Stage Fest 2016

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all well! It’s a rainy Sunday, and it’s finally the last Sunday of term! What a crazy 30 weeks we’ve been through, full of its ups and downs. I’ve wanted to break down writing essays, and I’ve been in some incredible shows and witnessed some spectacular productions. I’ve had some fab nights out and some of the loveliest meals with my favourite humans. Now, I’m about to enter the last week of term, and indeed the last week of sophomore year.

Sophie the Sophomore is nearly Sophie the Junior, and before I know it, I’ll be off in the USA where I can actually be a junior? Crazy stuff.

Anyway, this past week has been one of the greatest weeks of my uni life, even if I’m currently typing this with the same illness as what I did when I started my uni life as a keen fresh. My musical theatre society ‘MTW’ has put on a week long festival of productions called ‘Stage Fest’. It’s been full of revues and concerts and all things performing. Whilst I’ve watched the majority of productions, I’ve managed to be in a few and I’ve just had the best time.

On Thursday 23rd June (the day of the EU referendum and the last day of light), I performed in Beauty and the Beast. However, there was a twist. Nobody knew who else was in it. About a month ago, a member of the society posted a status asking who wanted to be involved, and if you were lucky enough to be selected as a consequence of fate, then you were asked to perform. I was told I would be playing a Silly Girl; I had my script, my choreo and I had to learn it by the performance.

At 5pm on Thursday, we all congregated with the audience to watch the show, but then the cast stood up, got backstage and got ready in 5 minutes to do a show with no rehearsal! It was honestly one of the scariest, yet also one of THE most fun things I had done at uni. I got to be a silly girl with two of my lovely pals (Joe and Natalie) making a top trio to swoon over Gaston.

Blog Post 1
Yes, I did have Belle socks from Topshop. Yes, I did wear them.
Blog Post 2
Look, there he goes, isn’t he dreamy!  

As well as performing in shows and laughing so much over the last few days, I’ve also been out a couple of times. I served realness at a house party and I also went clubbing for what will quite possibly be the last time in second year and my last legal night out before I fly over to the other side of the Atlantic. Curse America and its 21 year old drinking laws, yet 18 year old laws to buy a gun 🙂

Whilst it was potentially one of the oddest nights out of my entire life, it was a great way to celebrate the middle of Stage Fest and felt like I was in the Hive at Edinburgh Fringe (definitely something I need to do this year!!)

Blog Post 3
Neon neon neon. 

Stage Fest has honestly been so much fun. It’s felt like a holiday camp that parents send their 12 year old kids on to somewhere in the middle of France, in the hope that they find themselves when they’re abseiling down a wall. But, instead of sleeping in a single bed and sharing it with your best friend (yes, this did happen on a French exchange and yes I am still scarred by the whole exchange), it’s been living with your best pals for a week straight. It’s been the PERFECT way to spend as much time as possible with the ones I love dearly before I have to start making goodbyes to some incredible people that have really made an impact on my university life.

Blog Post 4
Stage Fest flyin x 

Stage Fest has still got a few more days to go, but next week I’ve got an awards ceremony and I’m off to Sports Ball. Cue tanned Soph, dolled up to the nines in yet 2 more pretty dresses, and then she can move out of her house for second year and then a fab summer. Full of Netflix, sleeping in and all the English food I can imagine. I’ll also be listening to this song at least 50 times a day, it’s an absolute corker.


Sophie x


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