Sara Pascoe: Animal on Tour

Hello lovely people, I hope you’re all well! I know I am as I’ve FINALLY STARTED MY EXAM SEASON. After what has felt like forever waiting and an eternity reading my notes and learning, I finally got to apply as much as I could in my exam. I’d like to think I did a good job, but who knows with exams? I went in confident, power dressed and gave it my all. I have no regrets! I’m just glad I never have to study the early modern world again, easily the most laborious module ever.

Me before the exam in my room, having a little pray that I’d do myself justice.  

However, June 2nd 2016 will not just be a day of remembering a 3 hour exam and serious hand cramp, for I also went to see Sara Pascoe perform at uni! I’d booked the ticket a couple of months ago, before realising how gruelling the day would be. However, I think it perfectly worked in my favour, as I was sitting in the exam confidently writing my analysis of the Renaissance period knowing that in the back of my mind, I’d be seeing one of my favourite comedians.

So after the exam, I went to have dinner with my history pals in the pub and then walked over to the Arts Centre to take my seat. I knew I was close but I didn’t realise just how close I would be. I cracked upon the small bottle of wine that I’d bought from the grocery store on campus (life hack here: saved myself dollar, which I’ll probably use to buy more alcohol post exams) and settled in to my seat to watch a fabulous show.

I’d booked my ticket for the fourth row back, and couldn’t believe how close I was! 

Honestly, the whole show was fabulous and I couldn’t quite believe just how refreshing Sara Pascoe was. She opened the whole show by saying that she got rejected from Warwick and it felt weird for her to be performing at uni. But, this did not throw her off her stride at all. Sara was incredible. According to the Guardian: “Pascoe’s lively mind teases out big questions with intelligence, silliness and self-depreciation” and I couldn’t agree more with this review.

Just like the book that she has written (you can check out my review here), Animal on tour tackled major issues on the head in such a fun way. As a keen history student, I particularly enjoyed the few references to Stalin and how we associate him to be evil, yet the gulag owners would have loved Stalin. Yet, there was a deeper undertone to this message, in that how we associate behaviours and individual traits is totally subjective to the relativity in which somebody has grown in. Our culture does indeed shape us and we are self-fashioned, thanks for reinforcing my module on human nature Sara x

One thing that I loved about Sara’s delivery which is something unlike any comedian I have seen is her vocabulary. I feel like I’m learning new words as I watch her perform, so Sara is educational AND hilarious. Perfect combo for Warwick, I’d have thought.

I don’t want to spoil the whole tour for you, but here are some highlights that I found particularly wonderful:

She discussed how she now has her LIFE insured by her boyfriend John (Robins), to which she actually brought out the letters on stage and got the audience to confirm its legitimacy. The audience were in disbelief!

I don’t know if it’s just because I’m immature and still giggle whenever someones talk about sex, but the bit on hand jobs was hilarious!!!! No, you can’t treat a man and a woman in the same way, and she mimed out the differences in how we expect to be treated, which had me in stitches.

She also talked about where she currently lives in London. She alluded towards the idea that Lewisham isn’t exactly the nicest place to live and that poverty and wealth live in direct convergence towards each other. Yet, she enjoys seeing the sad eyes behind those who are trapped in the gym.

Honestly, there’s so much more that I could go into, but to do this would do Sara’s poetic way with words an injustice, as everyone should go and check Sara out. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

What a great photo! (Insert sarcasm here). 

So, once the show was finished and we’d all listened to how Sara didn’t stop her friend Shelley giving blowjobs for cocaine and the vagina club in Japan, Sara was outside signing her book! I’d brought along my copy with me in my bag on the off chance that I could have got it signed, and I’m so glad I did!

I entered the queue, but because of where I was sitting in the theatre, it was easy for me to get the front. A few minutes later, I was then talking to Sara and asking her to sign my book. I told her that the book was great (which it really is!!) and then she asked me who to make the signing out to so I said ‘Sophie’. Then she was asking me who I WAS and I was in disbelief and I still am now! She was saying to me how her agent had liked my blog on Twitter and had sent it to Sara to read, and she LOVED the review! Everyone around me was a bit like ‘okay we’ve got ourselves a big dog’ and I was the youngest in the queue. Age is a number, not a weakness.

I then got my book signed and had a picture with Sara, and told her that I’d now met the ‘triumvirate’ (her word) of my favourite female comedians and she gushed praise about Katherine and Aisling and ME???? Okay, so does this mean I’m now ‘in’. I hope so.

Got to meet Sara Pascoe, and I couldn’t believe she knew me! 

Once I’d got home and told my parents about how incredible the show was, I then realised that I’d completed a tweet that I’d put in 2014. Tweet bucket list completed. When can we form the girl gang?  I’m always available gals x

Incidentally, I have now completed the girl gang.  

So, overall, what can I say? The show was brilliant, crafted into a learning experience that I’m so fortunate to have seen. I’m hoping that her agent also sees this post and then I can remain in contact with Sara because what she talks about is what I love (human nature and sex and all things FUN!) and she’d be an awesome contact to have! I’ve got to end the blog post with this song as this is what was playing when I left the auditorium and it now screams happiness in my head!

Enjoy (and check Sara out on tour),

Sophie x


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