happened which was glorious; being surrounded by twinkling lights even if it was in the rain. Who knows, maybe for Christmas 2016, I’ll be off to Birmingham, Alabama?
WE PUT A DEPOSIT ON A HOUSE!!!!! Even if it was for 48 hours as I knew I was off to the states, the joy of knowing I was going to live with my best friends was wonderful. I also wore sunglasses in December, cause I’m just that bloody classy.
Got my fringe back. Found myself. Felt young again, but also felt delightful.
Went to Manchester on tour with the lovely, wonderful, great, flexy and FUN CMD. Cannot believe that it snowed on tour and I was in heels, but we went and had cool cocktails and boogied down in the O2 Academy. We also went to an aerial workshop and I was broken for a week after x 
Hahahahahahahaha. When a night out gets a bit messy and a drink gets knocked down you. Classic Leam. FINALLY MADE IT TO MOO BAR (Owen Hall) x 
Beyond happy to have been in the cast of Anything Goes alongside some of my best friends I could have ever wished for. We’re probably looking into the distance at the split yoghurt on the corner of the stage, or wondering where that groaning friendship was coming from. Nonetheless, we sailed the ship and rocked the boat. 
My West End prins at Pink Week ball, where I just love getting glam. 
Would not have been able to get through second year without these delightful women, for we kept each other sane and caffeinated. I’m so thankful to know them and have been in their presence when they all succeed and I, annoyingly, coast along. 
Never been so happy to be on tour and be in a sunny place catching rays, also being away from the mundane UK was needed.
Lisbon was ab fab, and I couldn’t have wished for a better four days. It’s going to be such a struggle looking at tour pictures knowing that I won’t be able to go, but rest assured, fourth year will see the return of me as the keenest gal x 
My 20th birthday bash was a great success (self-centered and egotistical I know), and it was wicked to get back with everyone again for what would be the craziest term ever.
Sorry for the vanity, but my selfie taking during revision and exam season went up exponentially with the few minutes that I would actually put into revision. I’m so proud of myself for how much I actually knew and would have been able to apply. I’m just praying that it’ll all be worth it when I get my results.
Who doesn’t love a bit of banter on Snapchat? Dressed like an American flag for my America exam and it was a beaut of a paper. 
So I ended my last week with balls, classic Soph. Getting glam by doing her nails and getting a spray tan and wearing a new dress and feeling like a princess. Even though it rained, my hair lasted the entire night and it was a great event! (My dress is from this brand, everyone thought it was Chi Chi though…)
So candid I could cry. My year abroad bud Tom is gonna SMASH his year in Austria, and we’re gonna come back and be the best fourth years ever. (May be the fave Slade, but who knows?)
Skins the Musical. Second year with these beauts has been perfection. All the goss, the hilarity, the alcohol, the constant assurance that if you’ve got an issue, they’ll help you out. Yeah, couldn’t really have got this far in uni without such like-minded, beautiful people inside and out. LOVE YOU MORE THAN BUYING A FLORAL DRESS. 
Blog Post 1
Kelly’s just a bit of a top dog, and our first conversation about Sheridan Smith was when I knew we were destined for each other. There is always a place in my heart. 
QUEENS IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. We rule the arts, and we rule in everything. So many of my best pals are getting 1sts and 2:1’s in their degrees and just smashing it out of the water. Beyond proud of every single person; let’s hope I can live up to it too!

Second year was everything I could have hoped for. I’ve lived in a town and I’ve not been stabbed or mugged. I’ve not got lost. I’ve not given myself food poisoning. I’ve NOT GONE BROKE!!! I’ve had a blast.

While it breaks my heart that so many of my incredible peers are leaving, knowing that everyone is going on to do what they want to do makes my heart happy. There’s not many thoughts bigger and better knowing that all of your friends are happy, and if you can live safe with the knowledge that you’re all doing well, then you can always keep going and improving; learning as much as you can along the way and just surpassing every expectation.

My favourite memory of second year is laying in bed on the last Friday of Term 1. I’d just awoken from a night out and was pondering the fact that I had to go in for a seminar (it was nearly CHRISTMAS?!) and was so tired. Then, my phone vibrated. It was an email from the Study Abroad department at uni. It read that I was being awarded a place to study at the University of Northern Arizona. I started shaking, I broke down into tears. The dream I had dreamed since I was a teenager was actually going to come true. It was the best Christmas present I could have wished for. It motivated me to get my butt in gear, and has always acted as the focus that when a day gets tough or I fall flat on my metaphorical face, there is always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. My light may be thousands of miles away, but I’ll arrive in due course.

Second year, you’ve been perfect. I’m listening to this all the time to always be happy.

I’ll drop the mic now.


Sophie x


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