Social Media Soph.

Hello there! It’s finally the last day of term, so the likelihood is that you read this, I’ll be in my last seminar of term, blagging my way through it. I’ve taken the conscious decision to focus on long essays, and on Wednesday, I did 1,800 words of a long essay and dare I say it, I’m actually quite happy with it*. Primary source here, historiography there, analysis EVERYWHERE. Go gal.

*I’m writing on a genocide/famine, and it’s so sad but I’m happy. Irony.

One of my seminars this week however has really got me thinking, so much so that I’m actually doing a blog post about it. (Perfect procrastination, writing for pleasure rather than an essay). So, one of my modules is called ‘Being Human’ and it’s all about the development of human nature in modern society. I absolutely, bloody love it and I’d literally recommend any student to take it, regardless of what subject you do. It really makes you think and question your own personal development, and how far we as a ‘modern’ society have come? How modern are we? How much more development can we take, or have to do, to actually be modern? What is modern? So many questions.

One of the seminar questions that my tutor posed to us was a discussion about social media and how much we rely/owe/use/spend our lives on it instead of writing an essay (a la right now). We’d gone over capitalism in relation to human nature, and it became clear from the offset that my tutor is so wealthy; she’s even name-dropped Freud as a family friend in a previous seminar. People were hesitant to answer the question, I mean of course, speaking in a seminar, considering it’s the final week of term is not the dream. However, I knew my answer straight away.  It’s decided my future path. (Obviously, where else would I get the hashtag #socialmediasoph).

Without Facebook, I’d be unable to see what everyone was doing with their lives, whether being on their gap year to find themselves, or planning the dream wedding of their lives. I’d not have been able to work at the marketing event, and make connections with professionals in my dream job.

Without Twitter, I’d be unable to follow steps of my favourite celebrities, or keep up to date with current affairs; I’m not on the Trump Train, but I follow it.

Without Instagram, how else would I see who a #wcw is, or the importance of a hashtag?

Without WordPress and this blog, I would not be able to have a creative outlet where I can write whatever I want and not feel judged for my actions.

Without Snapchat, I wouldn’t be able to send hilarious pictures of myself with a filter that can make me a dog, a unicorn, a gangster, the opportunities are endless.

Being Whatsappless would result in me not talking to one of my best friends across the pond.

It’s clear that I absolutely love social media. Without social media, I’d probably be unable to keep up to date with anything happening at university. I wouldn’t say I’m desperate for it, I have gone cold turkey on Facebook one time (I was in Year 10, tweeting your pal that you need to hand in a deadline wasn’t a thing then…).

I owe a lot to social media, for I wouldn’t have been able to meet some incredible people and class as really good friends. We need to embrace social media as a growing platform to reach out to as many as possible. Many people, in particular adults, like my Mum are scared of the future of social media. But, use it responsibly and intelligently and you could make a network that would be unachieveable in the flesh. There’s a reason why LinkedIn is so successful. Online, everyone together, one platform = success.

I am a strong advocate of social media, and so many successful movements recently have gained a greater momentum through social media. Think #heforshe for example, where would we be without the face of Emma Watson stuck on our Facebook timeline and Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping about gender equality.

Social media is bloody wonderful, and we should all appreciate it more. We should all also appreciate Lin-Manuel Miranda’s INCREDIBLE music.


Sophie x



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