I’ve had a Realisation.

Hello there! I hope you’re all well! I cannot quite believe it, but how gorgeous is this weather? I know, it’s a classic British way to start a conversation with someone when it all feels a bit contrived and you don’t exactly know what to say, but it’s foolproof.

As much as I want to be out in the sun 24/7 catching some rays, I know that I need to revise. I don’t push myself too hard, just a couple of hours a day, a few topics is better than none. An essay a day at sixth form made Warwick the way, and a few essay plans and historiography learning each day makes for a solid second year result… hopefully.

It was as I was sitting in a depleted seminar during this week that I realised something. It’s something that I did know, but hadn’t fully come to the self-realisation yet.

It’s all going to be absolutely okay, and exams are not the be all and end all of everything. Just because your exams and essays equal your degree, you’re not a product of your essays. You’re a product of the society you live in, and the culture that you willingly choose to absorb and the behavioural standards that you want to live up to.

Blog Photo 1
I handed in half of my second year this week. 13,500 words in three essays discussing Ukrainian, American and English identities. But, essays aren’t everything. Who’s going to actually read your essays in 20 years time to decide whether to give you a promotion? 

You can afford to make a little mistake; as much as Adam Smith liked to claim in the 18th century, we are not perfect humans. You shouldn’t beat yourself up about not knowing everything. Just because someone you know may do a lot better than you, or may have the memory of *insert something that has an abnormally high memory*, don’t let the goldfish brain get you down.

You can keep working, but just do you. Make sure you are the happiest that you can be. Keep this happiness going, and don’t stress yourself out just because you can’t remember the name of that case study, which in all honesty, probably won’t even need mentioning in an exam paper anyway. Don’t run yourself down. Chances are you’re a beautiful young human with the world as their oyster. Enjoy life!

Blog Photo 2
Just do you! In this case, I went to a school-uniformed theme with my dance society and ended up looking live a chav. #doingme

Yes, I get it. I’m not advocating that you shouldn’t work at all. If you’ve seen my Revision Tips post, you’ll know that there’s little more I love in this world than an organised revision folder, and seeing all of my knowledge in one place. I’ll call it my little ‘Tabula Rasa’ (soz Locke), as it’s a source of everything I’ve had imprinted on me over the last 9 months, that need to stick in my head for a few more weeks until Summer can start and I get ready for the biggest adventure of my LIFE.

But, don’t over-work yourself*, there’s absolutely no need. Your wellbeing and getting a good night’s sleep is a lot more important to your performance than an all-nighter of cramming. At the end of the day, grades are grades.

*sorry, I don’t have a Liverpudlian accent, but imagine I do, it makes reading that word a lot more fun. YAY FUN.

In my family, I’m known as ‘Sophie One Mark’, because I’m always one mark away or one mark into a grade boundary. Whilst this used to stress me out to no end, I’m beginning to realise within myself that this is absolutely fine, and I shouldn’t have worried. I’ve always got to where I’ve wanted to be. I’ve put the work in, but I’ve always made sure I’ve had the time to relax and just enjoy myself.

Blog Photo 3
There’s always time for a selfie (add me on Snapchat: sophtommo)  

So what am I actually saying? I’m saying this. Just do you. Yes, work hard and keep perserving with the revision. There’s no point getting so far into university and letting it all go down the drain because you’ve been tempted by Mr.Whippy and not Rasa (this new name for my revision folder will stick, I promise). But, don’t push yourself to such an extreme.

Oh, and please don’t do Modafinil. It’s a study drug, but who knows how it would react on your body? Please keep yourself safe when revising! Hydration with water NOT drugs guys and gals x

Instead of a song, I’m gonna treat you to a Spotify playlist. It’s what I listen to when I’m revising; that or Radio 1. It’s called Revision and Chill, and I think it’s great.


Sophie x


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