Essays and Deadlines and Keeping Motivated.

Hello again! I hope you’re doing okay. I know I’m trying to, writing essays and researching for essays that actually count towards my degree are stressing me out to the absolute max. So far this ‘holiday’, I’ve done 9,000 words and researched over 5,000 words for another essay. I have typed over 5,000 words today? WHAT? When you consider that my essays can’t be any longer than 4,500 words, I’m clearly enjoying the research process.

(I’m still nowhere near finished when it comes to researching and planning, who knew that writing about 18th century opinions of gender in England was so interesting/difficult?)

I thought that as a wonderful bit of procrastination and a way in which to keep typing and ensure that I don’t lose the flow of writing, I’d do another Motivation Monday post. After my first one, I received some wonderful comments from my friends in that it really did cheer them up and it made their day! So, I thought, why not do another one? This time, a little bit more focused but still ensuring that you keep going on those deadlines.

On a sidenote, before getting on to the main discussion of this blog post, the cover photo comes from when I was in Year 12 and I was super motivated to be as flexible as possible and I did the splits on the train. Except, my legs were too long and I couldn’t stretch out fully. But, look at the happy face, where did she go? Can I get her back? She was full of fun, with no worries and cares in the world? She was 17. She was the dancing queen.

In one sentence, the motivation is here is thus: set yourself little targets, and you will reach them. This way, you’ll be able to see yourself working towards a goal, and you’ll feel that extra buzz many more times than by setting yourself one HUGE task and only feeling one hit of happy endorphins. For example, I always set myself small, achievable targets for each day during the Easter Holidays. Whether it be, get a few paragraphs of this essay done, or even something like MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THAT EPISODE ON NETFLIX, I always try to make sure I have something to do with my day.

I know that I’ll HAVE to complete 13,500 words by Week 2 of term, so there’s no point saying to myself, YEP do it all in one huge stint. That’s not how I work. If I do 2,000 words one day, that is a huge achievement. That means I’ve produced 2,000 words of quality (she hopes, she wishes) on a Word Document on a topic that I love and that I’ve researched. It also means I can afford to spend a bit of time on a holiday, dare I say it, relaxing? Doing a little bit of work each day and then relaxing each night sounds much better to me than a week of serious hard work and then a few days of nothing. I’ll only find myself not being able to get back into the swing of things, and then stressing that I didn’t need to buy that MAC foundation (hint hint Mum) when really I could have been at home writing about why Lyndon Johnson failed.

In terms of time deadlines, make sure you set yourself some fun activities! For example, my next major fun thing is that I’m seeing Funny Girl in the West End with one of my best friends next week. By this point, I want to ensure that my last essay is DONE, or at least very nearly done so that I can enjoy this day stress-free. We can’t all realistically work work work work work all year long, even if this is the characteristics that our University/college/school tries to enforce on us. It’s impossible.

Yes, sometimes it can be very hard to keep yourself motivated. Last weekend, I had a bit of an existential crisis. Am I realllllllly good enough for uni? Regardless of what all my peers say about me, I sometimes do not feel confident about myself, and I think it’s good to address your concerns within yourself and really work on improving them. It’s not a major issue, just a nagging thought in the back of my head every so often when you hear of people getting marks in the 90’s and that’s something you can only dream of. Then, I remembered I’m off to the BLOODY UNITED STATES because I worked so hard in first year, and that my university sees something in me. I very quickly realised that keeping going is the only option; I can’t back out of anything, too many people depend on me to do this.

Have a big BIG goal for the end. Make sure that once your exams are over, you’ve got something INCREDIBLE to look forward to. That’s your big motivation. Then, keep the little bits of motivation to drop into your life each week, each month, each day. It goes back to what I first said. Have that chocolate bar. Buy that dress. LIVE YOUR LIFE*, essays and deadlines don’t exist forever.

*I bought club tickets today as my motivation. Classy Soph.

I think what I’m trying to say is we all need motivating every so often to keep going. Life can get extremely repetitive and boring, especially during deadline life, but just keep persevering and set yourself islands of enjoyment and fun in a sea of word counts and referencing! I’ve got faith in ya, and you should have faith in yourself too. If you don’t love yourself, how in the HELL you gonna love someone else?  


Sophie x



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