Where would we be without Elle Woods?

Hello there, hope you’re well! I’ve done my long essays and I’m halfway through making my revision notes which is CRAZY. 7 weeks time, and my exams will be done and I’ll be free. To keep me sane, I still write for the Tab (as well as my blog, crazy). I’ve done a piece on Elle Woods however it hasn’t seemed to have found its way on to the Tab, so I’m publishing it on here, hooray!

Elle, played by Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, is undoubtedly the fictional star of the noughties. She’s given us dance moves, she’s given us style advice, she’s given us aspirations to get the man we want and the career we want all at the same time (shocker) – Elle Woods has given all girls a chance to shine.

As a teenager, Elle Woods was the student you looked up to, and the student that you wanted to be when you got to uni. We all wanted to go to a frat party and score with the hottest boy on campus, but instead we’re used to a night at the local ‘spoon’s trying to smack away a 40 year old with the thickest beer goggles you’ve ever seen.

Elle Woods is the university student you wished you were, but you definitely weren’t. She’s a sorority queen and she’s able to achieve the highest accolades on her course? Elle Woods is definitely #goals personified. She’s the perfect feminist who wants equality for men and women and she isn’t afraid to shy away from saying what she wants.

Can any female Law student say they didn’t get inspired by Elle Woods when they applied for uni? Can anyone pretend they didn’t wish they had so many potential baes to choose from? We’ve all written in a pink pen, now let’s channel our inner pink and all agree that Elle Woods is an icon who deserves her own statue in Parliament Square.

She oozes style

Look up fashion in the dictionary and you’ll see Elle Wood’s name. Just because we’re told that layering the same colour five times in a row doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.

Elle Woods isn’t a slave to the system. Elle Woods know that every colour of pink can come together in one outfit to make a heavenly shrine of pink and fun. She smells of raspberries and bubbles and glitter. She liberates herself in such a freeing manner, she would not shy away from freeing the nipple to further the feminist movement on campus.

If Elle was a drink, she’d be a stylish Woo-Woo. She’s full of fun and she’s always on the scene, but only a few really understand Elle for what she is: a stylish queen.


She’s incredibly intelligent

Elle typifies the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” She gets into Harvard and she’s going to stay there. She is a positive, happy gal who is so smart she threatens everyone else on her course. Everyone is aware of her intelligence, but Elle never boasts.

She’s not the person on your course who you know exactly what mark they got five minutes after they found out. Elle’s not pretentious or condescending in a seminar- she’ll listen to what everyone has to say and she’ll actually contribute. She won’t shove a flyer in your face. Elle is the friend we all need at university.

Elle Woods 2


She knows how to pull off classy chic

Elle goes against any feminist stereotype that they are lesbians, wearing khaki pants, Huaraches and a shaved back of the head. Elle Woods wears killer heels all the time. Instead of high heels, we should call them high elles in her honour. I wish I could be Elle on a night out, walking in six inch heels to the club with a brand new outfit from Topshop to celebrate getting through the end of the week. But Elle manages to look glam, even for early morning appointments. Forget sleep, Elle wakes up early to do her contouring and she actually applies primer to her eyes and skin. We could all take a leaf out of her book when it comes to our beauty regime.

She is more driven than anyone in real life.

She WILL go to Harvard and she will have a posse of cheerleaders talking to people at Harvard saying why she should go. When Elle Woods has something in her mind, she knows that she will get there and she knows how to get there. The same can’t be said for any of our revision schedules or our long essay stints in the library. Elle is a driven woman who won’t let anyone stomp on her. She’ll probably stomp on them with her heels and leave a scar that says ‘Marked by Elle Woods, don’t step on me bitch’.

Elle Woods 3


Bend and Snap

Yes, Elle may have a bit of a crisis and think that being blonde isn’t necessarily for her. But, she quickly realises that this isn’t true to her style and she carries on regardless. This is the attitude of a perfect feminist, campaigning for even greater rights because she’s a woman and she bloody deserves it.

Of course, who could forget the perfect Bend and Snap. Elle can behave however she wants, and get away with it. If you don’t know how to do it, bend to the floor in a style that screams ‘I want you to fuck me but I want to be a tease’ and then snap up to say ‘look at my whole body’.  Of course, Elle perfects the move. Because Elle is a perfect queen that I want to be when I grow up.


She’s known by everyone.

Elle Woods would definitely be on 5 exec positions at your uni. She’d be the killer social sec. She’d be your BNOC. She’d be the girl always in the club. She’s the 10/10 everyone wants to know. Her best friends have to keep her down from saying hello to everyone because it would take ages to get anywhere. If Elle Woods ran to be your SU President, she wouldn’t even need a campaign because she’s known by that many people that nobody else would run. Popularity goddess.


She’s just an optimistic bubble of fun.

Elle Woods is someone who always remains happy, doing everything she does with positivity and grace. She’d never go to a 9am lecture feeling tired, Elle Woods would know that this is taking her one step closer to her bigger, brighter dream. Elle knows better than for anyone to make her feel inferior. She’s kind, courteous and quirky, but if she was an object she’d be a teddy bear for sure. Fluffy on the inside and out, and she always believes in herself, you can trust Elle with anything.

I’d love to give Elle a big hug, and then I would know that everything is going to be okay.

Elle Woods 4


Elle Woods always knows what to say, how to say it, who to be with and what to do, and she always gets what she wants. Elle Woods is the perfect role model for all girls today. Just because she fits into all the stereotypes of a bimbo blonde does not make her one. Yes, she may be blonde, have cheerleader friends with enough money to make all students green with envy. But, she’s someone who we should all fashion ourselves on.

Feminism would be viewed very differently if everyone actively involved in the movement was Elle Woods. Elle Woods preaches that toleration of all ideas is the best way for society to progress, and this is sound advice for today.  I want to be Elle Woods so much that if I was asked in a job interview, ‘where do I see myself in five years time?’, I’d probably say Elle Woods. If Elle had to sing a song in the present day, she’d probably sing this.


Sophie x


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