Hello there! Just a quick post from yours truly, and it’s the most exciting news since I found out that I had my year abroad.


Cue the confetti cannons, the streamers, the gospel choir singing my praises as I strut everywhere I go knowing that I’m free from revision, an exam hall and enough exam anxiety for a long time. I cannot believe how fortunate I was with the exam questions that I was asked.

My first paper was quite easily my least favourite paper, as whilst I’d prepared for so many topics, none of the questions seemed to fit exactly what I had revised. I came out of them feeling a bit dejected with the hard work that I had put in. I knew (and still know) that I’d given it my absolute best shot but I knew the paper did not reflect the amount of knowledge I knew. I knew that after seeing Sara Pascoe, I had three more exams to pull as many marks as possible and do as great as I could.

That first exam really was not that great. I need all the finger crossing that I can get!

The last three papers were exactly what I could have wished for. Wearing my lucky ring from Pandora did some help I guess.

I got those questions on 1950’s foreign policy and Vietnam, I assessed those debates on demonic possession and racial explorations, the questions on Hobsbawm and artistic culture in Eastern Europe FINALLY came up for the first time in 10 years and I couldn’t believe it. Luck had turned for me in the right decision, and I could not be any happier with the questions that I was asked! Good things come in threes, right?

And now I’m a FREE BITCH BABY (I was born this way… yes I still love Lady Gaga, her 2012 concerts still remains one of the best things that I have ever seen). It feels so bizarre knowing that I actually have free time to do things and I can watch Game of Thrones (I’m nearly at the end of Season 5, no spoilers please) without feeling guilty.

Tomorrow however marks an exciting day as I’m off to the US embassy to sort out my visa application, I’m going shopping in London to soak up the patriotic flavour of the nation on the Queen’s Birthday Celebration. Then, I’m going to one of my dream employer’s HQ to check out their office and have an epiphany that I’m actually going places.

Sadly, exam week has not been blessed with pure joy of exam questions, for I also lost one of my great-aunts at the young age of 63. I found out 2 hours before I sat my last exam, and I’m not one to dwell on events such as these but it gave me that little push I needed to do well in exams for my whole family; make them proud of me, and not just get good marks in exams purely for my own self-benefit. However, through the bad times come the clouds with the silver lining, and humans do lead an ultimately good life.

Ultimately though, I can’t focus solely on the negatives. Death teaches us that we have to keep going, and lead our own lives. Whilst we need to remember and commemorate their lives, we cannot get stuck in the past. We have to keep breaking into the future, and pave our own lives to be the greatest they can be. Now I’m free, I cannot wait to see where the near future takes me… although we know where that is (NAU!)

Through exam season, I also listened to these two songs: the first one is a song that I listen to before every exam without fail. It pumps me up and motivates me to do the best that I can. The second one is a song I totally forgot about, and now I remember that it exists, it is being played daily and I feel like a sass queen.


Sophie x


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