Spontaneous Comedy Night!

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you’re having a fab bank holiday! I’m off auditioning people for a student-written musical as I’m the choreographer! Get excited to hear more about my first ever time choreographing an entire show and the inevitable fun I’m going to have.

Although, my fun started last night as I, very spontaneously went to the Loft Theatre in Leamington Spa to see some more live comedy. If you haven’t already worked it out, I’m a bit of a twitter fiend (@ellensoph) and follow many comedians. I saw that a comedian (Sofie Hagen) who I follow and have been wanting to see for a while happened to be around, so I went to see her! I’ve been told by my pals that my exam season revision life seems WAY too exciting, which is probably the case but I couldn’t down an opportunity to see some more stand-up.

I got to the Loft Theatre and quickly realised that comedy in Leamington Spa doesn’t really translate to the youths of today. I love using the word ‘youths’ as it makes me feel like I am a grownup and an independent, sassy woman who can do what she wants. It was clear that I was the youngest person in the audience by a good 10 years at least, but I didn’t let this bother me.I sat in the second row (because I’m clever and didn’t want to be involved) and enjoyed the show! It was such a fun way to spend a Sunday night, even if the chairs were the most uncomfortable thing I’ve sat on in my life.

Sofie Hagen was actually the opener for the main act, Damian Kingsley, someone whom I’d never heard of before. It was refreshing to actually go and see a comedian that I’d never heard of, or knew anything about them. Normally, I obsess over a comedian’s set on Youtube, then go and see them, but I was being a normal human (although what is normal anymore?) and watching him completely open-minded.

The premise of Damian’s tour was completely different to anything that I had heard of before. Damian is doing the tour from Land’s End to Edinburgh without money or transport in an attempt to raise as much money for the charity Shelter. The fact he’s made it halfway up the country is an incredible feat in itself, yet Damian’s determination for the charity shines through.

Shelter is a charity committed to raising money to combat homelessness and housing aid in the UK, something which is so vital to so many in the UK yet the majority (including myself, sadly) turn a blind eye to as it doesn’t seem to affect us. Sadly, 117 families in Britain lose their home every day and Damian’s tour raises awareness that we need to tackle this on the head. If you want to know more about the charity: follow this link here. 

Anyway, back to the evening at hand, and Sofie Hagen did her set. She made it clear from the offset that it was a ‘work in progress’ kind of gig for her. Whilst this did show in some points as there was some hesitation, her set was free-flowing and I came out of her set feeling as though I knew more about her life.

Sofie Hagen
Sofie Hagen won Best Newcomer at Edinburgh Fringe in 2015. 

Throughout Sofie’s set, she discussed how her depression and social anxiety has been particularly troublesome. From discussing the need for corners, how we all have a ‘Rasmus’ (a man/woman whom we love and stalk every day but know that it will never happen properly, but it happens for one night so you get led on and then you realise how much of a dickhead he is… yeah definitely not happened to me that, has it?) She also opened up about her issues with her father, and how she has had a psychologist to help her ‘altered’ state, yet the psychologist has been doing it for free for the last 8 and a half years and Sofie had no clue! Overall, I’m super happy I’ve now seen Sofie Hagen live, and she proved to me that she was worthy of Best Newcomer in Edinburgh last year. I look forward to hearing more of her stuff in the future!

Then, we were welcomed by Damian Kingsley. Damian’s charm and cute little smile had me totally focused from the offset, yet I felt that his pauses at points were slightly too elongated, which left the audience unsure as to keep laughing or be poised ready for the next gig. Oh yeah, that’s one thing I need to stress, a Leamington Spa audience is NOT like an Edinburgh audience. Edinburgh = a bit rowdy, a lot of fun. Leamington = no heckling, silence. Weird.

Damian is doing a UK tour to raise money for the charity, Shelter. 

Damian talked to us about how he lived in South East London, and that his new neighbour was chucking rubbish over the fence, to which he had a confrontation yet it amounted to little. He then took us through a narrative of his past relationships and how his dad had plenty of diamonds. Damian also couldn’t believe that he was able to exchange a ring for a washing machine, courtesy of a dealer at Hatton Gardens.

It was clear that Damian has a lot of heart, and that he’ll be able to complete the rest of his tour relatively easy, due to the compassionate nature of the UK. Overall, Damian was refreshing, and not anywhere near as much of a prick as he tried to make out he was. I can’t wait to follow the rest of Damian’s tour (on Twitter, not across the country) and I wish Damian all the success for getting to the Scottish capital!

I had such a fun Sunday evening, and it was cool to do something totally spontaneous, all whilst donating my WHOLE ticket price to Shelter, which makes me extremely charitable. For a song for the evening, I couldn’t really choose any song apart from this: its aptness is wonderful.


Sophie x


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