Gotta Revise. Oh.

Hey guys and gals! Hope you’re all well and not absolutely caving in from exam season, or the gloomy weather that seems to be pervading across the UK at the moment. We had snow yesterday, which is just ridiculous, but alas it was a form of tiny procrastination from the revision/essays I have to do.

Now thankfully, my obsession with panicking I have no time has proven fortuitous. I actually have the time to tweak my essays and I think they’re improving? (Huge shoutout here to the History students in the year above who help me/calm me/tell me that I’m actually not an imbecile, love you long time). But, what does this mean? MORE TIME FOR REVISION. Woohoo.

I thought I’d use this as a ‘this is how I revise, and it works for me, so it might work for you’ post. It’s probably the millionth post you’ve read which is alongside the lines of this, but it doesn’t harm anyone to read more tips. In fact, it’s a couple more minutes not revising*, whilst absorbing information to help you in the future.

*I’m also not revising at the moment, clearly. I’m typing this for you. I have done 3 whole topics today and that took bloody time.

Congratulate Yourself.

Well, you’re a bloody boss aren’t you? You’ve actually realised that now may be the time to start revising. Have a bev if you’re ahead of the game, have a sob if you’re behind. Anyway, you’ve come to the sudden conclusion you need to get on with some work. This takes courage, balls and guts, but the light at the end of the tunnel will appear very shortly.

Choose Some Topics

Now, for history, this is a lot easier said than done. I don’t have to worry about revising every week from every module of my course, as this is a stupid amount and quite frankly, I won’t need it all for the exam. So, if I have a 3 question exam, I’ll revise 7-8 topics. It gives me enough to work with, plus it isn’t a major burden on my work/study/have a social life/have a sleep/Game of Thrones life. Across my 4 exams, I’ve chosen to 33 topics (so it actually works out at 8 topics an exam and 9 for the classic European World which I hate, but this is not a ranting blogpost). I’m currently 29 topics into making my beaut revision folder.


Okay, now this is just a little thing I do. It takes about 5 minutes to do but it really helps you to clear your mind. So, for each topic for each exam, it has a different colour. Then, when I make my revision sheets on the computer, the middle has the colour so I know what topic it correlates to. Then, I use a yellow highlighter for the main facts on each sheet and a blue highlighter for historians/dates. Not only does it look eyecatching, it’s just neat and anally attentive and I should probably go and see someone for OCD.

Revision 1
Obviously not mine, but extremely pretty. Wish I had this skill.

Make a BASIC schedule.

No, not basic because you’re a basic bitch (like myself). Make it basic so that it’s flexible. I don’t work saying I’ll do things at a certain time. I work better with a daily to-do list and I’ll get my way through it, then I’ll feel more successful. If I set something at 9am and I wasn’t ready for the day by then, it’d be a total failure and I’d feel behind. We need a positive mantra throughout revision season, and to-do lists are the way forward. Basic = easy. Easy = good. Good = you. Got it?

Collate Notes

I obviously don’t know how everyone keeps notes, but for me, each module is in a different coloured folder, with each week divided by a plastic wallet in the order of lecture notes/seminar reading/seminar notes. This makes finding my notes extremely easy, and I then write on this to format which notes I want on which page. Plus, collating notes means you can work out your major gaps and then fill in the information with Wikipedia useful websites on the internet.

How do you work? 

To quote Rihanna, we’ve gotta work work work work work. To quote Fifth Harmony, we can work from home. That’s me right now. I cannot stand working in the library when I can work in my room. Comfort, less makeup, more space, more fun. MAKE REVISION FUNGUYS (not mushrooms, obviously). For me, I suit making revision sheets, collating them in a folder and having that as my Revision bible. It then comes around with me EVERYWHERE and I absorb it all until the exam. It’s worked for me since Year 10 and it needs to keep working in the future. Some people I know just write and write until they have no more pens, some read more and acquire knowledge, some make little revision podcasts. What I’m trying to say is, be super experimental if you’re not sure. Even if you find it’s not your style, you’re still learning! 🙂

Keep Going.

Easier said than done. There are some days that you just want to cave and not revise anymore. You question your sanity, your dietary choices and everything about you. But revision and exam seasons are soon going to be a major thing of the past, and you’ll wish that you were back at school/sixth form/university revising, knowing that you’ve got a long, fun summer ahead of you.

I hope that this has been slightly helpful, and if not, that you had an enjoyable light breather from being bogged down in work. Instead of finishing with a song, as I do in each blog post, I’m actually going to recommend a book. WHAT, I hear you cry! Sophie doesn’t read books? Well yes, that is on the whole true, I’ve read a few but I’m more of a iBook kinda gal. No, this is bona-fide paperback. It’s the book ‘Animal’ by Sara Pascoe, known from QI/HIGNFY/Mock the Week and stuff like that. She discusses issues with gender, gender dimorphism and everything like that. I’m 60 pages in and I’m loving it, and I genuinely think it’s helping with one of my modules so even more fun. Check it out!

Enjoy, (and remember exams are not the be all and end all)

Sophie x


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