What. A. Day. 

Hello lovelies and a big happy Saturday to you! The Euros have finally started, so I know I’ll be binge-watching football matches between small teams for the next month of my life. I’ve finally finished Season 5 of Game of Thrones and  I’m also revelling in my new found freedom. Who knew that I now had the time to purchase a cinnamon swirl frappucino which was totally yum and sat in the garden colouring and it was absolutely bloody great. I’ve also ticked off the first little errand on my to-do list for the next few weeks, which was going to the US embassy to sort out my visa application. But, what a wonderful day Friday 10th June was!

Anyway, let’s start at the beginning of this day (because it’s a very good place to start, this MT line will forever haunt me). I boarded my very early train from Leamington Spa and headed down to London, where I then walked to the US embassy. PSA to Google Maps here for helping a girl out as I had no clue where I was going. Then, I was guided by the commodore eagle and I already felt like an American student-to-be.

Blog Post 1
Good Morning America! 

I then went into the embassy, and with a few security checks here, checking that I had all my documents and the world’s shortest ‘interview’ ever, I was in and out of the embassy in just under an hour. I use ‘interview’ as a loose term, as the interview consisted of asking me where I was going in America, to which I told him (NAU REPRESENT) and then ‘congratulations, your visa has been approved, you’re off to the USA!’. Hooray, I mean it would have been a major shock if I wasn’t allowed.

Oh, I also got recognised in the embassy? When my pal went to sort out her visa, she saw Years and Years (jel!) but I was the known one in the embassy. The world really is a small world. Anyway, once I was done in the embassy, I tried to work out what I would do in London that day. I found a statue of FDR and realised that going to America would be my New Deal* in life; I’d been given a new hand by the study-abroad Gods and I have to play it the best way I can.

*This historical pun is an accurate representation of the puns/irony that I liked to use in my exams. It’s up there with saying that Galenic philosophy is now, in our self-reflexive society a HUMOUROUS way of studying the body.


Blog Post 2
Love you FDR.  

Once I’d had a little walk around Grosvenor Square, I then hit up Oxford Street and Regent Street. Both streets looked even more gorgeous than before with the decorations to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. This was another reason why I was very excited to go down to London, as I knew that I would feel even more patriotic about the UK than ever before.

Blog Post 3
Regent Street in its finest splendour, decorated with Union Jacks as far as the eye could see. 

After a great walk around London, soaking up the atmosphere in my favourite city, lunchtime quickly arrived. Being the American basic white gal common bitch that I am, I went to an American staple, but something that I’d never tried before. I went to CHIPOTLE! It’s Mexican food, with burritos and tacos but it’s so tasty and their tortilla chips are to DIE for. If somebody got me their tortilla chips so I could eat them everyday, then that would be wonderful.

I was also eating next to the Duke of York Theatre, otherwise known as the current home of Doctor Faustus where Kit Harington is performing. If only he walked in. Dad was texting me saying that if only I’d met him. Little was I to know that I’d be seeing some celebs later that day…

This photo does not do justice to the delights of Chipotle. 

So, I wanted to explore London because WHY NOT? It was a gloriously sunny day, and I wanted to bask in the sunshine knowing that I had no stress in my life. It was perfect. Firstly, I walked up to the Mall via Trafalgar Square and it was wonderful. I was listening to Rule Britannia by Katherine Jenkins (sad, but true) and have honestly never felt so bloody proud to be English/British.

Blog Post 4
Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves.  

Literally as soon as I stepped onto the mall, I saw Justin Trudeau’s car in the UK. Now, as much as I love America and I cannot WAIT to live there (10 weeks today!), their politics is messed up. America could learn a lot from Trudeau’s charisma.

I then went on the Horse Guards Parade where they were prepping for the Trooping of the Colour and it was so cool. I felt like I was on a part of history and I loved every single second. I Snapchatted my pals (sophtommo, follow me to join the fun) and continued on the walk up to Buckingham Palace.

There were so many news reporters; NBC, CNN, ITV, BBC, you name it, they were most likely there. If only I’d have known, I’d have gone to St Pauls Cathedral and I would have seen all the royals. But, I did see KATE AND WILLIAM IN THEIR CAR??????

As in, the legit Kate Middleton and William Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. She waved and it was wonderful but I didn’t realise it was them until after the moment. It pains me to say that I have no pictures of this wonderful moment in my life. Needless to say, I fangirled so hard and wished that someday, my prince would come at uni. Literally.

Whilst also on the mall, I went into Saint James’ Park, I bought an icecream and laid in the sunshine. It was glorious. I felt so at one with the world and content. All the exam stress was worth it, to lay in the sun and listen to Pitch Perfect and catch a few sunrays.

Blog Post 6
Most gorgeous ice-cream ever. 
Blog Post 5
Quick photo-taking on the Mall, if only this had Kate and William in it! 

So, I’d just seen Kate and William, and thought that my day couldn’t get better. But, that was just the start of it! I was invited to check out Buzzfeed’s office at 3pm, and I did. It was honestly so cool, and whilst it was smaller than I had envisioned, it was incredible to be in the offices of such an important part in my procrastination and the reason why I attempt to write in a colloquial, jovial form.

However, before going into Buzzfeed’s office, I saw Tom Odell. Yep, just that casually. Right place, right time. I was walking down Argyll Street trying to find the offices, and then I saw a swarm of girls running towards the side of the street so naturally I joined. It was at this moment I saw a piano, and somebody playing Another Love. Then, I realised it was Tom Odell! I filmed so much of it and took pictures (like the social media pro I am) and it was gorgeous.

He performed Another Love and Magnetised; two of my favourite songs that I revised to, in particular Magnetised. Tom was performing as a consequence of his album being released and it was clear that he is going to have so much success with it. I cannot believe that I’ve seen Tom Odell AND Jessie J in this manner; just through walking in London at the correct time. Sorry lads, my life is actually quite exciting xo

Blog Post 7
Tom Odell! 

Clearly, my day was very exciting, and it will be hard to top this day for a little while. I also think this day made me realise why I love London, you can do anything and be anywhere and see people that you’d never thought you’d see. London is full of so many opportunities, and I’m proud to live so close to a world-changing city. Love you London. For a song, it obviously has to be from Mr. Odell. Otherwise, well it’s not right…


Sophie x




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