Turning 20!

Hello there! Sorry for the short, quiet period on this blog recently. I’ve actually had to do some of my degree for the time being. If I get all the work over Easter that I should do (my deadlines are Week 2) then I’ll write 13,500 words which is more than I’ll have to do for my dissertation. All scary stuff. All stuff I don’t want to discuss. Can I just get a job working in social media/journalism/PR now?

Let’s talk about more exciting news, in that IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW (31st March!) and I’m turning 20. I mean, I don’t really know how either. Gone are the days where I went into school with a tiara to prove I was the birthday queen (yes, I really did this) and now I have to make do with a few Facebook friends wishing me a ‘hb’ and maybe an Instagram collage if I’m lucky.

Very recently, I came across some old photos of myself that I took on my digital camera, and even before this! Imagine that now, not taking all your photos on your phone but actually having a camera? Crazy ideas I know. When looking at these old photos, I realised one thing almost immediately. I actually haven’t aged since I turned 10. For my 10th birthday, I went to Butlins with all of my family and watched Dick and Dom in da Bungalow live and ate like a princess and got treated like a queen. I wore my Next zip up jumper that was pink with random frogs on it and my ‘bowling shoes’ which were white with purple lines cause I was the edgiest, hipster kid ever. I also posed like a cool gal, something which I do now. Obviously.

I’ve just not aged, have I. Clock the face, clock the teeth, clock the stance. Alllll the same.

To try and reflect on my life as a ‘1…’ age, I thought I’d share with you some embarassing selfies of me from yesteryear in an attempt to not take as many horrific photos in my twenties. LOL in my twenties, still can’t believe it.

So, from this first image, it comes from my school show in Year 8. I’d like to think that now, I have better makeup skills than this, I understand the importance of an eyebrow, how to pose, how to hide my ear… basically, how to take a nice photo. Genuinely think this is the worst photo of me ever.

What an absolute tragedy. 

Oh god. So when I was young, my parents did a bad thing and bought me a digital camera. Clearly, they didn’t realise how vain and narcissistic I would come to be as a result. So, if I remember rightly, this came from doing a matinee show and then I came home and took some selfies because I felt really FAF and 10/10. But, again with the ear and side throw, and is that curl even working anything?

The start of vain Soph.  

Hahahahaha, always repping the school uniform. I mean, what even is this. Am I a ferret? Am I an idiot? What even am I?

**Join the School Council and be a cool kid like me!**  

Once again, a post show selfie. With bright pink cheeks, untamed eyebrows, dropping mascara and ‘puffed up’ gingerish hair, I am a mess. Stay cute.

In love with Paris? Or, in love with myself? 

Now this selfie is me as a 15 year old. Yes, 15. Not 12. Anastasia Beverly Hills and filters didn’t exist then. Just the flash and a duckface had to do. I’d had my eyebrows threaded once by this point, but I cried because it hurt so much*.

*I’m now converted to eyebrow waxing, absolute love of my life.

Not in a bra, I promise I’m in a vest top.  

This is the earliest photo I could find of me using a filter! It’s from Year 11 (my 16 balloons flailing in the background and the GCSE revision on the walls are a giveaway) and I thought I was so candid. Ooh tongue out, ooh eyebrow raise, ooh peace sign. Not cool. Never again.

photo (1)
This was the first photo I posted on instagram. LOL. 

Dress and jeans combo. I mean, if this doesn’t scream Sophie at 16, what does. I thought this was rebellious. 16 year old Sophie would have an existential crisis at some of the outfits I wear now to go out in. (They’re not that rebellious, don’t worry).

photo (2)
Still in love with this wall. Thanks Chloe. 

One thing to say. Hippest bitch on the block. Throwing shade since day (2012) in my blue one armed top which I clearly LOVED.

Theatre or Tumblr? You decide.  

Yes, I can still be a moron even now. Just read the caption and you’ll get it. Biggest idiot ever.

Christmas 2014 at Uni. What. An. Idiot. (Hermione Grainger, 2003). 

So there you go, I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some past photos of me and having a little giggle in the process. We’ve all got embarassing photos, and because I’m #socialmediasoph I thought why not share them. Let’s pray to GOD (or some form of deity) that in my Twenties, I do really well in my degree, meet an American dreamboy on my year abroad, get married, maybe have a child, do all of the adult things. Get a house. Get a job.

Crap. I’m not ready for this. I’m sitting in my parent’s house with my slippers on and blowing my nose every 10 minutes because I’m so ill. Happy birthday me! For this post, it has to be this song!


Sophie x

(Yes, these photos are horrific, and yes I did ask myself if I could share, and yes I said it was okay).




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