Kathbum in London!

Hello lovely people, once again I hope that you’re having a lovely Sunday! I’ve done a couple of hours of revision today, and it’s getting to the point where I feel confident enough to POSSIBLY sit my exams. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves just yet! But, I did have a revision cafe session with one of my good pals on my course and it solidified plenty of knowledge that we had, all whilst in a gorgeous little cafe that screamed continental Europe!

As well as seeing some of my best friends in Cabaret at uni on Friday, I also went to see a show on Saturday which I have talked about before on this blog, but who could resist another blog post about it? I went to see my pal Katherine Ryan perform Kathbum at the Hammersmith Apollo; but this time, she put me on her guestlist along with a few others, there were post-show drinks and it was just the perfect break from the Midlands bubble and getting cabin fever whilst revising.

If you want to read my previous reviews of the show where I basically shower praise, then look no further.  However, this is gonna talk about my whole day.

So, because of being a University student and that I’d feel guilty if I didn’t, I still spent the morning revising. I got 9 topics down and I felt like I could conquer the world. I learned some fun facts about Ukrainian glory and Cartesian mechanistic philosophy, which was the perfect warmup for a comedy night, am I right? Once I’d got my revision out of the way, I got ready for a fun evening out in London. I packed my bag and walked down to the train station, safe in the knowledge that I was wearing flats but had my heels in my bag to change into.

The heel-flats swapsies was PERFECT for coming back on the train and making sure that my feet didn’t die.

Annoyingly, the train that I intended to get down to London was CANCELLED. Absolute chore waiting for the next train to come, but in due course and what felt like I listened to the entire Hamilton soundtrack, I boarded the train and made my way down to London Marylebone.

Super angry! Also, my curls did not in the hairspray, did they?

On the train, I listened to Glam Role Model, which was Katherine’s podcast/iBook of the last tour she did. This really made the train journey speed by, and it felt like no time at all before I got to Marylebone and could make the tube connections to Hammersmith.

The show was at the Hammersmith Apollo, which is one of my favourite venues. I’ve been there to see Live at the Apollo  but this was the first time I’d gone to see a specific show where I knew who I’d be seeing. But, luckily, I still didn’t have to pay.

Katherine Ryan is an absolute gem. As a result of knowing Katherine and being pals with her (I say pals rather than friends when describing my relationship with Katherine), she put on social media that if her pals wanted to, they could come to the show for free and have post-show drinks with her afterwards. I, very gratefully took up this offer and I’m so glad I did! I got to London for just before 7pm, picked up my ticket with no issues and then went to have dinner before the show started in an hour’s time.

FullSizeRender (15)
My ticket and the piece of paper confirming I could go for drinks after! #blessed 

Before I knew it, it got to 8pm and Katherine walked on stage, oozing with confidence and sass in yet another wonderful outfit (need alllll the outfits in my life). She then introduced the audience to what was going to happen during the night, and then introduced the first support act.

The audience in London were treated to three support acts, one which I’d seen before, one that I’ve always wanted to see and another that I didn’t know but who was also incredible!

Dane Baptiste (who I’ve seen before) started us off and was refreshingly witty, acknowledging the FA Cup and perfectly warming up the audience. He also thanked Katherine for allowing her to support her a couple of years ago, and that because of this, his career has been able to skyrocket! I can’t wait to watch Sunny D in June, featuring both Dane and Katherine.

Dane then introduced the next act; Aisling Bea. Aisling is somebody that I’ve wanted to see for such a long time, right from the Russell Howard’s good news sketch where she discusses club life which is so spot-on. If you’ve not seen it, I suggest you do, it’s 14 minutes of GREATNESS. My favourite joke of Aisling’s was the ‘suck my dick’ part, and the comparison of sexy talk between men and women. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been revising sexual constructs a bit too much, but it was just wonderful and silly.

Aisling then introduced the final support, Lou Sanders. Like a burst of fresh air, Lou was excellent at working with the crowd and her chat up lines, especially comparing a man to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was hilarious! I cannot wait to check out Lou in the future, and I’d love to see her in a full show instead of a 10/15 minute set. After Lou, there was a short interval. Then, we were treated to a masterpiece of comedy from Queen K.

Blog Post 4
Although I was high, I was dead centre. I had such a good seat for free! #thankyoukatherine 

From the classic parts of the show, such as being Cheryl Cole, Nicki Minaj and discussing Cecil the Lion, there was plenty of new material that I’d never seen before, even though it had only been 8 weeks since I’d last seen her! Some of my favourite parts included the discussion of the Manitowoc County Jail (Making a Murderer knowledge here) and how, when she wanted a man, she couldn’t get him. Although they were both in Scotland, he was seeking to find the Loch Ness Monster.

Trying to find a myth, without seeing the legend. Absolutely bloody perfect. Although I couldn’t see her face super clearly at this point, I imagine it to be a pout of agreement that screamed ‘yes, I’m a sassy bitch, and you love it’. Yes, I do.

It’s also so lovely to hear Katherine talk about Joanne and Kerrie, her sister. Where I was sitting in the Apollo, I was surrounded by the fellow well-wishers to Katherine, and I got talking to the women sitting next to me. Turned out that one of them went to UNI with Katherine, and that after the show, when we kept talking (cause I make pals) she said that the discussion of Joanne and Kerrie is so true!

The show went by so fast, and in the blink of an eye, we were clapping and cheering Katherine as she’d finished filming her DVD and then everyone was ushered out. But not us. Although we had to go outside, we were going back up into the bar for post-show drinks. This was SO MUCH FUN and I was surrounded by people who she’d known for years, whereas I was just a social media gal, to which everyone thought* was adorable.

*THOUGHT? I know I’m adorable.

I was texting my friend, Becca at the time, who told me to tell Aisling Bea that she (and I) loves her. It’s impressive what a wave of confidence and a bit of alcohol does for the soul, as I talked to her, and we had a chat and a selfie! Crazy to think that in one night, I met two of my favourite comedians! #loveukatherine #loveuaisling

Blog Post 3
Sorry Aisling, there’s no Facetune. I don’t have £2.99 for that in my life. 

I had to dash about an hour after the show, as I had to get back home (home home, as opposed to uni home, it was a whirlwind trip across the Southern parts of the country for this!) but not before I said congratulations and a massive thank you to Katherine! She thanked me for being there, which is silly because her hospitality and loveliness is one of the MANY reasons why I love her. I got another photo with her to add to the collection and make my lock screen!

Fun fact: Since July 2014, my lock screen has always been me and Katherine, and I update it when I meet her again.

Blog Post 2
Weird to think that I can consider a pal someone who is on TV basically every day. 

I then made my way home, changing back into my flats and already reminiscing over the night as though it was years ago. It’s nights like those, where everything is just an absolute pleasure to see and be a part of that makes me want to be successful and be involved in an industry that thrives off genuine friendship. I hope to remain pals with Katherine and I just cannot wait to see where her career takes her (hopefully she doesn’t forget her social media gals).

As you can clearly see, Kathbum in London was WORTH IT. If you want to see her perform, then here’s one of my fave videos of her. She ain’t no videho. She’s a fab gal and a good egg and I’m extremely privileged to know her.


Sophie x



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